Sri Bhagavat Saptah – Govardhana lila

January 2013
Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil
Sri Bhagavat Saptah 3rd day (evening)

Today is the third day of Sri Bhagavad Saptah katha. In the morning, we had discussed Venu-gita (the song of Krsna’s Flute) on how the Gopis (milkmaids or damsels of Vraja) were completely enchanted by the sound vibration of the flute of Govinda.

Vrajendra Nandana Syamasundara Krsna has four super-excellent qualities:

– Rupa Madhurya (the sweetness of the of His beauty)

– Lila Madhurya (His sweet wonderful pastimes)

– Prema Madhurya (His wonderful associates like the damsels of Vraja, who are very near and dear to Him)

– Venu Madhurya (the sweetness of the sound vibration of His flute).

Krsna’s flute, Venu is very powerful. It awakens the feeling of love in the heart of the living entities with an intense desire to meet Him. Especially, when Krsna returns after cow herding in Vrndavan, everybody´s heart was completely enchanted when He plays His flute.

Radha Nache Krsna Nache Nache Gopi Gan (singing)

In this way, when Krsna plays the flute, their hearts were overwhelmed with prema. Even when Krsna went to Vrndavan, all the trees were completely enchanted with Krsna because they were thinking, “Our Prananatha bandhu, the air of our life has arrived. How should we welcome Him?”

The branches of the tree arched to form a beautiful providing protection over the head of Govinda. Similarly, when a bona fide spiritual master (sad guru) visits the house of a bona fide disciple, the bona fide disciple welcomes his guru by holding an umbrella over the head of his guru.

It is like a king who had won the battle. Upon return to his kingdom, the subjects celebrate the return of their conqueror. This is called vijaya mahotsava, celebrating the return of their conqueror’s victory.

So, the trees of Vrndavan were thinking, “the conqueror of the heart of all the living entities has returned”, when Krsna entered the forest. In the forest of Vrndavan, the trees welcome Govinda by offering their flowers and fruits at His lotus feet. Svagatam, svagatam, svagatam, svagatam, prana bandhu…

The trees of Vrndavan welcomes Krsna with their flowers and fruits. “Aroti habe tomar preme pradipe ……, we will do arati with love and giving our love. He Govinda! He Murari! Please stay in our heart. Hrdaya-mandir, the temple of our hearts. As a result of feeling in separation from Krsna, tears cascading incessantly from our eyes like the streams of Yamuna and Ganga”.

In this way, the trees welcome Krsna by offering flowers and fruits. All the leaves were quivering, meaning they are fanning Krsna. All the krpas (creepers) also started to dance. This is like when a bona fide spiritual master visits the house of a bona fide disciple, the bona fide disciple performs arati (religious rituals of worship) to his gurudev by camara (fanning).

mama mana mandire
mama mana mandire raha niśi-din
kṛṣṇa murāri śrī kṛṣṇa murāri

“Please reside in the temple of my heart day and night, O Krsna Murari, O Sri Krsna Murari!”

bhakti pritī mālā candan
tumi nio he nio citta-nandan

“O Delighter of the Heart! Please accept these flower garlands, sandalwood paste that is offered to You with love and devotion.”

jīvana maraṇa tava pūja nivedan
sundara he mana-hāri

“In life or in death, I worship You with these offerings, Beautiful One, O Enchanter of the Heart!”

eso nanda-kumār ār nanda-kumār

habe prema-pradīpe āratī tomār

“Come, son of Nanda, and then, O Son of Nanda, I will offer Your arati ceremony with the lamplight of my love.”

nayana jamunā jhare anibār

tomāra virahe giridhāri

“The water of the Yamuna River cascades incessantly from my eyes in your separation, O Holder of Govardhana Hill!”

bandana gane tava bajūk jīvana

kṛṣṇa murāri śrī kṛṣṇa murāri

“May I pass my life absorbed only in songs of Your praise, O Krsna Murari, Sri Krsna Murari!”
(Mama Mana Mandire, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur)

As like snowflakes falling from the sky, the trees beautifully carpeted the land of Vrndavan by showering their flower petals as their hearts completely melted and tears streaming down. They embraced Krsna with their branches as though two friends meeting together again after such a long separation. They embraced each other and shedding tears.

