Bhagavat Saptah – Kaliya naga lila

January 2013
Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil
Sri Bhagavat Saptah 2nd day (morning)

Today is the second day of seven days of Srimad Bhagavatam katha. Yesterday I also discussed Krsna’s Damodar (Dambhanda) lila, how mother Yasoda bound Krsna with a small rope which she binds her hair with.

In this way, Krsna performed sweet lilas in Vraj.

Satyavratya Muni, explains in this way how Krsna gave pleasure to all the residents of Vraj, the Vrajvasis.

itidrk sva-lilabhir ananda-kunde

sva-ghosam nimajjantam akhyapayantam

tadiyesita-jnesu bhaktair jitatvam

punah prematas tam satavrtti vande

“By childhood pastimes such as this, He perpetually immerse the inhabitants of Gokula in pools of pure bliss, and through them informs the devotees desirous of knowing His aspect of supreme opulence and majesty that He is conquered only by those who are free from knowledge of His aisvarya with great love I, again and again, worship that Damodara Sri Krsna.”

(Sri Damodarastakam 3)

Satavrtti means “again and again he bowed (prostrate) down his forehead and remembered many kinds of Krsna’s sweet lilas”.

In this way, Srila Sukadev Goswamipad told Parakshit Maharaj Krsna´s many kinds of sweet lilas in Vraj. He killed many demons, Agasur, Bakasur ,Binavak that were sent by Kamsa. Srila Sukadev Goswamipad told Pariksit Maharaj one of the very beautiful pastimes of Krsna, how Krsna also got rid of Kaliya.

I told you yesterday, that Krsna will soon perform his topmost lila, rasa lila. Rasa lila is only performed by Vrajendra Nandan Shyamsundar, not by Vaikunta pati, Ayordhya pati, Ramacandra, or Dwarkadish Krsna.

In this Kali yuga people want to imitate Krsna. “Why only Krsna did? I want to imitate!” In Kali yuga living entities have nature like monkey´s nature. Monkey´s nature means to imitate.

Once there was a hat seller who became very tired around midday so he decided to take rest under one tree. He put one hat on his face and rested under a tree while he left the rest of his hats in front of him. While he was resting, monkeys took all his hats and put them on their heads and climbed on top of the tree. After one hour the hat seller woke up and he didn´t see his hats and thought “where are my hats?” He became very upset and said, “What will I do now?”. Just then he noticed that the monkeys on the top of the tree were wearing his hats. He thought “How will I get my hats back from these monkeys?” If I disturb the monkeys they will run away and may not come back. The hat seller was very clever, so he took his hat from his head and threw it away. As the monkeys’ nature is to imitate they also took off the hats they were wearing and threw them, so the hat seller quickly collected all his hats and put them back in his bag and run away.

In this way, the purport of this story is that monkeys are good at imitation. In Kali yuga human beings also have this nature, to imitate. So they think, if Krsna performed rasa dance, I also want to perform rasa dance too…

So Krsna is thinking “if you want to imitate my rasa dance then you have to also follow my two others lilas, first I danced on the hoods of the Kaliya and second I lifted Giriraj Govardhan. If you can imitate these two lilas then, no problem, you can imitate My rasa lila!” Who wants to imitate Krsna´s rasa lila? Raise your hand. If you want to imitate Krsna´s rasa lila, you have to dance on the hood of a serpent Kaliya.

But the human being cannot do this. It is impossible for humans to dance on Serpent Kaliya, who has thousands of thousands of hoods and is very poisonous. As Kaliya was staying in the Yamuna River the water became completely contaminated by his poison. Even the birds cannot fly over the river Yamuna.

One day Krsna was herding the cows with Subal and Sridham and Krsna thought “I have to eradicate Kaliya, remove him out from the Yamuna, and purify the water of Yamuna. Krsna left his friends and jumped in the water of Yamuna. Krsna is Bhagavan, He is swimming in the water of the Yamuna and that water is very poisonous. The male serpent Kaliya Nag was taking rest under the water with his wives (naga patnis). Krsna knowingly started to whirl the water, this disturbed Kaliya so he woke up and said, “who is doing this?” Kaliya saw that a small boy was disturbing his sleep, therefore he attacked Krsna. Krsna started to jump on his head and sometimes He held his tail.

In this way, Krsna played with Kaliya and Kaliya tried to kill Krsna, he bit Krsna. Krsna is Bhagavan, sometimes very quickly He jumped on his head and sometimes coming back and pulled his tail.

