06 September 2015

Yesterday it was a very nice celebration, Krsna’s Janmastami. And today is also a super excellent and auspicious day because is Nanda Mahotsava, the celebration of the Happy Birthday of Nanda Maharaja’s son, Krsna.

Nanda Maharaj gave many donations to the Vrajavasis in this day. Because Krsna has come in the house of Nanda Maharaj. (verse). The Vrajavasis sing this song that says Krsna is called the embodiment of divine bliss. So, divine bliss has come in the house of Nanda Maharaj and everybody’s heart was completely overjoyed of transcendental bliss, ananda-kanda.

Yesterday I told, when transcendental bliss manifests in the heart of everybody, automatically material bliss disappears. In this material world people want material bliss, jara-ananda. What is this material bliss?

Some people wanted to eat, that’s jara-ananda. Some people are very greed to eat different and different kinds of delicious food. That bliss is called jara-ananda. Some also want to sleep very nicely in a soft bed, that’s called jara-ananda. In this way, different kinds of people want these material kinds of bliss: wife, wealthy, money, house, car, credit card, different kinds of material bliss that people want. But when the transcendental bliss, Krsna, appears in one’s heart, they forget all kinds of material bliss. So in this way, Krsna appears in the heart of all living entities. For this regard, all become overjoyed with transcendental bliss.

All Vrajavasis are thinking Krsna is their son, not the son of Nanda and Yasoda and that’s why all of them are submerged in divine bliss, aprakrta-ananda. Especially Nanda and Yasoda are so much absorbed with the bliss of Krsna. And Nanda Maharaj distributed all kinds of donation to the brahmanas and to all. (verse). Nanda Maharaj gave donation to the old people, He gave palanquins, so they can sit and someone take them to some place. Those who are young girls or young boys, He gave very strong horses, so they can sit in the horses and go. Those who are a little bit of middle age, He gave elephants as donation to them, and so they can sit in the back of the elephant. So, three kinds of people were there: old person, middle age and young person. So, Nanda Maharaj in this way gave donation to all kinds of people. And many kinds of donations as preparations: laddhus, kacoris. Young people have teeth, so He gave them laddhus and kacoris to eat. And to the elder that cannot eat or bite laddhus and kacoris Nanda Maharaj gave them one liquid sweet. So Nanda Maharaj distributed many kinds of sweets. The elder could drink Tas-malai and other drinks. In this way, all Vrajavasis were happy. (verse).

Everybody was happy in Vraja and Yogamaya Vrndadevi decorated very nicely everything in Vrndavan. All the trees were decorated very nicely and beautifully. And the leaves, flowers and fruits. (song Yamuna Puline).


yamunā-puline, kadamba-vana meń, chavi kaun dekhi āja

śyāma baḿśīdhārī, maṇi-mañcopari, kare līlā rasarāja


kṛṣṇa-keli sudhā-prasravana

aṣṭa-dalopari, śrī rādhā śrī hari, aṣṭa-sakhī parijana


sugīta-nartana, saba sakhī-jaṇa, sevita yugala-dhane

kṛṣṇa-līlā lakhi, prakṛti-sundarī, bikharāye śobhā vane


gṛha na jāuń, vane meń praveśuń, līlā-rasa ke tare

tyāgi kula-lāja, bhajo vraja-rāja, vinoda binatī kare

radhe radhe radha jay jay jay sri radhe


1) Oh sakhi! My dear girlfriend! What have I seen today? In a kadamba grove on the banks of the Yamuna, a beautiful blackish boy holding a long flute name vamsi is seated upon a throne of jewels, performing His pastimes as the King of all transcendental mellows!

2) Situated upon the eight petals of the jeweled altar is Sri Radha and Sri Hari surrounded by Their attendants the eight chief gopis. There Krsna performs His amorous pastimes which are just like a waterfall of nectar.

3) By singing sweet songs and by dancing nicely, all the gopis satisfy the treasured Divine Couple. Thus I am beholding Krsna’s pastimes with His beautiful female consorts expanding throughout the splendorous forest.