Sukadev Goswamipad informed Maharaj Pariksit, the type of love and affection within the hearts of the trees, creepers is unimaginable. When the trees were crying, Krsna pacified them by patting on their backs.

Then Krsna said, “Now, I will go to another forest. Do not worry. I will return soon”. The trees blocked Krsna’s path with their lindy arms, their long branches and begging Him. “Govinda! Don’t go! Don’t go! Don’t go!” Krsna replied, “Please do not worry. I will return soon. As you are the friend of My life air”, Nan te amar li ke ko tomar mani mandire.

Again, the trees exclaimed, “Oh! My dear Friend. He Govinda! Just write your Name in the temple of Your mind, mama mana mandire”. At the time of looking at guru’s autograph, the disciple feels the separation from guru. What do I write? “My hearty blessings to you”. In this way, the trees very humbly requested, “He Govinda! Please write down our names in the temple of Your mind, mama mana mandire. Always keep us in mind even while taking rest with Your cowherd boyfriends, Subal and Sridham. This is how the trees of Vrndavan exhibit their love and affection to Krsna.

Sukadev Goswamipad narrates, “O Maharaj Pariksit! Krsna’s Venu, Krsna’s Flute song is so powerful that everybody’s hearts become enchanted”. All the animals such as the cows, deer, calves were intoxicated on hearing the melody of the Flute.

dhanyah sma mudha-gatayo ‘pi harinya eta

ya nanda-nandanam upatta-vicitra-vesam

akranya venu-ranitam saha-krsna-sarah

pujam dadhur viracitam pranayavalokaih

“O sakhi! When our dearmost Nandanandana Sri Krsna dresses Himself in a most extraordinary fashion and plays upon His flute, then even the foolish deer, hearing the melody of the flute, approach Nandanandana along with their husbands (who are known as Krsna-sara deer) and begin to glance upon Him very affectionately with their large eyes. We know the meaning of their glancing. With their enormous eyes, expanded like the petals of a lotus flower, they are offering worship at the lotus feet of Sri Krsna and accepting His invitation, which He extends by casting loving, sidelong glances. Truly, the lives of these deer are blessed. (Although we are gopis of Vrndavan, we are not able to offer ourselves freely to Krsna in the same manner as the deer, for our husbands and elders restrain us and beat us – what an absurdity!)”
(Venu-gita 11)

When Krsna plays His Flute, the deer approach Him along with their husbands (Krsna-sara) by getting very close. The animals are foolish and do not know how to express themselves. However, they only desire to remain very close by sitting in front of Govinda.

Srimati Radhika and the gopis thought, “What kind of love and affection is in the heart of these animals? Although we are human beings we are unable to offer ourselves freely to Krsna”.

By having an audience of Govinda (Govinda darshan) everyone will be completely enchanted. What kind of love and affection do these animals possess within their inner core? Try to understand, all the living entities are part and parcel of the Lord. Each and every one of us has a relationship with Krsna, Govinda. Govinda sambandha. However, we have forgotten Krsna and not serving Him. As a consequence, we are now suffering the threefold miseries of Maya (illusory energy) in this material world by chasing after the illusion.

Maya (external energy of Krsna), like a she-donkey with her hind legs kicking our mouth so much until it bleeds. For example, as the he-donkey runs behind the she-donkey. The hind legs of the she-donkey continue to kick and kick and kick the mouth, yet still, the he-donkey thinks it is enjoyable. However, it is the opposite for the male and female deer in Vrndavan. Due to their love and affection for Krsna, they approached Krsna by running and remain seated very close to Him. The deer express their sentiments by affectionately glancing upon Krsna with their large eyes. It is like our eyes indicating the type of love from the inner core of our hearts. Whilst the deer of Vrndavan remain seated in front of Krsna by expressing their sentiments through the eyes, was petting their backs.

Therefore, the gopis thought that the deer are more fortunate than themselves – it is better to take birth as a deer in the next life, then we can be near to Krsna and serve Him by expressing our sentiments. This type of love of the gopis is mahabhava, highest transcendental sentiments. For this type of humility, dhenu arises from their hearts.

