The eye of the bird

04 February 2016
São Vicente/SP, Brazil – Hatha yoga center

One plus one equal one?

I am very happy for coming in your hatha yoga center; here you practice yoga and music, isn’t it? Very nice. Try to understand the correct meaning of yoga. Yoga means, in Sanskrit word, to connect with the Lord. If you have two things, you can connect them to each other.

Yoga means also in Sanskrit word, plus. As like, one plus one equal? One. What do you think? In mathematics, one plus one is one or two? Two! All of you are students of mathematics. I’m not a mathematics student. And two plus two equal? Four. Not one. So, [when there are] two, this means to connect with the Lord. [Thou] Yoga has two meanings, to connect and plus. Mathematics explains in this way, two plus two equal four; four plus two is six, not one. Why am I saying this? Because first, I explained that yoga means to connect, connect the Lord with the soul.

If your telephone is not connected to others telephones, you cannot speak. If you press the number in the buttons, that number should be of the person you are calling, then that person receives your calling and you can connect with it and speak. In the same way in the internet, you connect yourself, then you can use internet.

So, connection means yoga. In the same way, when you are connected with God, the relationship comes and God will listen to your prayers. Is this true or not? You are playing your different kinds of instruments. When you are connected with the Lord, He will listen to your beautiful songs. That means you are not mixed together as one. This is not possible.

You know, according to science, every atom in this material world has its own quality and individuality. Is this true or wrong? I’m just telling you, you are all very intelligent, much more than me, so I tell you something: one drop of water mixed with another drop of water, does this increase or decrease [in volume]? What do you think? Increase? Just I tell you, you take one glass of water, a glass full of water. Then you put one drop of water in that glass full of water, and water automatically falls down from the glass. That water does not mix together and become one [thing]. If it had become one, why did this water fall down from the glass? In the same way, Brahman is one, eka brahman. And jivatma, souls, are innumerable. All of you are the souls, the soul resides in this body. You are not inert, you are the soul, atma is in this body so the body is working. In the same way, Bhahman, Lord, is one. God is one. How many gods [exist]? One God. But how many souls are you? Innumerable. So when the soul mixed with God, it does not become God. You are parts and parcels of God. When you meet with God, then your duty is to serve Him. That means, in sanskrit, (verse): birds enter in the forest. Birds don’t become the forest, they just entered in the forest and stay in there. In the same way, the soul that enters in the Brahman, will never become the Brahman.

Just giving an example, if you drop one stone in the water, the stone will not become or transform itself on water. The stone will stay under the water. In the same way, the modern science also explains this; every atom has its own individual activity and stays like this. So, our Vedas also explain in this way: so aham, you are that Brahman, simple meaning. The [real] meaning is that you belong to Brahman. You are not Brahman, you belong to Brahman. You belong to your father, you belong to your mother. In the same way, God is our father. Bible also explains in this way, God is our father. So when you attain God, you will serve God as your father. And [you will have] your eternal relationship with God, as father and son, Bible says this. Not even in Bible, in many places are written; God is our father and we are His sons and daughters. So, our duty is to serve to God. Then God will be very happy.

I am very happy also that here is written [in the wall] in Sanskrit this word: om. This is called transcendental sound, or vibration; first manifested in the heart of Brahmaji, the four-headed one. Don’t think of your Brazilian brahma. When I say brahma here, Brazilians think of your beer. Don’t misunderstand me. Try to understand, Brahma is the creator of this universe, who has four heads, he is called Brahma. Understand in this way.

When the first Brahma was manifested from the lotus navel of the Lord, at that time he though, “What will I do now?” That time, this very nice and beautiful sound manifested from his inner court of heart. This is also called auspicious sound. You cannot imagine, if you chant this sound so much energy comes from the inner court of your heart: OM!!!

So much energy, you concentrate your mind in God. And the mind becomes very calm and quiet. Just diminish the light and chant this mantra, so much sweetness will come, mind calm and quiet. Yogis also chant this mantra: OM! OM!

