Who are you?

Araras/SP, Brazil

You should all give compassion to all the living entities, this is very important in our human life.

Animals have no compassion, but we are human beings and we have compassion towards others. If you see someone unhappy or sick, automatically your heart will melt and you will want to help that person, according to your capacity.

This is the nature of the human being. Human beings have compassion in the inner core of their hearts. And in this regard people can help each other. Live and let live. Help others. This is the process, give compassion. If you give some grass to cows they will not share it with each other, they will eat all they can eat. But we are human beings and if someone gives you bread, you will eat half of the bread and the other half you will give to others. This is the nature of the human being, to give compassion to other living entities.

Love and compassion stay together inside the heart of the human being. Those who are demons, have no compassion in their hearts. Their hearts are like stone and they are like animals.

Human beings are compassionate and give love and affection to all. All of you know Mother Tereza from Calcutta, she was always giving love and compassion to all. But the best compassion and the best love is to chant the holy names and help others to do so.

Who are you?

When I ask, “What is your name?”, will you give me the name of your soul or the name of your body? The name of your body. Why do you say “my body”? What does this “my” mean? When you say “my home”, why do you say “my” home? You mean that this house belongs to you, so you say, “I am living in this house, this is my house”.

In this regard, you say “my house”, you don’t say “I house”. I am not this house, this house just belongs to me and I am living in there. In the same way, you say “my body”, “my hand”, “my head”. It means that the body and all the limbs of this body belong to me. But who is this “I” that possesses all of it? You are not this body because you say “my body”, but who resides inside this body? Who is this “I”?

This is an analogy with the house. You say “my house” because you live inside this house. So, who resides inside your own body? Can you inquire yourself about this? Yes. You should inquire yourself about who you are. Ask yourself: “Who am I?” When you come back to your home, sit inside your room, close the door and windows, turn the lights off, close your eyes then ask yourself: Who am I? Then, automatically the answer will come from the inner core of your heart.

So, who are you? You don’t know. If I ask this you will say “I am a man, I am a woman, I am Brazilian, Indian, British, American, doctor, lawyer, student, business man, I am a householder… these are all designations. If you are a teacher, you will give your identification card of a teacher, if you are a policeman, you will write on the card: policeman. If you are the president of Brazil, of the USA, you will write president! Even when you lose your position, you will put the name “ex”. Ex-teacher, ex-policeman, ex-president, all “ex’s”! Even when you lose your position you will still have the designation. But in your business card you will put the “ex” expression very small, and the “teacher” very big! A small “ex” and a huge “president of India!” Isn’t it true?

We are still the same person but you will change the expression. But who are you eternally? Ask yourself: Eternally, who am I?

With this human body you have the inquisitive power, so inquire yourself: who are you? Animals, cats and dogs don’t have this power. They are just eating, sleeping, defending and mating. Only doing these four things.

But we are human beings, we also do these same things but we have this inquisitive thought. In this regard we are called “human beings” and not cats, dogs, birds… this is the difference between human beings and other living entities. And it is like this. Because of these inquisitive thoughts we can all develop our lives.

On Medicine, people do research to develop different kind of medicines. The scientists travel in space, dive deep in the ocean to research many things, and all of these activities come from the inquisitive mood of the human being. All kinds of technologies come because Lord gives us this inquisitive power.

In the Bible it is written very clear: “God created man after His own image”. Image means “like His form”. It is not completely Him, it is “like” Him.

Just like it is a similar look, looks like it. I will give an example, when you say “her face is like the moon”, is it true? Can the face of anyone be exactly like the moon? But we say “her face is as like the moon”, mukha-candra. There are some similarities, it is not exactly the same. So, in this regard we compare her face with the moon.

In the same way, God created the human being after His own image. Because God has this type of brain, with inquisitive mood, He gave only to human beings this same kind of thought. So you have to inquire yourself, and the first question should be: Who am I?

You could say that you are not this body, but who are you? Ask me and I will answer about who you really are.

Meat means ME EAT. Today you are eating meat but in the next life you will be eaten. Do you know Newton’s theory? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If in this life you disturb others, in the next life they will disturb you also. Action and reaction occur automatically. This is Physics, they study this kind of things. If you hit someone, it is hitting you too, just depends on the velocity and weight of you both. If you kill someone, in the next life it will kill you too. So try to become vegetarian and give compassion to the other living entities.

And I request you all to chant the holy names and be happy.

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