Upon seeing Krsna’s beautiful form and hearing the sweet melody coming out from His flute, the cows became stunned and stopped chewing the grass that is in their mouths.

gavas ca krsna-mukha-nirgata-venu-gita-

piyusam uttabhita-karnah-putaih pibantyah

savah snuta-stana-payah-kavalah sma tasthur

govindam atmani drsasru-kalah sprsantyah

“Some of the other sakhis said: O friend! Why are you speaking about the devis? Have you not seen the cows? When our dearest beloved Sri Krsna fills the holes of the Flute with the sound flowing from His mouth and the cows hear that sweet music, they turn their ears upward and indiscriminately drink the nectar with the cups of their ears. In this way, they are tasting the sweetness of that music. What is that so, O friend? Taking beloved Govinda into their hearts through the doorway of their eyes, they seat Him there and embrace him within their minds. Just see for yourself, the truth of my words! Tears of joy are gushing out from their eyes. The condition of the calves is indeed strange. Even milk is flowing automatically from the udders of the cows, the calves, while in the midst of drinking that milk, suddenly hears the sound of the Flute. At that moment, the calves are neither able to spit out nor swallow the milk which they have taken in their mouths. They also take Sri Krsna within their hearts and embrace Him. By obtaining the touch of the soft limbs of Sri Krsna, their eyes overflow with tears of joy, and they stand still, exactly as they were.”
(Venu-gita 13)

Sukadev Goswamipad, “When Krsna plays the Flute, the cows of Vrndavan stopped chewing the grass that is in their mouths by looking at the beautiful form of Govinda. Then the rivers of Vrndavan, nadyas tada tad upadharya mukundam-gitam, even Manasi Ganga, Yamuna and other rivers stopped flowing.

nadyas tada tad upadharya mukundam-gitam


alingana-sthagitam urmi-bhujair murarer

grhnanti pada-yugalam kamalopaharah

“Some of the gopis said: O Sakhi! Why do you speak of the devis, cows and birds? They are all animate living beings. Have you not seen the inanimate rivers? By the whirlpools that they are seen in them, it is understood that within their hearts surges an intense desire to meet with Shyamasundar. The flows of the rivers have been stopped by the intense emotional agitation. They have also heard the sound of our beloved Krsna’s Flute. Just see! Just see! With the arms of their waves, they have caught hold of His lotus feet and presenting offerings of lotus flowers. They are embracing His lotus feet just as if they were offering their hearts to Him.”
(Venu-gita 15)

In this way, Sukadev Goswamipad glorified the sweet melody from Krsna’s Flute.

Sukadev Goswamipad continued his narration to Maharaj Pariksit about Krsna lifting of Giriraj Govardhan.

The King of Heaven, Indra, who has immense power thought, “I am the Supreme Controller”. Try to understand that from a small insect to Brahma in this material as well as this universe, are actually baddha-jivas (conditioned souls). What is the meaning of baddha jiva? The baddha jivas have many false egos. I am the doer. I am doing this way. By having a bit of power, one starts to think, “I am the doer”, “I control everyone”, et cetera. Similarly, the demigods and demigoddesses are thinking, “We are the controller. I am giving water. I am giving air”. Prabhuta pai kai modana, with a bit of authority given to us, we instantly think, “I am the doer”.

Bhagavan Krsna, He destroys all kinds of proudness, ahankara, false egos from the heart of all the living entities. One of Krsna’s name is Dharpa Hari Madhusudhan. He destroys all kinds of false egos in the heart of the living entities. For this reason, Krsna is called Dharpa Hari Madhusudhan.

In this material world, it is full of enviousness and with a bit of power, one instantly thinks, “I am the doer. I am the controller.” However, when the Lord gives a little bit of disease then we will be finished. For instance, if one day a person goes to the toilet, one time, three times, four times – then that person is finished.

Where is that ahankara, false ego? I am the supreme controller. When there is youth, everyone thinks, “I am the doer”. However, during the old age that same person is contracted with diarrhoea and completely wasted.

All source of power actually comes from Krsna, Who is the Supreme Controller. We are not the controller. One who thinks that I am the controller will receive heavy punishment from Krsna.

So, in the heavenly planet, Satyaloka, King Indra thought, “I am supreme, I am the King of Heaven. I can control every living being in this material world. I am giving water for their nourishment”. This is the false ego in the heart of Indra. Vayu (demigod of air) also thought, “I am giving air so everybody can breathe.”

