Bhagavat Saptah –

January 2013
Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil
Sri Bhagavat Saptah 4th day (evening)


The valuable jewels that Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura gives us in His sacred songs and books, we cannot evaluate. Many devotees perform bhajan and sadhana for many years, but they don’t associate with Bhaktivinode Thakura’s books with these types of granthas. For this regard, they are completely dry, their hearts are completely dry. With this association, little by little, your sraddha, greed, will come and then you will always be absorbed in your bhajan and sadhana. This is a very a high level and very beautiful thing, all of this.

The 10th canto of Srimad Bhagavatam, from the chapter twenty-nine to thirty-three, is called rasa panca dhyayi (five chapters of mellows). Because who does not want rasa? Rasa means mellows. Everybody wants this. But the conditioned soul wants material rasa (mellows), so they are running behind different kinds of things. But if you have a little bit of taste, ruci, aprakrta rasa (transcendental rasa) will come in your heart and automatically the material rasa will disappear. This is the process. Understand these things.

Who is not tasting rasa? Material world, material rasa, wife, children, husband, different kinds of wealth, money, different kinds of rasa. But material mellows bring disturbance. Wealth is a perpetual source of distress. In this material world, all kinds of material things are making distress. In the beginning, you are getting some pleasure, bliss, ananda. But finally the distress comes. It disturbs your mind and your whole life will become crazy; because in this material world all kinds of things are temporary.
If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, in the beginning, some few years, maybe you will stay together, side by side. Is this is true or wrong? Try to understand. In western countries, it’s very difficult to stay together the whole life. Very rare. Especially now in this age, it’s very rare. Then you will divorce, separate one from another, run from here to there in your lives and then become crazy, with mind disturbance and asking what to do. For this regard, many people become crazy because they cannot control their mind, and drink alcohol trying to control their mind. Taking different types of drugs they try to control their mind. But they become crazy. Many of them also commit suicide because they cannot control their mind. ‘What to do’!? Then, they perform many kinds of sinful activities, papa karma. And because of this papa karma, again, they will wander in the same cycle of birth and death. But our spiritual science has discourses about these things. If you have a little bit of faith, taste will come and then your life will be successful. I am always saying, if you drive your car in the first gear, you have to change to the second gear, and then to the third gear and so on. So, just change the material things to transcendental things. But how to change? Apply Krsna (consciousness).

You want mellows, rasa, this is the truth. This is one hundred percent guaranteed truth because jivas are parts and parcels of Lord. And because the same nature of the Lord is in the hearts of the jivas, the Lord wants to relish the rasa. And the jivas, living entities, also want. Who does not want different kinds of rasa? Everybody wants. But they don’t know the perfect rasa; pure rasa. The conditioned soul is running behind maya, suffering. For this regard, Srimad Bhagavatam gives evidence as the he-donkey who runs behind the she-donkey. Because the he-donkey wants to enjoy the rasa, mellows, with the she-donkeys. Then, finally the she-donkey beats her hind legs in the mouth of the he-donkey. And so much blood comes. But still, the he-donkey runs behind the she-donkey. That means the conditioned soul is running behind maya to enjoy. Then maya bitterly beats, beats, beats. But the jivas still runs behind maya. You cannot conquer maya.


You cannot conquer maya by any method, it is impossible. I said in the morning katha…


…in Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Krsna says: He Arjuna! My Devi Maya, she’s very powerful. No one can conquer my Devi Maya. Is this true or wrong? So how to conquer maya? Without conquering maya, we cannot attain to the Lord. We cannot relish the perfect mellows, transcendental mellows. Krsna says in the second line of this verse:


“One that is completely and absolutely surrendered to me can conquer maya. Otherwise there is no other process.”
This is how to surrender (saranagati) to Krsna, Govinda: when you give up all your independence and finally surrender to Guru and Krsna. Bhaktivinode Thakura in Jaiva Dharma very clearly explains: when your independence potency goes away, and devotees surrender to Krsna and Guru, everything will be solved. All your problems will be solved. Then maya cannot disturb you. Sraddha, sadhu sanga, bhajana kriya, anartha nvrtti, nistha, ruci, asakti, bhava and prema, this is the sequence on how to slowly and completely surrender to the lotus feet of Krsna. If you little by little you advance in your spiritual life, then you will understand what I am speaking.

