Radha tattva (9)

07 September 2015
Krasnodar, Russia
(Class 9)

We have discussed many different pastimes of Krsna and His childhood pastimes. Krsna also killed many demons. He also manifested aisvarya (opulent) forms in front of Mother Yasoda and Nanda Maharaj.

Yesterday morning, I also told Mother Yasoda saw innumerable universes in the small mouth of Krsna. However, Mother Yasoda thought that Krsna is possessed by ghost. For this regards, Mother Yasoda had the brahmanas over to carry out purification rites using cow dung and chanted the veda mantras to Krsna. In this way, Krsna performs many sweet lilas in Braja. And Nanda-Yasoda also nourishment to Him as their ordinary son. In this way, Krsna grew up in the house of Nanda and Yasoda. Here, Krsna stole butter. Krsna and Balaram grew up together in Nanda and Yasoda’s house.

Narada Rishi is thinking, Krsna took birth Nandagoan but without His shakti how is it possible Krsna in Braja? For this regard, Narada Rishi is thinking, “I have to search for Krsna’s internal potency, Srimati Radhika”. Narada Rishi knows all tattva siddhanta (conclusion of the teachings). For this regard, he wants to find Srimati Radhika who is the internal potency of Krsna. Narada Rishi searched all over Braja but he could not find Srimati Radhika.

Different different kalpas (millenniums), Srimati Radhika appeared in Braja in the house of Kirtida Sundari and Vrshabanu Maharaj. Srimati Radhika’s birth is very important as stated and glorified in various scriptures of Srimati Radhika’s janma mahotasva. Rupa Goswamipad also very nicely explained about Srimati Radhika’s janma mahotsava.

So now coming in this way, there is very nice beautiful pastimes of two mountains. They are two brothers, Malai in north and Vrndacha in the south. Malai’s daughter, Sacidevi, Parvati married to Shivaji. Everybody happy and glorified him. Vrndacha has no children and he became very upset.

One day, Vrndacha also worshipped to Lord Vishnu, praying for a daughter who has to marry someone who possess more beauty than Lord Shiva. That time Lord Vishnu also very pleased with Vrndacha. The Lord did not only gave him a daughter but five extra daughters. So by the causeless mercy of Lord Vishnu, Srimati Radhika, Chandravali and other beautiful daughters took birth in Vrndavan.

In Mathura, Kamsa heard from aerial voice, divine sound, that if he marry Srimati Radhika then he can conquer Lord Vishnu. And Kamsa can also defeat Lord Shiva. For this regard, Kamsa ordered Putana to search for Srimati Radhika. Kalpa vedesu. In different kalpas, Srimati Radhika takes birth in different places. In some kalpas, Srimati Radhika was born in Barsana from the womb of Kirtida Sundari. In some kalpas, She manifested from the fire, fire sacrifice. In some kalpas, Srimati Radhika appeared from the lotus. In this way, Srimati Radhika was born in different places in different kalpas. So, in Shastra is saying in this way, kalpa vedesu harikatha. Kalpa means one day of Brahma. So, different kalpa Srimati Radhika appeared in different different places. Once, Srimati Radhika also appeared from the lotus in the river of Yamuna.

So now coming in this way, when Kamsa heard the aerial sound, the divine sound, “if you marry Srimati Radhika, you can conquer Lord Vishnu and defeat Lord Shiva”. For this regard, Kamsa gave the order to Putana to locate Srimati Radhika.

Putana is a witch, visacin. For ten days before the birth of Krsna, Putana was searching for Srimati Radhika and made a lot of killings during this period. Actually Putana killed those demon babies because it was by the arrangement of Yogamaya. As stated in Srimad Bhagavatam, Putana killed many newborn babies.

kaṁsena prahitā ghorā
pūtanā bāla-ghātinī
śiśūṁś cacāra nighnantī

While Nanda Mahārāja was returning to Gokula, the same fierce Pūtanā whom Kaṁsahad previously engaged to kill babies was wandering about in the towns, cities and villages, doing her nefarious duty. (Srimad Bhagavatam 10.6.2)

Bad smell also coming from Putana’s mouth. She is a witch, visacin. In the midnight, she was flying everywhere and killed many newborn babies.

