Infinite – infinite = infinite

02 February 2016
São Paulo, Brazil

I am very happy for coming in your place. All of you are very enthusiastic, I hope all of you are following spiritual things in your life. Actually, this is my first time in this place, even thou I come to Brazil for the last 16 years.

I’d like to say to you that you are also here practicing some spiritual things. In our scriptures is written that when you discuss about spiritual things, you have to speak about two things: soul and Supersoul.

While the soul is residing in this body, this body works. And Supersoul is God, and He resides everywhere in the form of Supersoul. In Bible is also written like this. GOD means G-O-D. G from generator, O from operator and D from destroyer. The Bible explains very clearly that God created man after His own image. Because He is the Supreme Controller. And all living entities are controlled by Him. Whatever you look in this material world is controlled by Him. Just I tell you that when you write God, you use G with the capital letter.

Because God is one. If you follow Coran, Bible or any religious thing, all of them say that God is one. Many people don’t believe in God. In this material world, we can say that there are two kinds of people, the theists and the atheists.

Those who are atheists, I cannot say anything about them because they don’t have faith so how can I say something about spiritual topics to them? But if you believe or not about God, He is always with us and He is the Supreme Controller. If you call Him God, Alah, Bhagavan, any word, no harm.

Giving an example, the word “water”. In English, we call it “water”. In Portuguese, you call it “água”. Indian people say “jal”. But if you drink water, you will be free from thirst. If you call it water or água or jal, this is not the subject, but water means H²O.

And I will tell you one thing. If anything exists in this material world, there is a specific nature inside. As I gave you the example, water, H²O, these elements mixed, manifested the water. So, what is the nature of water? According to science, water has many kinds of nature but I will mention about two: to be liquid and to go down towards the ground. But if you put the same water in minus 20, 40° degrees centigrade, that water will transform its previous nature to solid and at that time we will give it a new name: ice. The water and the ice are the same H²O but the nature transformed it and for this regard we give it another name, ice.

In the same way, the soul manifests its existence from God. Because God is the Supreme Creator. As I told before, in Bible is written “God created man after His own image”. That means that God created many kinds of living entities but He wasn’t satisfied then He finally manifested the human being as like Him, that’s why they use this word: “image”. Why? Because Lord realized that except the human being, no other can realize about Him. Because there is one qualification of the human being that there is not in the others living entities: the inquisitive thought.

I believe that all of you are very intelligent and are very highly educated, with many kinds of qualifications, this is true. For this regard, I ask you to try to understand this philosophy, what is the difference between human beings and the others living entities?

The scriptures give us this evidence that eating, sleeping, defending and mating; these four things are common for human beings and animals too. We are eating, sleeping, defending and mating; animals are doing the same things, just in a different way. Who is not eating? Who is not sleeping? Everybody! Because we have stomach! So we are searching for the food. If you go to the beach, you can see the birds there also searching for food. And when their stomachs are fulfilled, then they search for the shelter. We are human beings, we are also doing the same thing, we have a job and we are maintaining our family. If you are a rich person and have a lot of money, you are sleeping in a very nice and soft king size bed, very nicely. But I believe that rich people cannot sleep so nicely. Because they have so much anxiety and fear in their minds. If you are a poor person is very easy to walk on the streets, but if you are a very rich person, you will need 4 or 5 security guards. Is this true or not? This is true! If you are the president or the prime-minister, you cannot walk alone as general people do. And if you are an ordinary person, you can walk, very easy, no harm. If you are very rich, you will need your bullet-proof car. The cars of the president, prime-minister, their cars aren’t as ordinary cars. They have many security guards; it is not easy to meet with them. So, you can compare, who has the happiest life. Now you are thinking about the answer, many answers are coming to your mind now. I know, I am sadhu.