Once upon a time, there was a battle between the demigods and the demons. By the causeless mercy of Krsna, the demigods conquered the demons. The demigods had a victory celebration, vijaya mahotsava. They glorified themselves, “O I did it. By my power, I was doing this and that.”

During the celebration, they noted a shining light coming towards the direction of their assembly house. Indra then requested other demigods to investigate.

Agnidev, the presiding Deity of Fire approached the light which is effulgent. The effulgence manifested one Yaksha.

Yaksha: Hey! Who are you?

Agnidev: I am Agni (fire). I am very powerful. Without fire, no one can do anything.

To enable bodily to functions, fire exists within our bodies. When a person dies the body becomes cold because the fire within is extinguished. Also, without fire we are unable to cook. Fire is very important.

Agnidev: I am fire. I am doing everything. I am the doer.

Yaksha: Oh! What is your power?

Agnidev: I can burn everything by transforming them into ashes.

Yaksha: Okay! Can you transform this one green dry grass into ashes?

Agnidev accepted the challenge by putting out so much fire but the grass was not burnt. Nothing happened. Then, Agnidev became ashamed and returned to the assembly.

Subsequently, Indra ordered the presiding Deity of Air to investigate who is this personality and what is his modus operandi.

Vayu: I am Air. I can destroy everything with my storm.

If tsunami takes place, there will be a big storm, hurricane and everything will be destroyed. Vayu thought, “I am powerful”.

Yaksha: Okay! Destroy this grass with your power.

Vayu with all his might gave everything that he has but the grass did not move and remained at the same spot. Feeling ashamed, Vayu returned and reported accordingly to Indra.

This time, Indra decided to see for himself and he also approached the light. The Yaksha knows Indra intentions. So, the Yaksha said to Indra, “You cannot conquer this. Only Brahman Bhagavan, He provides strength to the heart of all the living entities, thus they are happening”.

Nothing moves without the sanction of the Lord, Bhagavan. Even drshti shakti, the power of our vision comes from the Lord. All kinds of power coming into our homes are actually coming from the only source, the main power of Krsna. What is the source of the power of the light in our homes? It comes from the powerhouse via different transformation and finally into our homes. If the powerhouse stops producing electricity then there is no light, complete darkness. Similarly, all kinds of power come from Krsna, Bhagavan. However, the conditioned souls are thinking, “I am the doer”.

One day, Mother Yasoda was busily preparing various types of preparations like laddus, kachoris and et cetera. During this time, Krsna was about 7 years old. Seeing Mother Yasoda was preparing so many types of sanctified food (prasadam), Krsna began to inquire from Mother Yasoda, “What is the occasion? Is it My birthday or Baladev Prabhu’s?”. Mother Yasoda replied, “No! No! No! Go away, Kanai. You are always drooling and very greedy. You will contaminate this prasadam. Go!”

Krsna was upset and seek out Nanda Maharaj, who then seated Krsna on his lap. At this point, Krsna was stroking Nanda Maharaj’s beard. Krsna humbly inquired and the following conversation ensues as follows.

Krsna: Baba, why is mother preparing so many types of delicious Prasad today? She did not give me an answer and even kicked me out.

Nanda Maharaj: Listen, Kanai. We will be performing Indra puja, worship of Indra, today because this is our tradition that has been going on for years.

Krsna: Who is Indra, father? Who is Bhagavan? (Now, Krsna is completely like a baby)

Nanda Maharaj: My Lala, Indra is the King of Heaven. If the king is happy then he will provide everything to us. This is especially so with Indra devata, who provides us water in the form of rain that showers the land of Vraja. There will be healthy grasses to feed the cows which in turn provide us with milk.

Krsna: Father, who is giving water in the middle of the ocean? Does it rain over there? Who is worshipping Indra? Most of the rain is in the middle of the ocean. There is no one to worship Indra in the middle of the ocean but it also rains over there. I think Indra is not the supreme power that provides us. Actually, the rain is from our Giriraj Govardhan. Bolo! Giriraj Govardhan ki jaya! As the clouds struck the mountains, rain is coming. Most of the rain is coming from the mountain. That means Giriraj Govadhan gives us everything, so we should worship Giriraj Govardhan. Giriraj Govardhan gives us shades especially in the summertime so we can take rest. Giriraj Govardhan gives us everything. So, we should not worship Indra. Our direct devata is Giriraj Govardhan. So, why do you worship Indra? Have you seen Indra? You have not seen Indra. So, why do you still worship Indra? We are directly seeing Giriraj Govardhan who actually is giving us everything.