Gaura Premanande!

Bhagavat Saptah, 4th Day (Evening)

Today is the fourth day of our Srimad Bhagavat Saptah. In the tenth canto of Srimad Bhagavatam, we have come to Rasa Panca Adhya, a very high level katha. The twenty-ninth chapters to the thirty-third chapters are called Rasa Panca Adhya. In our body there are ten types of air but five types are prominent, according to our yoga sastra. With these five types of air, our body works. Without, it cannot work. Everything also works because of the air. Without it, nothing. Without food you can live a few days and without water maybe you can live a few days. If you make a full fast, you can live one day, maybe two or three. Without water you cannot. But without air, you cannot live, you die. Is this true or wrong? When there is no air in an airplane flight, they give you oxygen in a mask. Without water and food you can live a few days, this is true. But without air, you cannot live. Without air you also cannot even drive your car because in the wheel there’s air in the tyre. Without it, you cannot drive. True or wrong? If someone cuts the tyre of your car with a knife, you cannot drive it. You will have to change the tyre. Without air, nothing happens. In the same way, our bodies cannot maintain life and survive without air. So, according to the yoga sastra, to work, our body needs five kinds of air mainly. The first one is called prana-vayu, the air of life, life air. Second is apana-vayu, the gas coming in the body. Then vyana-vayu, udhana-vayu and samana-vayu. This is the five kinds of air in the body that makes the body works. So, this is the panca vayu described in Srimad Bhagavatam, tenth canto, chapters twenty-nine to thirty-three.

Our Goswamis explain rasa-lila in five chapters; panca prana. In the Rasa Lila, the Gopis completely and absolutely serve Sri Krsna.

Mother Yasoda serves Krsna, but not completely. That is called parental mood, vatsalya-bhava.

In this material world, you serve your sons with parental loving affection. After, comes the sakhya bhava or friendship mood and you have many friends with you. The next one is madhurya bhava. Because in our body nature, there are three phases.  The first is childhood. Then you grow up and you want to meet your friends. While you are a small baby, you are completely controlled by your mother and you stay with her. When you grow up, you want to meet with your friends. And when you become a young person, you want to meet with your good friends of the same level. For this regard, everybody runs towards the opposite sex. This is the nature of this material world. About the nature of this body, sarira dharma


Sankaracarya said that when you are a small baby, you play with your friends. When you become a young person, you run towards the opposite sex, boyfriend, girlfriend. And when you become an old person, you then become attached to your body. This is the nature when you become an old person; your mind is always absorbed in the body because the body is in so much pain. Headaches and many other different pains come.

You cannot deny this philosophy. This is the nature of this body, svabhava. In this way, I want actually, to speak that Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Svayam Bhagavan. And the Gopis are His eternal consorts, Krsna svarupa sakti, his internal potencies. Always remember that the Gopis are not ordinary ladies, they are called the internal potencies of Krsna, Krsna svarupa sakti. And Krsna performs all His sweet lilas with His own internal potencies, svarupa sakti. He does not perform Rasa Lila with the material bodies of ladies. So, this morning I told; only Krsna can perform Rasa Lila. No one more can because if you want to do Rasa Lila, you will have to conquer lust. Brahma, Siva, Narada, Indra, Candra, all of them could not conquer lust to perform the rasa-dance. Maha yogis can control their senses but they cannot control their lust. I told many stories of Brahma, Siva and Narada Rsi. So, for this regard, one of the names of the Rasa Lila is Kama Vijay Lila; lila to conquer lust. If you listen to this Kama Vijay Lila katha, Rasa Lila katha, then very easily you will conquer lust. This is the topmost medicine, the highest medicine.

Once, a disciple of Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja said ‘Gurudeva, I cannot control my lust. What to do? What book do I read?’ That time, Swami Maharaja said, ‘you read my Krsna Book. If you read this book, you will conquer lust automatically. It is very strong’. But how to read it? In Srimad Bhagavatam, the rasa lila conclusion is in the verse: you have to listen to this Rasa Lila katha with svadamito, firm faith. And you have to listen from a high-class and exalted bona fide guru such as Sukadeva Goswami and Narada Rsi. Then, Vraja prema will manifest in your heart and all your material lust will disappear.