Coming back to our subject. Eating, sleeping, defending and mating, these are four activities common to human beings and animals. All of we are eating, working, maintaining our families, etc. Believe me, I don’t have wife, sons and daughters. You have sons, daughters, family members, houses, you have to maintain all of them. You can see even with cats. Sometimes the mother-cat gives lessons to her babies about how to catch a mouse. We are human beings, but if you are a lawyer, you keep thinking “how will I do to make my son a lawyer too…”, if you are a minister, you think “how my son will become a minister…” And if you are a doctor, you will think too: “my son will become a doctor too!” If your son will become a doctor or not, it is another thing, but in your mind you will always think, “I am a doctor, so my son must be a doctor, or higher than this!” In the same way, you are giving training to them to achieve the same kind of status, with status of schools, colleges, etc. But what is the difference between human beings and all living entities?

If you don’t have inquisitive mood about spiritual life, that life is useless. And when you leave up this body, when you die, you won’t take one penny with you. Not even one “real” (Brazilian money). So our scriptures say that we have to inquire about spiritual life. If you are a doctor, a lawyer, business man, student or whatever you do, do, but inquire about spiritual life. Because Lord gives to you this inquisitive mood, so you have to inquire yourself, who am I?

If I ask to you, who are you? When you knock somebody’s door, and the person ask, “Who are you?” What would be your answer?

[One lady answered: I am a daughter of God.]

Nice, this is a very nice answer. You are a very intelligent person. Because the Bible told us that we are all sons and daughters of God. This is your real identification. This is true. I hope all of you are reading Bible. Very nice, good answer.

So this is the identification of our soul. But ordinary people would answer: “I am a man, I am a woman, I am Indian, Brazilian, American, business man, doctor, lawyer…” Actually, this is called bodily identification.

In every life we change our body but we never change our soul. The soul is eternal and transcendental. Try to understand this philosophy. Every life we give up the body and when we give it up, we forget all that has relation with this body. Now you know your body’s name, that was gave to you by your parents, this is the name of your body and it was given by your parents. Do you remember your previous life’s name? No, this is true. You forget. You forget all, your name, the name of your parents, wife, number of credit card, bank… Now you know, the name of them and the number of your credit card! No, I am not asking your credit card number! I have no need of this. The number of passport, ID, now you remember everything. But when you give this body up, die, again you will forget all of your things. What I am saying is that you are not this body, you are a soul. And because the soul resides in this body, this body is working.

Our scriptures explain, try to realize about your soul, who you are. You are the eternal servant of Lord Krsna – jiver svarup hoy krsner nitya das, krsner tathasta sakti bhedabheda prakash. All of us are the eternal servants of Lord Krsna. Krsna means God. Back to God, back to home. Return back to your home, then you will be happy.

You are always traveling from one body to another body, and to another body… All of us are travelers. Many times you took birth in many kinds of bodies, in different countries. Now you took birth in Brazil, so your identification is as a Brazilian. When again you give up this body you will take birth in America, then you will say “I am an American”. But our sastra explains that if you realize about God and return back to Him, you will not come back again in this material world. If you attain the abode of Lord, you will not come back in this material world again. And you will be happy, because God is always waiting for you.

In this material world, all of you are suffering the three folds of maya. And in this material world, we are always creating different kinds of problems. Who has no problem, please, raise one hand? Maybe a crazy person will raise its hand: “No, I have no problem.”

Everybody has problems, I tell you. Sometimes, mind problem, body problem, eyes problem, nose problem, car problem, son problem, daughter problem, wife problem… And money problem, who has no money problem? Even if you are millionaire, you will think: “I have no money!” Who is satisfied in this material world? No one. If you are millionaire, billionaire, still you are going to think “I need more and more money”. Why am I saying this? Because this material world means problem, because this material world is incomplete. The transcendental world is called “complete world” and also “infinite”. In this material world, everything is limited. Try to understand. You know this philosophy. I want to speak more philosophy, all of you are very intelligent, scholar people. In this material world everything is incomplete. The transcendental world is infinite and complete.

You know mathematics. I just want to say something. One plus one is two. 2+3=5, 3-2=1, 1-1=0. Infinite minus infinite? Infinite! Why not zero? If your son asks to you: “Mom, teacher, please, tell to me, 1+1=2, 1-1=0. So why not, infinite minus infinite is zero? 3-2=1. Everything that you put minus, reduces, so why with infinite is not like this?” What answer will you give?