So, after flying here and there she arrived in Vrndacha. That time, Vrndacha also gave birth to five daughters. During midnight, Putana took the five newborn babies and she was flying towards Mathura but something happened. One by one the babies also fell down from her hands. One of the five babies fell off. Chandravali fell down. Therefore, that river was named after Chandravali. Vishaka also fell down from Putana’s hand. That place where she fell off is called Vishaka river. Finally, Putana took only Srimati Radhika and flew to Mathura.

During this time early in the morning, the brahmanas of Mathura were chanting one special mantra, Veda mantra. That time, Putana’s body started to shake. Then Srimati Radhika she fell down from the hands of Putana and fell on to a very very nice beautiful lotus in the Yamuna.

That is call Raval. If you go to Braja mandal parikram, Nanda Maharaj, he was staying in Nanda Gokul and Vrshabanu Maharaj, he was staying in Raval. Because Vrshabhanu Maharaj and Nanada Maharaj are so much friends. Where Vrshabanu Maharaj stay Nanda Maharaj will stay very close to him. When Nanda Maharaj staying is Nandagaon, Vrshabanu Maharaj was staying in Barsana. When Nanda Maharaj came to Nandagaon staying in Nanda Gokul, Vrshabanu Maharaj came to live in Raval on the bank of the river Yamuna.

So, Vrshabanu Maharaj, early in the morning, he came to take bath in the Yamuna. Very nice early in the morning, that is called brahma-muhurta. Sweet breeze coming. Sweet fragrance. All the lotus flower blossom in the Yamuna. Honey bees they are coming to the lotus flowers. The water of river Yamuna is very beautiful kum kum colour because of the fallen of the lotus, covering the water. Peacock and pea-hen very sweet sound coming, Kay Kah coming. Quail that is called cuckoo bird making sound. Very sweet sound coming (Gurudev made very nice “coo” sound – everybody laughing). Because early in the morning very nice and quiet, peaceful mind. Everybody’s peaceful mind will be completely what ? Completely neat and clean.

Especially in the morning, just they meditate to Lord. And furthermore, the small small brahman boys chanting the Veda mantras, “Om tada Vishnu paramam padam sada pashyanti surayah diveeba chakshuratatam”(As the widely open eyes can see the sky clearly without any obstruction, so the wise people always see Lord Vishnu on His Highest Place with their divine vision – invocation prayers to Lord Vishnu). This Veda mantras they are chanting. The birds they are chanting very nicely, huh (Gurudev making how the birds sound like). And small small birds, they are also coming out form their nests and flapping their wings. Male deer and female deer, they coming out form their place. Because the banks of Yamuna river has such beautiful atmosphere. Everybody’s heart completely overjoyed because brahma-muhurta.

Once Gurudev told, if you chant the gayatri mantra and harinam during brahma-muhurta, your mind automatically will concentrate on Krsna Nama. It is spontaneous because of its shakti. Brahma muhurta means what ? Before the sun rises, one hour thirty-six minutes. That is call brahma-muhurta. Then you chant, Ommmmmm. Brahmanas, they are chanting this mantra.

So, now Vrshabanu Maharaj early in the morning, brahma-muhurta, just he came and took bath in the water of Yamuna. In the meantime, Vrshabanu Maharaj saw in the middle of the Yamuna, one big lotus blossom. And in the lotus, he saw one very beautiful handsome newborn young baby girl. Her effulgence coming from Her body as like golden molten gold. The whole area what ? Completely, enumerated. Her face is as like asta candra, eight days from the moon. Very nice. So much effulgence coming. Her eyes as like the fish. For this regard, She is called, Minakshi (eye shaped like a fish, eye – shaped like an almond). Meen means fish. Akshi means eyes. Minakshi means one’s eyes is as like fish. For this regard, her name is called Minakshi. Srimati Radhika’s one name is also called, Minakshi. Very nice beautiful long eyes.

Just as She hold her toes close to Her hands and sucking Her toes (verse). She holds Her toes with Her hands and sucking. And also very beautiful curly hair. Nice eyes, nose, hands, everything beautiful. And very healthy also. Always smiling. Smiling face. And automatically other lotuses also fanning to Her.