Here, a contradiction comes. What is it? When the sun rays come, darkness disappears. But before sun rises with the sun rays, how is it possible that the darkness goes away? But here in transcendental things and when inconceivable potencies are present, even if a heart full of lust listens to Hari katha, this type of Hari katha, Rasa Lila katha; then first Vraja prema will manifest in its heart and then lust will disappear. Generally, first, we remove all kinds of anarthas, (unwanted things); lust, anger. Then you receive prema. But here is said in the verse, no, even if your heart is full of lust, don’t worry. If you listen to this katha from a high class and exalted bona fide person, a guru, first Vraja prema will come, kamatmika bhakti will come. And all your lust will disappear.


Srimad Bhagavatam explains that to do bhajan and sadhana, first serve Guru and Vaisnava. Bhagavata seva means bhakti seva. Serve the Vaisnava. Then, automatically nistha (steadiness) will come in your heart and you will attain prema bhakti. This is the process, step by step. So very carefully understand this philosophy. Bhakti means to serve Guru and Vaisnava. Bhakti means devotional service.


Bhakti means servitor mood, how to serve Guru, Vaisnava and Bhagavan.
sarvopadhi-vinirmuktam tat-paratvena nirmalam
hrsikena hrsikena-sevanam bhaktir ucyate
“Bhakti, or pure devotional service, means engaging all of one’s senses and mind in the service of Sri Krsna with the sole purpose of pleasing Him. It is uncontaminated by speculative knowledge or fruitive activities. When the spirit soul (jiva) renders service unto Hrsikesa, the master of the senses, one’s senses become spiritualized and one is freed from all material designations.”
(BRS1.1.12/Narada-Pancaratra/CC Mad 19.170)

Give up all kinds of designation. Then your heart will become neat and clean. Then we will be qualified and you can serve Krsna, Hrsikesa (the one who has transcendental limbs in the body). Thus, you can serve Krsna with your transcendental senses, because, in our material senses we cannot serve the Lord. With our material eyes we cannot see the transcendental vigraha, sat-cid-ananda. So we are saying, ‘He Lord! You see us but we cannot see you. We are blind’. So, how is it possible to see the transcendental body of the Lord? We cannot see. If you want to see, then this mercy will come and then again we will see the transcendental sat-cid-ananda-vigraha. You can understand this logic observing the rays of the sun. That way you can see the sun, otherwise not. Is this true or wrong? Without the sun rays, you cannot see the sun. That means that without this mercy of the Lord, you cannot see the Lord. Without the mercy of Gurudeva, we cannot understand Him.



krpā-bindu diyā, karo ei dāse,

trnāpekshā ati hīna
sakala sahane, bala diyā karo,
nija-māne sprhā-hīna (1)

sakale sammāna korite śakati,
deho nātha! jathājatha
tabe to’ gāibo, hari-nāma-sukhe,
aparādha ha ‘be hata (2)

kabe heno kṛpā, labhiyā e jana,
kṛtārtha hoibe, nātha!
śakti-buddhi-hīna, āmi ati dīna,
karo’ more ātma-sātha (3)

jogyatā-vicāre, kichu nāhi pāi,
tomāra karuṇā-sāra
karuṇā nā hoile, kādiyā kādiyā,

prāṇa nā rākhibo āra (4)

“Oh Gurudeva, give me a drop of mercy and make this servant more humble than a blade of grass. Give me the strength to tolerate all eventualities and make me free from my vanity. (1)

Give me the power Oh Master to honour all living entities according to their due. Then I shall chant the holy names of Sri Hari blissfully, and my offences will be vanished. (2)

When will this person receive such mercy and be successful in life. Oh Master? I am devoid of strength and intelligence and extremely fallen. Kindly take my soul and make me your own. (3)

If I examine my qualification, I find nothing of value.  Your mercy is the essence of my existence. If you are not merciful, then weeping and weeping, I will no longer maintain my life. (4)”