Nanda Maharaj: How can we break this important tradition of ours?

Krsna: Father, sometimes people are blind followers. We must give up the blind philosophy.

Once, a devotee informed me about their tradition which is why they are carrying it out. I replied, “According to human history, in the beginning, we were naked. This has been stated as a so-called fact. Therefore, our tradition is that we are naked. So, why do we put on our clothes? In the beginning, human beings were completely naked. Nowadays, why don’t you say that we should be completely naked as well?”

Similarly, Krsna managed to convince Nanda Maharaj that they should worship Giriraj Govardhan as he is their Ishta devata, worshippable Deity. He is our direct Ishta devata because he gives us everything.

Bolo! Jaya Giriraj! Jaya Govardhan!

Subsequently, Nanda Maharaj called for a meeting with all the senior Vrajabasis, especially Upananda and others. Nanda Maharaj informed them about Krsna’s explanation and they have to follow Krsna’s perfect instructions by worshipping Giriraj Govadhan.

Why did Krsna do this? This is because the Vrajabasis are Krsna’s eternal associates, nitya parikar. Whereas, Indra and other demigods are Krsna’s servants. However, Krsna’s servants have taken everything away from His nitya parikar. Indra has committed offences at the lotus feet of the Vrajabasis. Krsna thought, “Ever since Indra became King of Heaven, he had made the Vrajabasis become his subjects. Therefore, I have to destroy all of Indra’s false ego.”

This is the reason Krsna manifested this pastime. And according to Nanda Maharaj’s instructions, all the Vrajabasis, thousands upon thousands of them made various types of preparations. They were then brought in front of Giriraj Govardhan for the offering.

Krsna is Bhagavan. He manifested two forms, one form is staying in front of Nanda-Yasoda and the other form, He climbs on top of Giriraj Govardhan. When the Vrajabasis was offering their respective preparations like laddus, kachoris and many more to Giriraj Govardhan, Krsna manifested His four arms form taking all Prasad offered to Him. Meantime, Krsna who is in front of Nanda-Yasoda said, “Father, have you ever seen Indra directly during your offerings? Look, Giriraj Govardhan is now directly accepting our offerings.” Filled with joy, the Vrajabasis began to offer more and more laddus, kachoris and many other delicious prasadam. Whilst accepting the Vrajabasis offerings, Giriraj Govardhan asked, “Laul! Laul! More! More! Anu! Anu! Laul! Laul! Bring more! More!”

During our Giriraj parikram, we went to a place, where Nanda Maharaj was there called, Anugan, a place to remember this lila, Annakut Mahotasava.

Giriraj Govardhan requested from the Vrajabasis, “Anu re! Anu re!” (Bring more! Bring more!). Annu means rice and kut means like a mountain. Annukut means a heap of rice like a mountain. When Giriraj Govardhan had finished everything, He requested the Vrajabasis, “Bring more! Bring more! Bring more!”. Again, the Vrajabasis also cooked more and offered to Giriraj Govardhan. Giriraj then finished all the preparations offered and took water at Manasi Ganga.

Realising the Vrajabasis are very tired now, Krsna then told Giriraj Govardhan, “He Giriraj Govardhan! Please be satisfied with the offerings of My Vrajabasis”. Being pleased, Giriraj Govardhan manifested again all the Prasad for the Vrajabasis.

Krsna then announced, “O Giriraj Govardhan is very merciful by giving us His remnants. This is called, Maha Prasad. Distribute this Maha Prasad. Today, we will also perform the parikram, circumambulation of Giriraj Govardhan.” In this way, Giriraj Govardhan parikram was started. Krsna then performed Giriraj Govardhan parikrama with all His Vrajaabasis.

As midnight approaches, Krsna requested the Vrajabasis to return to their respective homes to rest as they must be very tired after completing 21 kilometres of circumambulation and also having honoured Maha prasadam earlier.

Nowadays, it takes us three days to complete the circumambulation of Giriraj Govardhan. However, during my time with my Gurudev, we travelled from Mathura to Govardhan and completed Giriraj Govardhan parikrama in one day. Not three days.

