The essence of Bhagavat katha

09 January 2017
Penha/SC, Brazil

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What is the essence of Srimad Bhagavat-katha? How the ordinary conditioned soul becomes free from maya and how to attain the highest divine love for Radha and Krsna? Especially in this Kali-yuga, there is only one process to attain the highest divine love and the abode of Lord and that’s called ‘nama-sankirtan’. The scriptures explain that in this Kali-yuga, there is no other way than the chanting of the holy names, not with karma, jnana, tapasya. The easiest way to attain the highest prema, divine love of Radha and Krsna, is the chanting of the holy names of Lord.

But in this Kali-yuga, maya, the external illusory potency of Lord, is very powerful. No one can conquer her. Krsna says this to Arjun in the Bhagavad-gita. But only one process can conquer maya: [the one in which] one person absolutely and completely surrenders [itself] unto My lotus feet.

Sarva dharmam paritaja….

This is the essence of Srimad Bhagavad-gita. Krsna told: abiding all kinds of rules and regulations of dharma, just surrender to Me and I assure you that you will deliver from this ocean of maya. Because Krsna says: I am the Supreme Personality of Godhead so only I can give this liberation, mukti, from this material world. Because maya is My servant, dasi. Without My instruction, My maya devi dasi cannot free you from this material world.

Because Bhaktivinod Thakur in Jaiva-dhama explains that maya devi has two kinds of activities: abharanatmika-vrti and bikset-atmika-vrti.

When the living entities forgot Krsna and the service to His lotus feet, maya-devi caught them and then she covers very nicely their souls; this is the duty of maya. That’s called abharanatmika-vrti. And she also makes them forget all their previous things and thoughts. Then maya-devi packs them very nicely with the three ropes and throw them in this material world. That’s called bikset-atmika-vrti. So, abharanatmika-vrti and bikset-atmika-vrti, the activities of maya. And also she gives to them many kinds of false ego, [the conception that] I am man, woman, Indian, Brazilian… And in this way, all of you are wandering in the same cycle of repeated birth and death, ‘jana-mrtu-cakra’. And you are also attached to the opposite sex. Sukadev Gosvamipad told a very nice and beautiful story about this katha:

There was a deep and dense forest and two pigeons, a couple, were staying together very nicely in their nest and they had some eggs in their nest. After a few days, some baby birds came out from the eggs and they nourished very nicely their small new baby birds. And they collected some food here and there, feeding their small babies, that made that sound as they were embracing and kissing [each other]. As like in this material world, how parents have love and affection with their small babies. In the same way, that pigeon couple nourished their small baby birds. One day, both flew away in the forest, and they were sitting in a very nice and beautiful brunch of a tree. In the mid time, she-pigeon noticed some nice grains in the ground, as like rice, maybe the Indian basmati rice. Then she told her husband: “please, go quickly and collect these grains and we will feed our babies and ourselves also”. And the he-pigeon told: “Don’t go! I think something is happening here. Because we are in the middle of the forest, who is cultivating rice or grains [here]? How possible these grains are here? Something must be happening! Don’t go collecting these grains!” That time the she-pigeon told: “If we don’t go, other birds will come and collect, they will eat. We have to go and collect these grains!” Her husband told: “Don’t go! I think something is happening there. Because we are in deep forest, so how possible these grains are here?” And the she-pigeon told: “you are a male person, male person thinks always ‘oh, this is good, this is bad, we [should] collect, we [should] not collect, many things. While you are thinking, other birds will come and collect. I don’t want to listen your advice. Coming you or not, I go to collect the grains and feed my small babies and eat myself also”. And he insisted: “Don’t go, don’t go”. But she didn’t listen her husband’s advice and very quickly flew away and started to collect the grains.

When the pigeons are collecting something, they do not eat it, but keep it in their throat. Actually, one hunter put one net on the ground and put the grains. When the she-pigeon was absorbed collecting the grains, the hunter pulled the net from far and the she-pigeon went inside it. Now, she is inside the net. She tried to come out but it was impossible. Then, the he-pigeon said, “I told you! You didn’t listened my advice, what to do now?”. And she answered, “Now what do we do?”. “This is our last meeting. Soon the hunter will come and kill you”, said the husband. She was inside the net and he was outside. Both feeling separation of each other, completely absorbed in each other. In the meantime, the hunter shot one arrow and killed the he-pigeon. And quickly came laughing and put the couple of pigeons in the fire. Then, both left the body and the small babies in the nest also because nobody fed them.