Finally, Krsna danced on the hoods of Kaliya and Kaliya could not tolerate this, too much blood started to come out from his mouth and he started to vomit blood. In the meantime, Krsna’s friend Subal and Sridham went and gave a message to mother Yasoda and Nanda Maharaj that Krsna has jumped in Yamuna. Hearing this, mother Yasoda completely fainted, Nanda Maharaj and all the Vrajvasis quickly came to the bank of Yamuna. Baladev prabhu tried to pacify them, especially the gopis who felt so much separation from Krsna. In a few minutes, Krsna started to dance on the hoods of Kaliya. Kaliya has thousands and thousands of hoods and Krsna was dancing from one hood to the next and so much blood was coming out from his mouth. At this time, Kaliya thought “who could this person be dancing on my hoods, making me vomit blood? I am about to die…”, then he realized: “This must be Krsna Bhagavan, whom my wives (nag patni) always glorify!!”, although Kaliya did not believe that Krsna is Bhagavan.

Kaliya now, in his mind, is completely surrendered to Krsna and at the same time his wives, nag patnis prayed to Lord Krsna: “He Bhagavan, You are so merciful, You are the embodiment of compassion (koruna nidam)! Our husband is very cruel and he disturbed the Vrajbasis… If our husband died, we will be happy. What type of suktri (spiritual pious activities) has our husband performed that You are dancing on his head and also giving him Your foot dust?”

“He Bhagavan” – the wives prayed to Krsna:

kasyanubhavo sya na deva vidmahe


yad-vnchaya srir lalanacarat tapo

vihaya kaman su-ciram dhrta-vrata

“O Lord, we do not know how the serpent Kaliya has attained this great opportunity of being touched by the dust of Your lotus feet. For this end, the goddess of fortune performed austerities for centuries, giving up all other desires and observing austere vows”.

(Srimad Bhagavatam 10.16.36)

“Even Laxshmi Devi is hankering for the dust of Your Lotus feet, therefore, Sri Laxshmi Devi is performing hard austerities on the other side of Vrindavan, by the bank of Yamuna, in Balavana. It means that Krsna´s foot dust is very, very rare to attain even by Brahma, Siva, Narada and Laxshmi Devi. But, O my Lord, You are so merciful and is giving Your foot dust on the heads of our husband Kaliya, what sukriti has he performed?”

So try to understand Krsna´s foot dust is not so easy to attain, and to go to Vrndavana, it is not ordinary.

In this way, the wives of Kaliya prayed to Krsna, then Krsna was very pleased and He told to Kaliya: “You should leave this Yamuna and go to Ramanaka Dvip (island)”, today is Fuji Island, near Australia.

In this way, Krsna purified the water of Yamuna and also delivered the Kaliya naga.

Then Pariksit Maharaj asked one question: “He Brahman Gurudev, why was Kaliya Naga staying in the water of Yamuna?”

He was trying to understand how it was living in Vrndavan, on the waters of Yamuna and this did not purify his heart…

Sukadev Gosvamipad replied: “He Maharaj Pariksit, listen very nicely, this beautiful pastime:”

In the beginning of the creation called Satya Yuga, at that time Kasapa Risi had two wives, one was called Godru and the other was called Vinoda. Godru gave birth to a serpent and Vinoda gave birth to Garuda, the chariot of Lord Visnu.

Godru was very cruel and also very clever once she asked Vinoda “What is the colour of the horses of the chariot of the Sun God?”, Vinoda answered: “The colour of the horses of the chariot of the Sun God is white.” Godru said: “No. They are black.” So in this way, they argued with each other. Godru said “If the horses of the chariot of Sun God are white, I will become your maidservant. If they are black you will become my maidservant.” Godru, however, realized later that the colour of horses of Sun God is white, therefore she became the slave of Vinoda.

So Godru told her snake-sons, especially Kaliya: “you will have to go and cover the horses of the Sun God, so anyone who sees them will recognize them as blackish”. She thought: “In this way, Vinoda will become my slave!”.

Afterwards, Godru told Vinoda: “The horses of Sun God are black, hence you will have to become my slave”. So this is how Vinoda became the slave of Godru.

One day, Vinoda told everything to her son, Garuda. About how she became a slave of Godru. This made Garuda become very angry and he said, “I have to give punishment to all that snakes because they made my mother a servant”. Vinoda said, “O my son Garuda, don´t fight with your brothers.”

And Garuda asked Godru: “How my mother can become free from your slavery?” and Godru replied: “If you bring the nectar from the heaven, Goloka, and give it to my sons, then your mother will be free from the slavery”.