This is our foundation: bhakti. Everyday pray to Gurudeva: He Gurudeva! Please give me one sprinkle of mercy. Without Guru’s mercy, nothing happens. You cannot understand any word, anything. Guru bhakti, Guru nistha, this is the backbone of our spiritual life. In this life, have a little bit of Guru nistha and Guru bhakti. Then your life will be successful, that’s enough. Sraddha means faith, transcendental faith. Do or die. Guru nistha, Guru bhakti. Always think like this: how to receive one sprinkle of the mercy of Gurupada Padma? Pray to Gopinatha!

gopīnātha, mama nivedana śuno
viṣayī durjana, sadā kāma-rata, kichu nāhi mora guṇa
“He Gopinatha! Please, listen to my prayer. I am completely materialistic and addicted to sense gratification. I have no good qualifications. I am completely absorbed in lust, anger and other things. He Gopinatha! Please give me Your mercy, one sprinkle of Your mercy.”

There are so many songs:
mādhava, bahuta minati kori taya
“Hey Madhava! Please listen to my prayers.”
gaṇaite doṣa, guṇa-leśa nā pāobi
“If you count my merits and demerits, you cannot find out any merits (gunas). All my life is completely full of demerits, many faults.”

So, how to make the platform to listen Rasa Lila katha? It is not so easy. Everyday pray to Guru and Krsna, crying and crying.
karuṇā nā hoile, kādiyā kādiyā, prāṇa nā rākhibo āra

“If I don’t receive your mercy, I will cry and cry. Then I will give up my body.”

Pray for Krsna. Cry for Krsna. Srila Gour Govinda Goswami Maharaja said: The Gaudiya mission means the crying-school; how to cry. Who is crying for Krsna, raise a hand. You are pretending. You are crying for your wife, children, wealth, money, girlfriend, boyfriend, you are completely crazy. Heavy chastisement I give in my classes. You don’t want to cry for Krsna. If you cry for Krsna, automatically you don’t cry for material things. Gaudiya mission means; giving training on how to cry for Krsna. Mahaprabhu, Gaurasundara, taught us how to cry for Krsna. Mahaprabhu Himself practiced and taught us.


Day and night Mahaprabhu was crying.


Mahaprabhu said: ‘Where is my life air (prananatha), Krsna?’

Where do I obtain Krsna? Who knows my heart? Why am I crying? Cry for Krsna. How to cry for Krsna? Gaudiya mission gives this training to us. Now you are training. Cry for Krsna, Govinda. Chant the holy names:
Hare Krishna
Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna
Hare Hare
Hare Rama
Hare Rama
Rama Rama
Hare Hare

Cry for Govinda. Not your boyfriend Govinda das. Cry for Govinda, Krsna. I am always speaking the truth, how to cry for Krsna: He Krsna! He Govinda!

bhajahū re mana śrī-nanda-nandana
abhaya-caraṇāravinda re]

Govinda das wrote this song. Try to become Govinda das. Govinda das means ‘servant of Govinda’. Try to become Krsna das, Govinda das. Gaudiya mission means ‘gives training to us’. In this material world, who is not crying? Everyone! Krsna also came.  Radhika came and cried, showing us. Sita Devi came and cried. Who is not crying? They are crying for transcendental things. Visnupriya Devi is crying. But all of them are crying for Krsna.

[Gurudeva starts to sing a Bengali song.]

This is a Bengali song about when Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Gaurasundara, took Sannyasa. Do you know Mahaprabhu katha? Mahaprabhu took Sannyasa in Katwa from Kesava Bharati.

Then Visnupriya Devi cried and said: ‘I am the same Laksmi, Sita and Radha. And now I’m crying. Every Yuga when I come here I cry.