4) For the sake of the mellows of such pastimes, I will not go to my home, but I will instead enter into the forest. Renouncing all shyness due to fear of family members, just worship the Lord of Vraja. This is the humble submission of Bhaktivinoda).

In Nanda-bhavan, Nanda Maharaj, very nicely celebrated the Happy Birthday of his son and all Vrajavasis were completely absorbed in Krsna’s Divine Love. And Nanda Maharaj very nice and beautifully celebrated. Especially Yogamaya Vrndadevi decorated Vrndavan with flowers, fruits, leaves, trees, everything. And she arranged this way to all flowers blossom and so much pollen come and all the sky become completely colored with the pollen of the flowers.

Because with pollen different kinds of colors colored everything. Because ananda-kanda-krsna is the embodiment of divine bliss, everybody’s heart was like this. And all the demigods and demigoddess have come to Vrndavan in the form of human beings to take darsan of Krsna. Even Lord Siva has come to take darsan of the baby Krsna. But Sivaji have come as like one yogi with dreadlocks and also a snake around his neck and a different kind of cloth. Sivaji was thinking:

My Lord Krsna performs sweet lila in Vraja, especially childhood pastimes. I have to see how sweet He is! So Sivaji has come playing his damaro making that sound, and in the other hand, the trishula (trident). When He came in the house of Nanda Maharaj singing: alakh niranjan, alakh niranjan, alakh niranjan, Krsna was inside and though: Oh, my pure devotee Sivaji has come, I have to give darsan to him. So, for this regard, Krsna cried. But Nanda and Yasoda thought: Oh, maybe this yogi knows some mystic power and is disturbing the mind of my son. So, Mother Yasoda was afraid of the yogi (Sivaji) and does not want that Krsna give darsan to him. But Sivaji thought: I have to take darsan of Him! And again He played the damaro (drum). Then baby Krsna cried: I have to give darsan and bless to him. Then, all the sakhis told to Mother Yasoda: Oh, this yogi has come, he has to give darsan to your son, Krsna. But Mother Yasoda didn’t want that darsan to her baby Krsna. So much vatsalya-bhava, parental mood, was in the heart of Mother Yasoda. And Krsna was crying and crying. Then finally Mother Yasoda brought Krsna, covered Him with a cloth, put some kajal in His forehead and other things. Just during one second Mother Yasoda showed baby Krsna to Sivaji and then Sivaji became absorbed in transcendental trance. Then Krsna stopped crying. And Mother Yasoda told: Yogi, you can stay very close to our village and when my son cries you come and give darsan to Him. Then Sivaji stayed very close to Nandagaon, in one place He could come.

Krsna performed, in this way, sweet lilas in Nanda-gaon. Brahma, Narada, Indra, all demigods and demigoddess have come to Braj to take darsan of Govinda Krsna. And there in Mathura, Kamsa was very afraid of Visnu. Because, by Yogamaya’s power, one aerial voice told to Kamsa: your killer Krsna has taken birth in Vraj. So Kamsa was very afraid: how to kill this boy?

Then Kamsa called all his asuras: Putana, Agasur, Bhakasur, Trnavarta, all to kill Krsna. Then, coming Putana, she told: I can kill Krsna to you! I know some mystic power. Then Kamsa told to Putana: how possible will you go to Braj? Because your form is very beautiful and attractive. Your legs are like elephant legs, have ten meters. You are very beautiful and your hair is like the flame of the fire. So how possible the Vrajavasis will allow you to enter in Braj? Putana told to Kamsa, Don’t worry! I have mystic powers. Without going to the beauty shop, I can have a nice and beautiful young form.