Garuda is very powerful, he is not an ordinary bird. He went to the heavenly planet and fought with Indra, the king of the heavenly planet, and brought the pitcher full of amrta the nectar.

When Garuda brought that pitcher full of nectar, he sat on some places hence dropping some nectar. For this regard, every twelve years Kumba Mela takes place in India. During this time many sadhus, rsis, munis and all the pilgrims come and take bath in the water of Ganges. You may have seen this on TV.

Garuda also sat with that nectar on the bank of Yamuna under a Kadamba tree. If you go to Vrndavan during Vraj Mandal Parikrama, we go to that place where Gauda brought that nectar and sat on the Kadamba tree, that Kadamba tree is still there in the same place.

Garuda told Kaliya and all his brother snakes: “O, I have brought this, you can take this nectar. So, from today on my mother can be free from the slavery of your mother.”

In the meantime, Indra, the heavenly king, said that if the snakes drink that nectar they will become immortal. And if the snakes are immortal they could destroy the whole universe, because the nature of the snake is to destroy. They will bite with reason and without reason. They are also called terrorists.

I already told you that if you see a terrorist you have to kill him and this it is not a sinful activity because Srimad Bhagavad Gita says that there are six kinds of “terrorists”. In this way, snakes are like terrorists because their nature is to bite others and cause a disturbance.

So, in this way, Indra is thinking that if the snakes drink the nectar they will become immortal and will disturb everybody.

One day, Indra came in front of the snakes disguised as a brahmana and told them “Hey snakes, if you want to drink the nectar you have to first take bath in Yamuna and purify your body, then you can drink the nectar. While you go to have a bath in Yamuna I will take care of this nectar.” And when all the snakes were taking bath in Yamuna, Indra took the pitcher full of nectar and returned back to the heavenly planet.

After taking bath in Yamuna, the snakes returned and they could not find the nectar. So they thought “Maybe the pitcher broke and the nectar fell down here”, and they started to lick here and there. When they were licking here and there, they found a kind of grass called kusal grass, a grass that is very sharp like a blade, and their tongues were cut and divided into two. That is why, if you notice, snakes have a split tongue. We have one tongue while the snakes have two.

The snakes become very upset and thought: “We did not get the nectar and Garuda´s mother Vinoda is free from our mother´s slavery!…” So Kaliya and his brothers fought with Garuda, and Garuda killed many snakes and he also beat Kaliya very badly, but when he was about to die, he ran and ran and came to Yamuna and stay in the lake of Yamuna.

Sukadev Gosvami told this story to Pariksit Maharaj and Pariksit Maharaj asked: “Why did Garuda not come to the lake of Yamuna and kill him?”

Like I said, that snakes are called “terrorists”, so you have to kill them. If you see one rattlesnake you have to kill it, otherwise, it will kill you or bite you and disturb you. Just like mosquitos, you have to kill them too, otherwise, you will suffer from “dengue” fever. Mosquitos are in the same category of terrorists.

If a snake is sucking your blood, you have to kill it otherwise it will suck your blood and then will bite another person, and these diseases will spread to others.

Pariksit Maharaj asked the question why Garuda did not kill Kaliya. Then, Sukadev Gosvamipad told another very nice and beautiful story relating to it:

Actually, in Vrndavan, in the waters of Yamuna lived one tapasvi who performed hard austerities and his name was Sohbari Rsi. Sohbari Rsi performed hard austerities for about ten thousand years, staying in the water of Yamuna. Many people perform many kinds of austerities, e.g.: sitting surrounding fire around them, some stay under the water etc. Dhruva Maharaj also performed hard austerities, like standing on the tips of his toes.

So like this Sobhari Rsi performed many years of austerities under the water of Yamuna, and so many fishes, both male and female, played around him. He developed so much love and affection with the fishes.

One day Garuda came to that place and he killed a male fish.

Try to understand this: if Garuda, who is a Vaishnava, how could he eat fish? Actually, Garuda killed the fish, delivered it and send it to Vaikuntha. But mundane people could not understand this, so they think “Garuda eats fish, so we can also eat fish”. But no.

Sometimes I ask people if are they vegetarian or not and they say: “Yes, we are! Completely vegetarian”, then when I ask if they eat eggs and fish they say: “Yes!!”… They think that eggs and fish do not belong to the animal kingdom.

If you are a perfect vegetarian you should not eat eggs, fish and meat. Many people give the example of Garuda, saying he eats fish, but he did not eat fish, he is a vaishnav! Garuda does not eat fish. He killed the fish and delivered it.