Infinite is infinite! That is called transcendental, inconceivable; it is beyond our material conception. It is God.

Why am I saying this? Because in this material world everything has a limit, not infinite. But I will tell you one thing: our desires are also infinite. We have infinite desires…

Could you satisfy anyone? It is impossible! If you give one laptop to your son, then after six months he will want a new laptop. Now you have one car, then in the next month will come a new car and you will want that new car, new model. Because the desires in our heart are infinite. We have infinite desires in our heart. And we are never satisfied also and you cannot satisfy anyone of your family’s members. Who is satisfied in this material world? No one. You want more. Because this is the spontaneous nature of the soul. Because you came from God and God is infinite, even thou you are a minute, but you have this potency inside you.

I will give an example: the big fire and the spark of the fire. In the spark of the fire there is the same nature of the big fire. The big fire can burn everything. And one small spark of fire can burn everything if in the contact with querosene or petrol. In the same way, God is called infinite – ananta, in Sanskrit word – and all of you are parts and parcels of the Lord. The same kind of His potency is in our heart. In this example, the big fire is the personification of God and the small spark of fire is the personification of soul. As like the Sun and the rays of the Sun.

Our scriptures give these examples. But if you attain to Lord, you will be happy. Because only God can fulfill all our desires, because He is infinite as I had explained. So our mean subject is how to go back to God, back to home. And God is waiting for you and crying for you also. God is always crying: “Where are my daughters and sons?? When will they return back to me??!”

If your son goes to America, what will be your thoughts? When my son will come back to Brazil! In the same way, God is always remembering you, calling you. But you forgot Him…

Because you have turned your face to the other way. You forgot God, that is why this is our subject: how to return to God. So how to return back to God? This is a spiritual thing. Chant His holy names and be happy.

In this material world, if you love someone, you will always think, day and night, how to satisfy this person. Day and night you’ll be thinking: “How to make him/her happy? How will he/she be happy?”

So Lord says: “What things would you give to Me?” What things could we give to God? We have nothing… Lord gives everything to us. He gives us food, air… what can we give to Him? God is thinking: “Just chant My holy names and I will be happy”. In a simple way, we just chant His holy names and Lord will be happy.

Day and night have how many hours? 24 hours. So, 23 hours and 40 minutes you can spend with your family’s members and yourself. Only 20 minutes you offer to God and God will be very happy. 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening, just chant His holy names and meditate on Lord. Then, after your death you will attain the Lord and not again come back to this material world. These are the Lord’s holy names, not other thing.

Now you can see the palms of your hands. What can you see? These lines. Who made them? God? No. If God would make these lines, all lines in all hands would be the same, Lord do not discriminate. Do you discriminate between your sons and daughters? No, you give the same love and affection to all your sons and daughters. God is our father and we are like His sons and daughters. God has the same love and affection to all the living entities. So, if God would have made these lines, everybody would have the same lines.

Who made these lines?

In English is said that “man is the architect of its own fate”, so these lines are coming according to the fruits of our previous actions. If you go to the astrologist or palmistry expert maybe they will say about these lines. I am not an astrologist or palmistry expert, ok? Maybe they will say “this is a good line, this is a bad line, this, this, this…” Actually these lines came accordingly to the fruits of your previous actions, karma. And these things will come absolutely, you cannot escape of your previous karma (verse). The fruits of you karma are always with you.

I always give the example of the science, Newton says these things: to every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction.

Many people don’t believe in their previous karma, but if you believe or not, there is the Newton theory: “For every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction”.

So, my question is: if according to my previous karma, again and again, I will take birth and suffer in this material world, how will this circle finish? How to stop your karma?

When you are driving a car, you press the accelerator and at the same time all the wheels are pressing the ground and the ground are pressing the wheels and this causes the moving of the car. And the car goes. But how to stop it?