If your form is not beautiful, then you go to the beauty shop and they’ll put you very nice and no one will recognize you. So Putana said: without going to the beauty shop I can manifest a very nice curling hair going under the knee. And my nose that is very long, without cutting I can manifest a beautiful nose of a young lady as like a Laksmi in Vaikhunta. So, she manifested a very nice and beautiful young lady form. And she put some poison of snake in her breast. Because Putana thought she could breastfeed Krsna with poison in her breast and Krsna would die. So Putana came in Braja as like a very nice and beautiful young lady, similar to a queen of Vaikhunta.

That time, Vrajavasis were celebrating the six days life of Krsna. According to the Vedic culture, in the sixth day of a new born baby, demigods and demigoddess are worshiped. A nice celebration happened there, all Vrajavasis were very happy. From morning to evening and evening to morning, all were coming to take darsan of Govinda, govinda-darsan. So, no one were checking who was coming and who was going in Vraj. Putana was thinking: oh, this is a very nice place, no one is checking, no supervisor, nothing. If you go to the airport, there is an x-ray for the whole body. This is a very complete system and even if you have a metal in the bone, this checking will see, the whole body. In Vraj that time, no x-ray, everybody could enter to take darsan of Govinda. But there normally, Yogamaya does double-checking and no person can enter in Braj. Without doing bhajan and sadhan you cannot go to Braj. That means checking. Yogamaya is checking.

Once, Kamsa entered in Braj. Then, Yogamaya picked him and put in the water of one pond. Kamsa was transformed in a very old lady, with the cheeks going down, no teeth, white hair in the back, eyes going down, nose becoming very long. Then, all Vrajavasis asked: hey, where did you come from? But she didn’t know, didn’t give any answer. And all young ladies of Braja beat her. Then Paurnamasy Yogamaya caught her again and put in the water of the pond and He returned back to his very handsome form and went back from Vrndavan to Mathura. For this regard, Kamsa never returned back to Vrndavan. Because unqualified people cannot enter in Braj. They receive the checking of Yogamaya.

But the question can come, how Putana entered in Braja? Because Yogamaya arranges all Krsna-lila. So Yogamaya permitted Putana to enter in Braj. Because Krsna was thinking: I will perform a sweet lila of killing the demon Putana, that has this parental mood of breastfeeding Krsna. Then, she put snake poison on her breast, in the form of a very beautiful young lady and was allowed to enter in Braj. (1:16:24) (verse/song). Sukadev Gosvmipad told to Maharaj Parikisit: who does not want the shelter of the lotus feet of Krsna, who is the embodiment of divine love? (verse).

The sister of Bakasur, Putana. Putana pretended this parental mood but, inside, she wanted to feed Krsna. (verse). Putana manifested a very nice and beautiful young lady form as like the queens of Vaikhunta. Because the demons know many kind of mystic powers. Very nice eyes, very round nice eyes, coming until the ears, with the form of a fish. Some artists draw like this, the eyes like this, with big size. And the eyebrows like bows. Nice and beautiful noses. And the hair, long curly hair under the knee. The face like a shining moon. And the lips in reddish color. The teeth had the shining of the moon. The gums with the color of the pomegranate, very beautiful and attractive. Throat like the conch and the cheeks with a very nice and beautiful shining, like two rasagulas.

So Putana in this way manifested a very nice and beautiful young lady form. She wore a very nice and beautiful silken sari and in the hand one small bag with nothing inside. Because some people say: I’m very rich but there’s nothing inside my bag. She had a beautiful chest, feet and legs. Before, her feet were like those of an elephant but now they were very attractive feet. She was walking very nicely, chewing one betel nut and bringing one beautiful lotus flower in the hand. She was completely intoxicated with her own beautiful form. As like Srimati Radhika in the song Śrī Śrī Rādhā-kripa-kaṭākṣa-stava-rāja:

madonmadāti-yauvane pramoda-māna-maṇḍite

priyānurāga-rañjite kalā-vilāsa-paṇḍite

ananya-dhanya-kuñja-rājya-kāma keli-kovide

kadā kariṣyasīha māṁ kṛpā-kaṭākṣa-bhājanam ||5||

As like Srimati Radhika, completely intoxicated with her own beautiful form (madonmadāti-yauvane).