Your mind becomes calm and quiet, sweet sound, mind completely concentrated. In Vedas, every mantra first has this vibration, this auspicious word in its beginning: kling or om. You have this word on your wall here, very nice sweet word.

But there are many meanings of om. Try to understand, this is Sanskrit word and in Sanskrit there are many meanings of the words, not one. If you have vast knowledge of Sanskrit, then you can get many meanings coming. But I will tell you one meaning, the perfect meaning of om. There are three syllables in this mantra: A, U, MA. (verse). “A” in this mantra means KRISHNA, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This is the first letter of the alphabetic: “A”, this vowel. In English, the pronunciation is A, but in Sanskrit, the sound is “oh”. How many vowels exist? Five: A, E, I, O, U. In Sanskrit, this is the first vowel: A from AUM (om).

OM!!! OM!!! OM!!!

“A” means KRISHNA who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. “U” means prakrti Srimati Radhika, the eternal consort and internal potency of Lord. And “MA” means “all the living entities”. That means that “all the living entities serve the divine couple, Radha and Krishna”. We are living entities so our duty is to serve the divine couple, Radha and Krishna. When we chant this mantra om, we concentrate in Radha and Krishna.

Also, Radha and Krishna manifest themselves in the combined form of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Bolo Sacinandan Gaura Hari ki jay!

Actually, all this philosophy you can understand according to the steadiness, nistha, with your bonafide spiritual master. Without faith, without steadiness at the lotus feet of Guru, you cannot understand this philosophy, I can tell you a thousand times. In Srimad Bhagavad-gita, Krishna says to Arjuna: “Everything that you can understand is according to your faith.” Faith is very important in your spiritual life and in our material life. [For example:] Faith in your mother. What your mother says, you have to have faith. If I ask your father’s name, you will tell. How do you prove that person is your father? At that time, spontaneously, you will say: my mother told me that this person is my father. Is this true or wrong? You have faith in your mother. So in the same way, our Vedas are our mother. The first word of the gayatri-mantra is om. There is no need of other evidence. What you mother says, you have to believe. Nowadays the modern science developed how to prove, DNA, etc. If your father will give some property to you in his will, and other person says it’s not true, he is not his son, so you will have to prove in this way (DNA, etc).

In the same way, in our Vedas, mother, the first word of the gayatri-mantra, om, is manifested. All mantras, even in the Vedas, sastra says that in the last part also is like this: om santih om santih om santih. Santi means peace, peacefulness. That means God is the embodiment of peacefulness. If you chant this mantra om, so much peacefulness will come to your mind. If your mind is disturbed, just concentrate your mind, sitting in one confidential place, alone, and chant: OM! OM! OM! First slowly, slowly and then concentrate you mind, coming from one’s navel to up, up.

Faith in Guru

Why am I saying these things? Because actually faith will come with your spiritual master, then you will realize these things, otherwise not. Krishna told to Arjuna in the Bhagavad-gita: “Who has doubts about the spiritual master, will never develop his spiritual life”. (verse) If you have doubts about your bonafide spiritual master, you will lose everything. So first you develop firm faith in the lotus feet of your spiritual bonafide master. Whatever he says, you have to follow.

I will just tell one very small story, then you will understand. Did you ever heard the name of Mahabharat? Who knows, anyone? I will tell [this story] in a simple way, then you can understand what’s the meaning of Mahabharat. Maha means great and Bharat means India, so [Mahabharat is] The Greatness of India. Actually there are many episodes in this Mahabharat. Srila Vyasadev manifested this Mahabharat, which is called the fifth Veda, Panca Veda, Mahabharat. And this Mahabharat completely explain the meaning of the Vedas, everything is there. So, in this Mahabharat, actually there are two parties, one is called the Pandavas and the other, the Kauravas. They fight against each other for lands and the kingdom. The Pandavas are five brothers: Yudisthir, Bhim, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadev. And the Kauravas are one hundred brothers like Duryodhan, Dusasan, etc.