So, Vrshabanu Maharaj when he saw this beautiful baby girl on the lotus. Then Vrshabanu Maharaj quickly came and took and keep on his chest. Then Vrshabanu Maharaj heart completely bewildered. Because Srimati Radhika, She is called the pleasure potency of Krsna, haladini shakti. If the haladini shakti potency automatically coming in your heart, you will be completely bewildered. Premera ‘svarupa-deha’-prema-vibhavita, Srimati Radhika is the embodiment of Divine love. Understand? Love is what ? Love means bliss. Bliss is coming. Whem Vrshabanu Maharaj took Srimati Radhika and keep on his chest then his heart completely overjoyed. So, Rupa Goswamipad has written this verse,

rādhe jaya jaya mādhava-dayite
lalitā-sakhi guṇa-ramita-viśākhe
karuṇāḿ kuru mayi karuṇā-bharite
(singing: Radhe! Jaya Jaya Madhava-dayite)

Rupa Goswamipad written this verse. Vrsabhanudadhi-nava-sasi-lekhe, Vrshabanu Maharaj’s heart is as like the ocean. Srimati Radhika is as like the milk ever fresh moon Who is manifested from the heart of Vrshabanu Maharaj.

So now, Vrshabanu Maharaj brought the Divine baby to his house and offered to his wife, Kirtida Sundari. Then Kirtida Sundari was very happy. Because of the haladini shakti, Srimati Radhika is there. That is call pleasure potency of Krsna in the house of Vrshabanu Maharaj and Kirtida Sundari.

Now coming in this way, Narada Rishi, he was running here and there. Then he came to the house of Vrshabanu Maharaj. Narada Rishi asked Vrshabanu Maharaj have you any child? Then Vrshabanu Maharaj, he told yes I have one son, Sridam. Narada Rishi asked, have you any daughter? That time Vrshabanu Maharaj was very simple and honest. He told yes, in the early morning I have got one very beautiful daughter. Then Narada Rishi told I want to see your new born baby daughter and I will give blessing to your new born baby. So Vrshabanu Maharaj, he brought his new born baby daughter, Srimati Radhika in front of Narada Rishi. When Narada Rishi saw Srimati Radhika then Narada Rishi heart completely what? Melted and tears rolling down. All ecstatic mood manifested in his heart, romanca kampasru taranga (quivering of the body and horripilation with torrents of tears). This is the nature. When you see Srimati Radhika, what kinds feeling will come? It cannot is explained. All they are hankering how to take darshan (audience) the lotus feet of Srimati Radhika. Very difficult to take darshan of Srimati Radhika’s lotus feet. Now, Narada Rishi is very fortunate, taking darshan of Srimati Radhika. Very nice beautiful effulgence of Srimati Radhika but small baby and very beautiful smiling face as like eight days from the moon. And Srimati Radhika, She always very smiling face. No any cry, nothing. Always smiling face. Beccause She is called the embodiment of bliss, ananda. Where there is bliss, there is no any unhappiness. Understand this. So, Narada Rishi when he first saw Srimati Radhika’s beautiful form, his body started to shake and all types ecstatic mood manifested in his heart. Anyhow, Narada Rishi controlled all of his ecstatic moods. So much tears rolling down from his eyes. Narada Rishi cannot control his tears. Tears rolling down to Srimati Radhika.

Then Narada Rishi told Vrshabanu Maraharj, OK I will give blessing to your daughter because I’m sadhu, I will give blessing. So, bring some ingredients. Rice, flowers, kum kum, turmeric and other different kind of ingredients. Then Vrshabanu Maharaj left the new born baby in front of Narada Rishi. When Vrshabanu Maharaj entered in his room, then the asta sakhis, Lalita, Vishaka and the eight sakhis manifested and surrounded Srimati Radhika. And Srimati Radhika also manifested as like young girls about 10 or 12 years old. Then Narada Rishi cannot speak anything and just looking Srimati Radhika’s beautiful form. Lalita and Vishaka told Narada don’t do this, quickly glorify to Srimati Radhika. Then Narada Rishi recited, Sri-Radha-krpa-kataksa-stava-raja (Gurudev reciting):