In this way, Putana was very nice, beautiful and attractive; she didn’t care about nobody else and was thinking: I am the Miss Universe. Before no one wanted to look at her. Now everybody was saying, intoxicated with her beauty: how beautiful! For this regard, she was moving one lotus flower in her hand. She was thinking: all other things are useless. The Brajavasis were all surprised: who is coming? Some Vraja girls took water pots in their heads, but stopped to see the very nice and beautiful form of Putana. Then, one by one, two, three girls stopped and all pots went down and broke when fell in the floor. Because Putana now was very nice, beautiful and attractive and everybody was looking to her beautiful form, with so much effulgence coming from her clothes. And all Brajavasis were thinking: maybe Laksmidevi has come from Vaikhunta. That’s why no one checked who she is, no one asked her who she is and where she has come from. So she went directly to the house of Nanda Maharaj. At that time, Mother Yasoda put her baby in a small palanquin and entered in her room to do some work.

Everything was arranged by Yogamaya, She guided Putana to Braj. How possible did Putana enter in Braj? Because Yogamaya guided her and gave permission to her enter in Braj.

Putana is very ugly and a bad smell comes from her body. Because she used to kill small babies and suck their blood. In Srimad Bhagavatam, Sukadev Gosvami explains: (verse: putana bala…). Putana killed small babies and sucked their blood. That’s why from her body a bad smell comes. Your smell comes according to the food you eat. According to your eating, one smell comes. Eating bad food, bad smell comes. If you eat onion, garlic, bad smell will come. Eating onion, garlic, meat, fish, eggs, bad smell will come from your body. But if you eat everyday sweet prasada, satvic prasada, sweet smell will come from your body. Understand? So every day you have to eat prasada. Without garlic, without onion, a very sweet smell will come from your body. Understand? Is this true or not? This is the truth. I’m telling, without put any perfume, sweet smell will come from your body. No need to put any kind of perfume because you eat mahaprasada. So everyday eat mahaprasada (verse: mahaprasad govinde nama brahmane vaisnave).

Mahaprasada is very powerful. But Putana used to eat all bad things, so bad smell comes from her body. But with her mystic power, she covered all bad things. If you eat onion, garlic and put one perfume, what happens? Maybe in a couple of minutes good smell comes but after, bad smell will come. So this is an example, Putana externally looked very beautiful and attractive but internally she was full of bad smells, bad things. The name Putana is Puta and na, puta means pure, na means not, so she’s not pure, that means Putana. She’s impure, apavitra putana, she drinks the blood of small babies. And she eats onion, garlic and everything that is stupid and non-sense. So Putana entered directly in the room of Krsna, where Krsna was sleeping in a very nice, beautiful and soft palanquin. And by Yogamaya arrange, that time Mother Yasoda and Rohini devi left the room. Now, Krsna is alone and Putana thought: this is my great opportunity, now I have to kill Krsna. When she entered in the room, that time Krsna closed His eyes. And Krsna remembered: how will I kill Putana? And remembered the pastimes of Bali Maharaj’s daughter, Ratnamala.

In Srimad Bhagavatam, Sukadev Gosvamipad explains. When Bali Maharaj gave donation to the brahmanas, that time Vamanadev appeared and Bali Maharaj’s daughter, Ratnamala, became so much attracted to the beautiful form of Lord Vamanadev. So when she saw Vamandev very nice and beautiful form, she was thinking: oh, how nice and beautiful form, I must breastfeed Him with my milk.

If you see a small baby with a very nice and beautiful form, automatically one parental mood comes from your heart. Especially ladies, if they see small babies, want to embrace and kiss them. In the same way, when Ratnamala saw Vamandev Bhagavan, became very attracted. And in her mind she thought: I have to breastfeed Him. And then, when Lord Vamanadev took all property of her father Bali Maharaj, Ratnamala became very angry. Then she said: He is a big cheater dwarf. He shows the small feet to my father but He got all my father’s property. I have to kill this boy putting poison in my breast when I breastfeed Him. That time, Lord Vamandev thought: Ratnamala could not kill Me because I am Bhagavan. But I have to fulfill her desire sucking her breast.