So, at that time the female fish was very upset and complained to Sohbari Rsi: “Garuda came here and killed my husband”. Sohbari Rsi then became very angry and gave a curse to Garuda. “He Garuda, when you come to this place again, you will die!!”.

For this regard, Garuda did not come to the lake of the Yamuna to kill Kaliya.

When Garuda bit Kaliya he came to this very same place where Sobhari Risi performed hard austerities.

Try to understand this: actually, Sobhari Risi committed offence unto the lotus feet of a suddha vaishnav, Garuda.

If you commit offence unto the lotus feet of a vaishnava then your lust, anger and all kinds of your pious activities will be destroyed and you will have to go to hell (Narak).

Srila Jiva Gosvamipad, in his commentaries on this respect, have said that Sobhari Rsi committed offence unto the lotus feet of a suddha bhakta, Garuda, therefore he lost the fruits of all the austerities he did and the lust manifested in his heart so he could not control it.

Srila Jiva Gosvamipad in his commentaries in regards to this story has explained that if one commits offence unto the lotus feet of a suddha vaishnav, this one has to suffer many kinds of incurable diseases, like tuberculosis, cancer and many other acute diseases. So, be very careful! Never commit an offence unto the lotus feet a suddha vaishnav.

Those who commit offences to a vaishnava will lose bhakti, lose their pious activities, and they will also suffer from many kinds of disease.

I will tell you a little bit of tattva sidhanta. There are three types of bhakti: sadhan bhakti, bhava bhakti and prema bhakti.

When you practice sadhan bhakti, two leaves will manifest: one is called kleshajni, and the other is called subadha.

Kleshajni means that all class of distress and sinful activities will be destroyed. All your sinful activities will be destroyed with a little bit of sraddha with sadhu, shastra and Guru.

Sadhana bhakti first starts with sraddha, your sinful activities will be destroyed and, simultaneously, all auspiciousness and good qualities will manifest.

Jiva Gosvamipad says how come many devotees who are doing their bhajan and sadhana are still suffering from many kinds of disease and many kinds of sufferings. Why? Because of their offences unto the lotus feet of a suddha vaishnava. So be very careful with these things. Never commit offence unto the lotus feet of a vaisnava or you will suffer.

Bhakti’s first symptom is kleshajni, which means that all kinds of distress will be destroyed: sinful activities (papa), avidya (ignorance), asmita (pride), papa bij (the seed of papa), everything will be destroyed. So “why he is suffering from many kinds of diseases?”, this is the symptom that he has committed offence unto the lotus feet of a suddha vaishnava. It is called vaishnava aparadha.

Not only this, Srila Gosvamipad says that lust, anger will come and you will also lose your bhakti lata bija (the seed of devotional service) because vaisnava aparadha is like a hati mata, a mad elephant.

yadi vaisnava-aparadhe uthe hati mata

upaade va chinde,tara sukhi yaya pata

If the devotee commits an offence at the feet of a vaishnava while cultivating the creeper of devotional service in the material world, his offence is compared to a mad elephant that uproots the creeper and breaks it. In this way, the leaves of the creeper are dried up.
(Caitanya Caritamrita, Madhya 19.156)

You know many examples. Many devotees were doing bhajan and sadhana, and even after taking sannyasi they gave it up and got married, due to sex desire because they have committed offences at the feet of a vaishnava.

In Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu the commentaries by Srila Jiva Gosvamipad very clearly explain that vaishnava aparadha is very dangerous. Maybe you have some question: “So, how can one be free from vaishnava aparadha?” Serve the vaishnava and chant the holy name, then your vaishnava aparadha will be destroyed. Otherwise, there is no other alternative process.

You know the story of Kunja Krsna Das and Srila Rupa Gosvamipad, that I told you some time ago. So be careful with vaishnava aparadha.

hanti nindati vai dveshthi vaishnavan-nbhi-nandati

krudhyate yati no harsham darshane patanani shat

“1) One who kills a devotee; 2) One who blasphemes devotees; 3) One who is envious of devotees; 4) One who fails to offer obeisances to Vaishnavas upon seeing them; 5) One who becomes angry with a Vaishnava; 6) One who does not become joyful upon seeing a Vaishnava. These six classes of foolish men who blaspheme Vaishnavas go to, the worst kind of hell along with generations of their ancestors.”

Be careful with these six types of vaishnava aparadha.

So, now, coming back to the story of Sobhari Rsi. I explained that Sobhari Rsi offended the lotus feet of a suddha vaishnava, Garuda, then lust desire started coming to him and he gave up his austerities. How many years he was performing austerities? It was not just one day, it was many thousands of years and yet he gave up and lost all the fruits of the austerities. Try to remember these things.