In Satya Yuga, I am the consort of Lord Narayana. Then, Durvasa Rsi gave me a curse and I had to come in this material world. Then, as Laksmi, I cried going from house to house. Then…


… in Treta Yuga, I am the consort of Rama, called Sita Devi. Then, Kaikeyi, the co-wife of Dasaratha Maharaja, sent me to the forest. Then Ravana kidnapped me and I cried. Then, in Dvapara Yuga I am the same and came in the form of Radhika, Radha. My so-called husband is called Ayan Ghosh (according to the loka samadh, loka society or local people, Srimati Radhika married with Ayan Ghosh, but actually she never married him. But people think She married with him). Jatila and Kutila, Radhika’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law, are always blaming Her for being an unchaste lady.


The same happened in Kali-Yuga. I have come in the form of Visnupriya. I married with Gaurasundara. My husband took Sannyasa and now I am alone and crying.


“In every birth, I am crying and crying.”

Who comes in this material world will have to cry. Bhakti Dayita Madhava Goswami Maharaja wrote about crying. Who does not cry? The baby takes birth and cries. At the end of life while dying, you also cry. You cry because you don’t want to die. Who wants to die? No one. But one day you will have to give up this body and go. But you don’t want to. Then you cry because of the attachment to your wife, children, husband, wealth, money, etc. How is it possible to give up? Not so easy. So, you cry. In this material world you cry. Go from the first gear to second and third gear in your car. And if you have to cry, cry for Krsna. Very simple. You have to cry; if you came to this material world, you have to cry. But you have to cry for Krsna, Govinda.

I have also sang: karuna na hoile, kadiya kadiya prana na rakhibo ara; Hey Gurudeva! If I don’t receive a sprinkle of your mercy, then I will cry and cry and then give up my body. Mahaprabhu Himself practiced:


“Where’s my beloved Govinda who keeps the flute on His lotus face? Where does He go, how do I see Him?”

Now again I say: Who will cry for Krsna? Everybody should cry for Krsna:

Hare Krishna
Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna
Hare Hare
Hare Rama
Hare Rama
Rama Rama
Hare Hare

In this mantra are both meeting and separation, separation and meeting. Cry! The Gopis also cry for Krsna. It is said in Gopi Gita if you cry for Krsna, He will appear. If you laugh, He won’t appear. When Krsna disappeared from the Rasa dance, the Gopis went to the bank of Yamuna. And they were all singing a very nice and pathetic tune, crying for Krsna and glorifying about all of Krsna’s pastimes with a sweet melody. And Krsna could not tolerate that. When the Gopis were crying and glorifying His pastimes, Krsna appeared in the assembly of the Gopis because they were crying very much. This is not the Rasa Lila katha yet, it is just an introduction.

How to control your senses?

Who is the speaker and who is the audience? Sukadeva Goswamipada, an akumara-Brahmacari (one who controls the Brahmacarya), the perfect Brahmacari. He is the speaker.

And who is the perfect audience? Pariksit Maharaja! The first words of the Rasa-Lila katha is: ‘Badrani uvaca’. Badrani is Sukadeva Goswami, the son of Vyasadeva.

Sukadeva Goswamipada is not an ordinary son of Vyasadeva Goswami. Vyasadeva Goswamipada performed hard austerities and for this regard he obtained this type of son, an akumara-Brahmacari son.

Actually, giving birth to a baby is not a special thing. Who is not giving birth to a baby? Cats, dogs, all animals also give birth to babies. We are human beings. We can also give birth to babies. This is true. But one who gives birth to a Bhagavata bhakta, this is a perfect human being, perfect. The life of one who gives birth to a Vaisnava will be successful. This is the process. Maybe your dynasty will be delivered from this material world.


“All your forefathers will dance when a Vaisnava comes in your dynasty because they will be delivered from this material world.”

“And all the demigods and demigoddesses will throw flowers unto you.”

If in your dynasty, one person becomes a pure devotee, then your life will be successful. Sastra says this, if one person becomes a Vaisnava, a Kanistha Adhikari only, a neophyte devotee, follow the four principles and just do bhajan and sadhana, seven generations from the side of its mother and seven from the side of its father will be delivered from this material world, if you are an intermediate devotee…


…and know some tattva siddhanta, following the four principles and having these four qualifications, fourteen generations from the side of your mother and fourteen from the side of your father will be delivered from this material world. And finally, if you are an Uttama Bhagavata…


…then twenty-one generations from the side of mother and twenty-one from the side of father will be delivered from this material world. So, Vaisnavas are very powerful because they can deliver their entire dynasty.