So, in krsna-lila Ratnamala came in the form of Putana. And Krsna thought: I have to deliver Putana from this demon body. Anyhow, Putana has come to my Braj disguised in a parental mood form, vatsalya-bhava, acting the whole of mother, pretending. She took Krsna on her lap and tried to breastfeed Him. At that time, Krsna was a six days old baby with no teeth, only sucking. They have a very soft gum. Babies’ mouth is like a fish mouth. If you put the finger in a fish mouth, it closes its mouth. In the same way, baby Krsna’s mouth is like a fish mouth. But Putana by force gave the breast to Krsna full of poison. Krsna did not want to suck the breast of Putana. He just touched her breast and started to suck her life through there. Putana had as a heart attack. In a heart attack, first so much sweat comes to the person. It’s very difficult to breathe and so much pain comes. So, just by touching His soft lips in her, Putana started to have this kind of heart attack. Putana’s arms have ten thousand elephants force but she could not throw out Krsna from her breast. And Krsna kept Himself sucking her life air. Then she thought: what to do now? So much sweat dropping from her body and so much pain in her heart. Then she came back to her original form, putana-sarira, with very big legs as like elephant legs. She could not buy shoes in the shop, the salesman could not measure her feet, impossible (laughs). And her teeth come out of the face. Her original form was very ugly.

Then she thought: I have to come back to Mathura. Then, Kamsa and all his associates by force will throw Krsna out of my breast. She flew over the sky and when she was flying a big storm came, like when you are in the airplane and a big storm comes. All the leaves of the trees were swinging. All were thinking: what happened? Putana is flying over the sky and in her chest, Krsna was there. All Vrajavasis were running and looking towards Putana: where’s Krsna? He is on the chest of Putana. But before Putana could enter in Mathura, she fell down with her big body in the garden of Kamsa, dying and destroying all the trees of the garden of Kamsa. Then the Vrajavasis arrived after runnig very much and came in that place, seeing the gigantic body of Putana. And they saw Krsna, safe, calm and quiet, on the chest of Putana. Putana’s body was very big so they climbed one in other and reached the top with no elevator (laughs). Mother Yasoda was completely fainted: where’s my son? They caught Krsna from the chest of Putana and gave Him to His mother, who went away from Kamsa’s garden, returning back to Vraja.

The Vrajavasis thought they had to burn the body of Putana. In Srimad Bhagavatam is described how they burned this very big and gigantic body. They cut in pieces with axes, legs, hands, and put all in the fire. But that time something happened. When they put fire in the body of Putana, a sweet fragrance came, as like very sweet incense, like candan. But how is it possible? During all her life she drank blood and ate garlic and stupid things so how a sweet smell came this time. If you eat onion and garlic and put your body in the fire, bad smell will come (laughs). And if you eat mahaprasad and your body is burned, good smell comes. What do you want? Mahaprasad or onion and garlic? You don’t need to die, if you eat these things a bad smell will come (laughs). You can now cut your finger and put in the fire and smell (laughs). So why came a good smell from Putana’s body?? Because Krsna touched her with His mouth, so her body was completely purified and sweet smell came. And all bad things went away. Srimad Bhagavatam discourses these things, when they burned the body a sweet smell came.

Actually, Krsna killed Putana and sent her to Golok Vrndavan to be a maidservant of Mother Yasoda. Sukadev Gosvamipad very nicely glorifies about the deliverance of Putana. The essential teaching about this lila is that anyhow if you surrender to Krsna, then He will accept you. Krsna is very merciful and He does not look any faults. Putana did not perfom bhajan and sadhan in her life. She just disguised herself in a form with parental mood. And Krsna accepted her.

Bolo Vrndavan Bihari-lali ki jay!

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