Why has Mahaprabhu come?

07 January 2016
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Svarup Damodar mentions why Krsna has come in this kali-yuga in the form of Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

There are here three reasons explained in this verse. In krsna-lila, Krsna relished all kinds of mellows from the heart of the brajbasis: santa, dasya, vatsalya and madhurya-ras (sweetness mood).

But Krsna was thinking that He could not completely taste Srimati Radhika’s highest mood, the last limit of divine love.

Krsna was thinking “I am Bhagavan so I have many qualities. This is true; everybody is intoxicated with My beauty, My fragrance. My everything makes people intoxicated. But when I look to Srimati Radhika, at that time I am completely bewildered. I cannot control My mind also, My head starts to spinning when I just smell the sweet fragrance of the body of Srimati Radhika. At that time I cannot control Myself.

(Verse)Srila Prabhodananda Sarasvatipad explains the fragrance that comes from the clothes of Srimati Radhika.

Krsna says: “So, when that fragrance is coming, I become completely intoxicated and I cannot control Myself. So, what kind of prem there is in the heart of Srimati Radhika?”

Because in the transcendental world everything is transcendental. Even the fragrance of Srimati Radhika is not different from Srimati Radhika’s divine love also. There everything is transcendental. This is called acintya-tattva, an inconceivable philosophy is there.

So, Krsna is thinking: “What kind of prem does Srimati Radhika have for Me? Because Srimati Radhika sometimes sees the blackish rain cloud and Srimati Radhika thinks I am there. That is why Srimati Radhika tries to embrace the rain cloud. If Srimati Radhika sees the blackish tamal tree, She thinks I am there too. So, Srimati Radhika embraces the tamal tree just because She has an illusion about Me.

(Verse)Krsna das KavirajGosvami explains that sometimes Srimati Radhika embraces the blackish tamal tree thinking that Krsna is there.

Krsna thinks: “I have never done this kind of thing!… I love Srimati Radhika, this is true, but I have never felt this kind of bewilderment. There is no such a kind of thing in My heart. But Srimati Radhika is in a completetranscendental madness. So, what kind of love there is in the heart of Srimati Radhika? What are the glories of the divine love of Srimati Radhika towards Me!”

This is the first reason [for Krsna has come in this kali-yuga in the form of Caitanya Mahaprabhu].

The second one is Krsna thinking: “What is My beauty? Srimati Radhika is always relishing Me. I am visay-vigraha of divine love, but I cannot relishMyself… So, what is My beauty that everybody relishes? My beauty, My fragrance, the sound of My flute, all of this intoxicates the hearts of the braj-gopis, but what is My beauty? All of them are eager to take darsan of My beauty, but I Myself don’t know nothing about it.”

Because when Krsna used to go herding the cows, at that time all gopis came out of their houses and kept looking at Krsna’s beautiful form.

At that time, the gopis sometimes also criticized to Brahma and give curse to him: “He Brahma, you have no intelligence! You don’t know how to create a human-being body. You have manifested our beloved Krsna, this is very nice and beautiful, but how should we take darsan of the beautiful form of our Govinda? Because you gave us only two eyes, so, how is it possible to take darsan of Govinda with only two eyes??” So they said: “Brahmaji, you have to die! In this way maybe another person will become the creator Brahma and he will give us thousands and thousands of eyes, thousands and thousands of ears, thousands and thousands of tongues, then, in this way he can see the beauty of our beloved Govinda, listen the sweet sound of His flute, Govinda-venu-dhani, and understand His beautiful and sweet pastimes.

“We need you to give us millions and millions of ears, millions and millions of eyes…”

So Krsna is thinking: “What is My beauty that gopis are always relishing?”

And the third reason is that Krsna thinks: “When Srimati Radhika relishes My beauty, what kind of realizations comes to Her heart?”

Realization happens with your own feeling, you cannot express in words. If you see the beauty of the ocean, if I ask you: “How beautiful is the ocean?” You can say: “This ocean is beautiful…” but you cannot express with words any kind of beauty, because this is called “adjective”. According to the Sanskrit word, quality cannot be expressed in words. Giving another example: “Beautiful flowers.” But I cannot explain how beautiful are these flowers. Because this beauty I cannot express with any word because it is a feeling, it is realization.

Feeling, realization, is coming from your inner court of the heart.

So, Krsna is thinking: “What kinds of feelings, realizations does Srimati Radhika has inside Her heart?”

For these three reasons Krsna is thinking: “I have to taste these three things!” For this regard Krsna took Srimati Radhika’s complexion and Her mood.

(verse) In this verse is explained that Krsna stole this from Srimati Radhika. Because Krsna’s nature is to steal.Because He in Braj is a thief. He steals everything: the butter, the heart of the brajbasis.

(verse) Bilvamangal Thakur composed this verse about how Krsna is a thief. In Braj, Krsna is famous as the butter thief. And He steals the heart of the braj-gopis too. And Krsna also stole the clothes of the gopis. In Srimad Bhagavatam it is described. The one who takes shelter of the lotus feet of Krsna, Krsna steals all its sinful activities. So, you all should take shelter of the lotus feet of Krsna then Krsna will steal all your sinful activities!

So, the nature of Krsna is to steal. In this way, Krsna stole two things of Srimati Radhika: Her complexion and Her mood, bhav.

So now Krsna covered Himself with the complexion of Srimati Radhika, so no one can realizes He is Krsna.

In Srimad Bhagavatam it is explained that in this Kali-yug, the worshipful deity, istadev, is hiding His complexion and everything more. So, Krsna now has come in this Kali-yug and have covered His complexion with Srimati Radhika’s fresh complexion. Gaur-rup.

And He also stole the mood of Srimati Radhika. Because without Radhika’s mood, Krsna cannot relish the highest mood of Srimati Radhika.

Everything depends on your mood, bhav. Mood is very important. For everything you do, you need the mood. Without mood you cannot relish anything.

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