How to stop you karma? Again and again you are coming to this material world, again doing karma, again suffering?…

Our scriptures explain that if you chant the Lord’s holy names, your karma will be destroyed. Because in this Kali Yuga, the Lord invested all His potencies in His holy names. If you chant His holy names, all your fruits of actions, karma, will be destroyed and you will not come in this material world again.

So now, chant the holy names, clap your hands and after we will see yours hand lines again.

Now, look to your palms. Did your lines change? Yes, they did change! If you take the medicine, you will be cured. But it depends on the dose of the medicine. Sometimes you take a medicine for seven days, ten days, one month, one year, according to your disease. But if you take just one pill, your disease is already diminishing. So, if you continue to chant the Lord’s holy names, one day all your karma will be destroyed and you won’t take birth in this material world again.

So I request to all to you, please, chant the holy names and be happy! Who wants happiness, raise one hand? So, chant the holy names! It is 100% guarantee. If you chant the holy names you will be happy and your life will be successful. And your mind will become calm and quiet.

If you cannot sleep, just before going to sleep, chant the Lord’s holy names – Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare / Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare – and sleep! No bad dreaming will come, no ghost will disturb you, you will sleep very nicely. And in the next morning you go to your office and all your family’s members will be happy also, wife, children, won’t make any disturbance to you also.

It is 100% guarantee that if you chant the holy names you will be happy!

Accordingly to geometry, what is the nature of the part? To serve the whole. And the part will be never equal to the whole. This is geometry. All of us are part of God, the whole, so our nature is to serve God. In a simple way: how to serve God? Chanting His holy names and He will be happy.

Just giving an example, if your baby son or baby daughter calls you “mama”, “papa”, you become very happy. And if your baby cannot speak any word, not papa or mama, your mind becomes very disturbed: “Maybe my son is dumb…” With God is the same. If you call God’s holy name, He will be very happy.

I am very happy, all of you are very intelligent, very advanced. More and more you listen, more and more you are going to realize God.

And another thing: give compassion to all the living entities. The Bible says: Don´t kill. Give compassion, because you are human beings. God give us this compassion toward the others. This is our goal, how to give compassion to all other living entities, giving love and affection. Because everyone wants love, who does not want love?

Who has a dog? Does your dog love you or not? You love your dog and in the same way your dog loves you. When you return home, as soon as you open your door, your dog starts to jump over you and barks. Very happily. Because this is the spontaneous nature of all living entities, all of them want love.

This is our subject, how to love everybody. Now all politicians of the whole world are thinking on how to get peace and calm. Because there are people who likes to disturb others with no reason. I am not going to entry this politician subject but we are looking, watching TV, this, this, this. How everybody is afraid. But try to love everybody, give love to everybody, don’t take revenge, give love and affection. As one of you told “all of us are sons and daughters of God” and this made me very happy. Because God is the embodiment of love, God is love and love is God. In the Bible is very written these words: God is love and love is God. God is the embodiment of divine love. If you love God then you love to everybody. And if you don’t love God, you cannot really love anyone. That is why I am saying: love to God, then love to everyone! And this love, this sentiment is spontaneous in the inner core of your heart. As we said: who does not want love?

If you kill other’s sons, their mother will be happy or unhappy? If another person kills your son will you be happy or unhappy? So, don’t do this. Give love and affection to all living entities and give compassion to them all. Exchange your love and affection and chant:

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

All of you are so generous and I am so happy. I believe that all of you are intellectual people and tonight is my last lecture in Brazil, because tomorrow I am going to USA. So again I am going to come back in July, 2016. I hope to meet you all again.

Thank you, I don’t want to take too much your time. As I told, everything in this material world is called “limited” so I need to finish my lecture. Tomorrow morning you will have to go to work, school, college. So I won’t take too much your time. Thank you for your kindness.

If you want to start chanting the holy names, contact me and I can give you freely a japamala for you, to chant the Lord’s holy names. And a kanti-mala of Tulasi too.

Gaura Premanande! Hari Hari bol!

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