And now our parikrama takes three days to complete. A big parikrama on the first day. The second day, a small one inside. Radha kunda parikrama on the third day. During the days of performing Giriraj Govardhan parikrama with my Gurudev, we travelled from Mathura to Govardhan, performing the whole parikrama before returning all the way back to Mathura for prasadam, all in one day.

In the heavenly planet, Indra was very engrossed with his powers. His consort, Saci Devi serves him heavenly nectar drink. Hence, Indra became intoxicated and deluded by his own powers.

During the time when the Vrajabasis were busily worshipping Giriraj Govardhan puja, it was witnessed by a follower of Indra who happened to have descended to the material world. The witness also noted the Vrajabasis have stopped Indra puja.

Upon his return, he reported to Indra what he had just seen. Indra who was holding his precious heavenly nectar drink became furious and asked aloud, “How is it possible? The Vrajabasis is a cowherd community. How is it possible that they have stopped worshipping me? The Vrajabasis are completely illiterate. So, how is it, they have stopped my puja? Did you receive this information from rumours? Sometimes information from rumours can be deceiving. You must have heard this from rumour.” However, Indra was reassured by the said witness that the Vrajabasis have stopped worshipping Indra during his visit Vraja. Instead, the Vrajabasis were worshipping Giriraj Govardhan. Hearing this, Indra trembled with rage, dropping his bottle of heavenly nectar drink, yelling out, “The Vrajabasis’ are just cowherd community! They do not know my power! I am the King of Heaven! They have stopped worshipping me!” Indra then summoned Sambhartaka (one type of rain cloud that comes at the end of yuga) and ordered Sambhartaka to destroy the whole of Vraja with water. Not even bamboo trees or fruits are to be spared, the whole of Vraja must be destroyed. On Indra’s command, Sambhartaka deployed praloy badhan (a type of cloud that causes destruction by thunderstorm) at midnight to destruct Vraja.

Initially there was only wind but the as it got stronger and stronger, all the Vrajabasis were thinking, “What do we do now? This place was previously protected. Now it is filled with the wrath of the rain clouds.” The sky turned black filled with continued thunderous lightning, gales and unabated rain. The Vrajabasis shuddered with fear and pleading to Nanda Maharaj to save them, “It is because we have stopped Indra puja. Indra had become angry with us. He will destroy the whole of Vraja now.” Nanda Maharaj was trying to pacify the frightened Vrajabasis including cows, calves and all the animals. As the King of Vraja, Nanda Maharaj has the responsibility to protect his subjects. So, Nanda Maharaj was and thinking how to save his subjects from this calamity.

In the meantime, some of the Vrajabasis approached Krsna who was fast asleep (during class at this point, Guru Maharaj mimicked Krsna snoring – all the devotees were filled with laughter). The Vrajabasis only have one faith, “That is if there is any problem or calamity in Vraja, Krsna will protect us.” They thought Krsna has some sort of mystic powers or Narayan has entered His body so Krsna can protect us.

So, this is why the Vrajabasis came to Krsna for protection, “He Govinda! He Maha Bhagavan! Please protect us. You have stopped Indra puja. Now Indra is very unhappy and about to destroy Vraja.” Then Krsna woke up by rubbing His eyes with His hands just like what we normally do upon waking up. The Vrajabasis humbly submit their request, “He Govinda! He Gopal! You have stopped Indra’s puja. Look! What a great calamity now?!” Krsna attempted to pacify them, “He Vrajabasis! Do not worry. I had a dream last night. Giriraj Govardhan told me to lift Giriraj Govardhan to protect all of the Vrajabasis.”

Unconvinced, the Vrajabasis replied, “Gopal, you are a small boy of seven years old. How is it possible for you to lift Giriraj Govardhan? Giriraj Govardhan is 21 kilometres in the perimeter and you are only seven years old.”