All of them learned all kinds of lessons of archery from their same guru, Dronacarya. When all of them were small boys, they´ve learned all this from their guru Dronacaya. And Dronacarya had one son, his name is Asvatam, he also learned everything from his father. Both groups were very strong and learned all about archery.

But one day, Dronacarya told: “Arjun is the best warrior of you all!”. Then Dronacarya’s son, Asvatam complained: “Father, why did you say this? I learned everything from you, I’m not lower than Arjuna. I’m higher than Arjuna. I’m your son and disciple. Arjuna is only your disciple, not your son, so why did you say Arjuna is the topmost warrior? Without test, examination, how can certificate that he is higher than me?” Then Dronacarya, Guru said: “Guru knows everything, so there is no need of a test. But only for your satisfaction I will test you and you can see yourself. Tomorrow, all of you come with me and I will test you to see who is higher and who is lower”.

So, on the next day, early in the morning, Pandavas, Kauravas and Dronacarya’s son, Asvatam, came. Then Dronacaryaguru gave the bow and arrow to the Pandava’s older brother Yudisthir. And Dronacarya asked: “Yudisthir, what do you see in the top of the brunches of the tree?” Yudisthir answered: “I’m seeing a very nice and beautiful bird”. And Dronacarya asked again: “Are you seeing anything more?” And Yudisthir: “Yes Gurudev, I can see many things. Birds, trees. Under the trees, you and all my brothers. Even the water, the river flowing, everything I see”. At that time Dronacarya told: “Ok, sit down”. Then Dronacarya gave the bow and arrow in the hand of Duryodhan and asked: “What do you see?” And Duryodhan: “Gurudev, I can see everything also. Trees, birds, not only one bird, many kinds of birds are there. Even the sky, a very nice and beautiful blue sky. Also, in the ground, all my brothers, river, water, everything”. And Dronacarya: “Ok, sit down.” In this way, all the Kauravas said the same thing. Then, Dronacarya gave the bow and arrow in the hands of his son, Asvatam: “Asvatam, what do you see?” “Gurudev, I’m seeing everything also. Birds, trees, its leaves, the sky, a very nice and beautiful blue sky, the ground, a very nice and beautiful river, blue water, everything I see”. Then Dronacarya finally gave the bow and arrow in the hand of Arjuna and asked: “What do you see?” Arjuna said: “Gurudev, I’m seeing that at the top of the brunches of the tree there is only the bird”. Dronacarya asked: “Anything more?” “Gurudev, now I am not looking even the bird, all I can see is the pupil of the eye of the bird”. “Do you see the trees, the blue sky, the ground, river or your brothers?” “No, Gurudev, I see only the pupil of the bird, very small and black”. “Ok, so now you should point and shoot the arrow in the pupil of the bird.” Then Arjun did that. And Dronacarya said: “Asvatam, do you understand why I said Arjun is the best warrior?” This is how you achieve your perfect goal, being one-pointed. Otherwise not.

Spiritual life means this, how you are completely one-pointed with guru and Krishna. Then, you will achieve your perfect goal. Every disciple should be one-pointed with his gurupadpadma. If is your diksa-guru or siksa-guru, no harm, you should be one-pointed with diksa-guru or siksa-guru. There is no difference between diksa-guru and siksa-guru. If the guru is present in this material world, you have to be one-pointed with guru and if the guru departed or according to the instruction of your guru, you should be one-pointed with siksa-guru. This is very important in your spiritual life because this is the main subject, how to be one-pointed with guru and Krishna. If you chant any mantra, you have to be concentrated, be one-pointed. Then realization will come, your life will be successful and you will attain the Lord. This is the conclusion, how to be one-pointed to diksa and siksa-guru. (verse). When you have nistha, steadiness, with guru and Krishna, you will achieve your perfection goal. So very carefully understand this philosophy: how you should be one-pointed with guru and Krishna.

Bolo Vrndavan Bihari-lali ki jay!

Govinda bolo Hari Gopala Bolo! Krsna Govinda Govinda Gopala! Gopala Nanda-lala!

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