munindra-vrinda-vandite tri-loka-shoka-harini
prasanna-vaktra-pankaje nikunja-bhu-vilasini
vrajendra-bhanu-nandini vrajendra-sunu-sangate
kada karishyasiha mam kripa-kataksha-bhajanam?
varabhaya-sphurat-kare prabhuta-sampadalaye
kada karishyasiha mam kripa-kataksha-bhajanam?
savibhramam sasambhramam driganta-bana-patanaih
nirantaram vashi-krita-pratiti-nanda-nandane
kada karishyasiha mam kripa-kataksha-bhajanam?
kada karishyasiha mam kripa-kataksha-bhajanam?
madonmadati-yauvane pramoda-mana-mandite
priyanuraga-ranjite kala-vilasa-pandite
kada karishyasiha mam kripa-kataksha-bhajanam?
prabhuta-shata-kumbha-kumbha-kumbhi kumbha-sustani
kada karishyasiha mam kripa-kataksha-bhajanam?
mrinala-vala-vallari taranga-ranga-dor-late
lalal-lulan-milan-manojna mugdha-mohanashrite
kada karishyasiha mam kripa-kataksha-bhajanam?
kada karishyasiha mam kripa-kataksha-bhajanam?
kada karishyasiha mam kripa-kataksha-bhajanam? (9)
kada karishyasiha mam kripa-kataksha-bhajanam?
kada karishyasiha mam kripa-kataksha-bhajanam?
makheshvari! kriyeshvari svadheshvari sureshvari
triveda-bharatishvari pramana-shasaneshvari
rameshvari! kshameshvari pramoda-kananeshvari
vrajeshvari vrajadhipe shri radhike namo ’stu te
itimam adbhutam-stavam nishamya bhanu-nandini
karotu santatam janam kripa-kataksha-bhajanam
bhavet tadaiva sancita-tri-rupa-karma-nashanam
bhavet tada vrajendra-sunu-mandala-praveshanam

Narada Rishi was reciting all in this verse, Sri-Radha-krpa-kataksa-stava-raja and shedding tears.

Then Vrhabanu Maharaj collected all the ingredients and return. Lalita, Vishaka and all the other sakhis disappeared. Again, Srimati Radhika resumed Her baby form. As like a baby, She was sucking Her toes. Then Narada Rishi heart overjoyed and he thought to himself, how can I give blessing to Srimati Radhika? ananta-koti-vishnu-loka-namra-padmajarcite himadrija-pulomaja-virincaja-vara-prade (first two lines of the verse 11 of Sri-Radha-krpa-kataksa-stava-raja), Not only Vishnu-loka but millions and millions of Vaikuntha, they also come and take ghee lamps and worshipped the lotus feet of Srimati Radhika. You cannot believe…you cannot imagine what kinds of opulence coming from Srimati Radhika. All viddhi, siddhi, everything coming from Srimati Radhika. Even Krsna, three times He took bath in Radha kunda, how to get blessings from Srimati Radhika.

So now coming in this way, Narada Rishi is thinking I have to somehow give blessing to Srimati Radhika. Then Narada Rishi giving blessings to Srimati Radhika with the ingredients like rice, flowers, turmeric and others. Om swasti Om swasti no govindah swasti no achyutanantau……om swasti om swasti om swasti sarva mangalam bhavatu. In this way, Narada Rishi gave blesssings. Narada Rishi returned back and remembering to Srimati Radhika.

Vrshabanu Maharaj was very happy. Sadhu coming my house and gave blessings to my new born baby daughter. Actually who is giving blessing to who? Srimati Radhika is actually giving blessings to you. Now, Narada Rishi is acting like giving blessing to Srimati Radhika. This is called Radha janma mahotsava (birth of Srimati Radhika). Then Vrshabanu Maharaj make one very beautiful uthsava (joyous celebration, festival) in his house.

Bolo Vrshabanu Maharaj ki jay! Kirtida Sundari ki jay!
Bolo Radhe Govinda jaya Radhe Govinda
Radharani janma mohotsava ki jay!
Vrshabanu Maharj ki jay!
Kirtida Sundari ki jay!
Gaura Premanande!
Bolo Radharani ki jay!
Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

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