Subsequently, Krsna reassured the Vrajabasis informing them about his dream, “Giriraj Govrdhan told Me to lift him so he can become like an umbrella for the Vrajabasis to take shelter.” As Krsna was narrating his dream to the Vrajabasis, He touched Giriraj Govadhan with His hand. Automatically, Giriraj Govardhan rose from the ground. Krsna, Who was holding Giriraj Govardhan told the Vrajaabasis to take shelter of Giriraj Govardhan. During this time, especially the gopis took the opportunity to get very close to Krsna. The reason being society has created a wall – You are a boy. You are a girl. So, the gopis cannot meet with Krsna. In this emergency situation, the gopis took the opportunity to be very close to Krsna, Govinda. This is especially so for Radha, Lalita and Vishaka, who quickly came very close to Krsna to take darshan of the lotus face of Govinda. All the Vrajabasis were merrily eating and singing inside the cave provided by Giriraj Govardhan.

For seven days and seven nights, Krsna was lifting Giriraj Govardhan. Mother Yasoda said to Krsna, “Gopal! Your arms must be aching. Take some butter. I will feed You.” Krsna’s friends, Subal, Sridham and others also came to assist Him, “No! No! We can also help.” They were using bamboo sticks trying to hold up Giriraj Govardhan. Krsna’s friends were somewhat proud of themselves thinking they are actually helping Him holding Giriraj Govardhan. So, His friend also told Him, “You change Your hand as we are supporting with these dandas.” Krsna agreed and as He started to lower His hand, Giriraj Govardhan started to sink. The bamboo sticks started to bend and snapped. Then Subal, Sridham and others became panic, “Gopal! Gopal! Krsna! Krsna! We are unable to hold Giriraj Govardhan with our bamboo sticks. If Giriraj Govardhan falls down we will be crushed like chipped rice and flat rice.” They realised that they were unable to hold Giriraj Govardhan.

Try to understand. No one can compete with Krsna. Krsna is Bhagavan. Only Srimati Radhika is able to do so. Srimati Radhika said, “I am holding Giriraj Govardhan with My sidelong glance.” Suka bale amar krsna giridhari cila sari bole amar radha sakti sancari lo, he-parrot said, “My Krsna lifted Giriraj Govardhan” but she-parrot said, “No, my Srimati Radhika, She gives the power, so Krsna was able to lift Giriraj Govadhan”. In this way, Krsna lifted Giriraj Govardhan for seven days and seven nights.

Then Indra ordered one of his followers to review the situation of the citizens in Vraja. Indra was then informed that Vraja was completely immersed in water. None of the Vrajabasis was visible. The land of Vraja was completely destroyed. On receiving the news, Indra wanted to confirm the informant’s report. So, Indra sent another of his follower to investigate. However, the second scout report was contrary to the first one. It was reported that Vraja was completely dry and not affected by even a drop of water. All the Vrajabasis appears to be very happy singing and dancing underneath Giriraj Govardhan.

Aghasta Rsi who was there drank all the rain produced by Sambhartaka whilst the gigantic snake, Basukinath surrounded Giriraj Govardhan protecting the land of Vraja even from a drop of water.

Subsequently, Indra attempted to destroy the whole of Giriraj Govardhan with his thunderbolt. During this time, Vishnu cakra was present at Giriraj Govardhan then. Also present was Shiva. One of Shiva’s name is Cakresvara Mahadev. In Vraja language, Shiva is called Cakresvara Mahadev – as once told by Sanatan Goswamipad during his bhajan along the bank of Manasi Ganga where Lord Shiva appeared there. On his arrival, Indra noted Krsna was lifting Giriraj Govardhan and protecting the Vrajabasis. Indra then realised his fault.

Indra informed Brahmaji about the offence he had committed at the lotus feet of Krsna and what should he do now. Brahmaji then advised Indra to do atonement by begging forgiveness from Krsna. Brahmaji further advised Indra, “Do not go alone. You have to take shelter of Krsna’s nearest and dearest, the Surabhi cows, Gomatas.”

Indra heeds Brahmaji’s advice. Together with Surabhi cows, Indra approached Krsna by performing stava stuti. Being pleased with Indra repentance, Krsna forgave Indra.

Indra thought to himself, “I have to worship Krsna.” Together Indra and his elephant, Airavata took the Ganga water and worship Krsna on the bank of Govinda kunda.

Sudadev Goswamipad said, “Indra mano modana”, in this way Krsna destroyed the proudness of the heart of Indra by lifting Giriraj Govardhan.

Bolo! Giriraj Maharaj ki jaya!

Transcriber: Govinda Priya didi (Lihunaia)
Editor: Janardan das (UK)

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