Sukadev Gosvamipad told to Maharaj Parikist that, in the same way, the conditional souls, bada-jivas, are attached to each other and finally they leave their bodies [attached] and wander in the same cycle of repeated birth and death.

For this regard, in the morning I told the history of Bhrtasura [who told:]: (verse), “Oh my Lord, maybe according to my previous karma, I will wander in the cycle of repeated birth and death, maybe I will stay with my wife, children, husband, all my family members. But, give me mercy that I will never be attached to anyone”. Because asakti, attachment, is the cause of bondage and death. Maybe a question will come: ‘Lord created this attachment, so what do we do? Where do we apply this attachment?’ Towards Guru and Krsna and your life will be successful. If you don’t have attachment to Guru and Krsna and the same attachment you have for material things, you will be bond. What is attachment? Day and night thinking, closed, this is attachment. But this attachment you apply to Guru and Krsna and then you will be liberated from material world. Like the residents of Braj, brajabasis, always attached to Krsna, Govinda. Who do you remember? You are attached for the person you are always remembering. This attachment, asakti, apply towards Krsna. Govinda Damodara Madhaveti. He Krsna He Yadava, He sakheti.

In the Srimad Bhagavatam, Sukadev Gosvamipad told to Parikisit Maharaj how the conditional soul will be attached to the lotus feet of Govinda. Simply as the devotees of Lord, just remember the lotus feet of Krsna. What’s the glories of the lotus feet of Krsna? Everyday, early in the morning, when you wake up, just open your eyes and remember the lotus feet of Krsna. There are nineteen signs. One of them is the disk, samsara-cakra. If you remember this cakra, then your samskara-cakra will be automatically destroyed. Just remember, when you wake up early in the morning, Krsna’s very nice and beautiful lotus feet, and in His lotus feet, nineteen signs. In Gopi-gita, the gopis also glorify about Krsna’s very nice and beautiful lotus feet. (Verse). Just remember the lotus feet of Krsna and He will fulfill all your desires. Completely, absolutely surrender [yourself] to the lotus feet of Krsna. Like Kaliya-naga. Do you know the history of Kaliya? How Krsna subdued Kaliya. Kaliya-naga, the snake was completely atheist and against Krsna. He had never done bhajan and sadhan in his life. But his wives, naga-patni, were devotes of Krsna. Sometimes, they glorified about Krsna but Kaliya did not believe that Krsna is Bhagavan. But when Krsna subdued Kaliya and danced in his hoods, Kaliya realized how Krsna is very powerful. Krsna danced in his hoods and so much blood came into his mouth. He was about to die and He remembered about his wives, that glorified about Krsna, must be this Krsna that is now dancing in my hoods and He is Bhagavan. Then, Kaliya in his mind just surrendered to the lotus feet of Krsna. And the wives of Kaliya, naga-patnis, also told that Krsna’s lotus feet are very rare [to achieve], even to Brahma, Siva and Narada. Brahma, Siva, Narada are very high class and elevated Vaisnavas. With their trances, samadhi, sometimes Krsna manifests his lotus feet in their hearts and sometimes not.

Srila Rupa Gosvamipad composed this verse. Brahmaji, Sivaji, are not ordinary persons. Their hearts are always neat and clean, free from all kinds of anarthas. Very high class, exalted and elevated devotees of Lord. In the trance of Brahma, sometimes Krsna manifests His lotus feet in his heart, sometimes not. That means Krsna’s lotus feet are very, very rare [to achieve]. And now, those same lotus feet of Krsna are on the head of Kaliya. Krsna is dancing on the hoods of Kaliya. Even those lotus feet are worshiped by Laksmi-devi. She is always hankering on how to worship the lotus feet of Krsna. But it is not possible. When Krsna walks on the paths of Vrndavana, the whole Vrndavana becomes decorated with the very nice and beautiful, shining lotus feet of Krsna. So, yogis, munis and rsis try to meditate in the lotus feet of Lord, but it is not possible. But the pure devotees simply meditate and remember Krsna. And they are delivered from this material world.

So, in the morning, wake up, just open your eyes and remember Krsna‘s very nice, beautiful and shining lotus feet. Then, all your anarthas, unwanted things, will be removed from your heart.

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