Sobhari Rsi went to Madantha who have fifty princesses and told him that he wants to marry one of his daughters. Madantha said: “Yes, you can marry one of my daughters”, but Sobhari Rsi was very ugly and skinny, so, who would marry him? All the princesses rejected him and said: “No, we don’t want to marry him!”

Then Sobhari Rsi, with his yoga mystic power, got a very nice beautiful body like a brahmacari and, again, went to the assembly of the princesses. Then, all the princessess said: “I will marry! I will marry!”, and Sobhari Risi again using his mystic power, turned himself into fifty forms and married all the daughters of Madantha.

Srila Sukadev Gosvamipad told Pariksit Maharaj that lust will come to one who commits offences unto the lotus feet of a suddha Vaishnava. So be extremely careful!

Why these sannyasis gurus fall down? Because lust desires come to them as they must have committed offences unto the lotus feet of a suddha Vaishnava. These are symptoms, so you need to be very careful. If you commit these offenses you will lose your bhakti and many kinds of diseases will come.

Maybe a question will come in our mind that Sobhari Risi performed bhajan and sadhana in Vrndavan, in the waters of Yamuna, that is not ordinary water, it is transcendental water then why lusty desires came?

Here, Srila Jiva Gosvamipad explains in his commentary: To one who commits offences to the lotus feet of a vaishnava then also Yamuna and Vrndavan Dham will not give their mercy.

Try to understand this philosophy about the Dham, it is covered with Bhagavan’s mayajal (the net of maya), you cannot see it. You cannot see the transcendental water of Yamuna.

Many devotees think “I will go to Vrndavan and take bath in Ganga, Yamuna and even Radha Kunda”, but they may become sick. They cannot understand what the transcendental water is!

If you want to see the transcendental water of Radha Kunda or Yamuna you will have to listen and you will see it with your ears, not with your eyes.

Srila Rupa and Srila Sanatan performed their bhajan and sadhana in Vrndavan without mosquitos net. You cannot do bhajan and sadhana in Vrndavan without mosquitos net! Mosquitos will disturb you by biting you and you will get a “dengue” fever which could kill you.

Srila Sanatan Gosvamipada performed bhajan and sadhana on the bank of Manasi Ganga, near Chaklesvara Mahadeva where the mosquitos disturbed him.

If Srila Sanatan Goswami was disturbed by mosquitos, singing in his ears, then what about us, baddha jivas (conditional living entity).

Sanatan Gosvami told Shivaji: “O Shivaji, I will go back to Nanda Gaon to perform my bhajan and sadhana because here mosquitos are disturbing me.” Shivaji has so much love and affection for Sanatan Gosvamipada. Sanantan Gosvami is not an ordinary person. Who is Sanatan Gosvamipada? He is Lavanga Manjari, do you understand?

Shivaji said “He Sanatana, don’t worry. I will use my mystic power and, here, no more mosquitos will disturb you!” So from that day on, no mosquitos disturbed Srila Sanatan Gosvamipada.

So be very careful when you go to Vrndavan or Navadvip Dham. Don’t jump in the water of Ganga, Yamuna or Radha Kunda, or you will become sick. You are not mukta purush, you are not a liberated person, you are completely baddha jiva, conditioned living entity, so be careful. That is why I am saying these things to you.

If you go to Navadvip and Vrndavan, be very careful. Many devotees say, “I take bath in these places of transcendental water” but they don’t understand what is transcendental water. My words could be bitter, but they are true.

So this is how Srila Sukadev Gosvamipad explained to Maharaj Pariksit why Kaliya stayed in Yamuna. Another reason is that Krsna wanted to perform His sweet lila, i.e., to dance on the hoods of the Kaliya.

When gopis came, Krsna took all the gopis and they dance on the hoods of Kaliya.

The rasa lila took place on the hoods of Kaliya. This is explained in Brihad Bhagavatamrta. In this way, Sukadev Gosvamipad told Maharaj Pariksit. Krsna is a powerful Personality, He performed dance on the hoods of Kaliya. Conditioned living entities cannot do this.”

So if you want to perform the rasa dance, first you have to dance on the hoods of a snake. As you cannot do this, don’t try to imitate Krsna´s rasa lila. And second, never commit offence unto the lotus feet of a suddha vaishnava or vaishnavi.

Nitai Gaura Premanande! Hari Hari bol!

(Review: Srimati Radhakanti Devi Dasi – Australia)

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