So, Vyasadeva Goswami performed hard austerities and for this regard he got a son like Sukadeva Goswamipada, an akumara-Brahmacari, completely surrendered to the Lord, a Bhagavad Bhakta. And who is Sukadeva Goswami? Externally he is a Brahmacari but actually he is the parrot of Srimati Radhika that She Herself nourishes, Radha Suka. He is from Goloka Vrindavana, Suka Bhaksi, the parrot, always glorifying Radha-Krsna-lila katha. And Srimati Radhika Herself feeds Him with the seeds of the pomegranate.


Govinda Damodara Madhaveti. Radha Herself is teaching the baby parrot: ‘He baby parrot! Chant Govinda Damodara Madhaveti’. For this regard, Sukadeva Goswami said; ‘Srimati Radhika is my Guru’. Who is my Guru? One who gives me Krsna bhakti. One who gives Harinama, nama-prada. That’s my Guru. Because Srimati Radhika taught him how to chant Krsna nama, Harinama. So Sukadeva Goswami said Srimati Radhika is His Guru when He tried to discuss rasa-lila katha; especially when the Gopis feel pangs of separation for Krsna. That time, Sukadeva Goswami tried to explain why the Gopis were crying for Krsna. He said: ‘I have to say the name of my Guru because sastra says that our tongue is purified when we say the name of our Guru. Otherwise our tongue will never be purified’.

So, for this regard, everyday early in the morning, what will you do? Giving Jaya to your Guru:

Jaya Sri-Sri-Guru-Gauranga – Srila Bhaktivedanta Vamana – Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaj ki jaya!

Then your tongue will be purified. This is the process. Without saying the name of your Guru, your tongue will never be purified, you cannot chant the holy names. But be very careful on how to take. Fold your hands, do pranama and very gently and softly, with no other person seeing or listening, pray to the lotus feet of Gurupada Padma. This is the process; how to give the perfect pranama to Gurupada Padma.

Sometimes I ask: who is your Guru? And you answer: Narayana Maharaja.

Your stupid nonsense! Don’t tell this! Fold you hands, do pranama and very gently say: Nitya lila om Visnupada Paramahansa Parivrajakacarya astottara sata Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja.

Very carefully listen; this is the foundation of your spiritual life. You don’t know how to say the name. Sometimes I hear the devotees saying ‘hey, Sajjana Maharaja! Hey, Vana Maharaja!

Stupid nonsense! No! You have to learn how to have proper respects.

In Sastra is said that Sukadeva Goswamipada was thinking: ‘I have to say my Gurudeva’s name’. That time, Srimati Radhika and all Gopis, Manjaris, Lalita, Visakha, all of them manifested themselves in front of Sukadeva Goswamipada and said, ‘He Sukadeva, no! Don’t say our names here, because there are many unqualified people’.

Because when Sukadeva Goswami recited Bhagavata katha, there were many kinds of people, jnanis, karmis, yogis and stupid nonsense people. Many kinds of people were there. Many unqualified people came. For this regard, Srimati Radhika, Lalita, Visakha, all of them said, ‘no! No! Don’t say our names’.

Gurudeva gives the instruction; I have to follow the instruction of Guru. But without saying the name of my Guru, how possible will my tongue be purified?

But Sukadeva Goswami is a pure devotee. He was very clever on how to take the name of his Guru. Sukadeva Goswami said his Guru’s name indirectly.
anayaradhito nunam bhagavan harir isvarah
yan no vihaya govindah prito yam anayad rahah
“(The Gopis said) Oh Sakhis! Sri Radhika is much more fortunate than all of us! She has surely performed the highest aradhana of Bhagavan Sri Hari; thus, she has received the name Radhika. That is why, being very much pleased with her, Govinda has left us in the rasa-sthali and went off with Her to a solitary place.”
(Srimad Bhagavatam 10.30.28/CC Adi 4.88)

He used to feel so much pangs of separation from his Guru, Srimati Radhika. Just remembering this, about Srimati Radhika and the Gopis, he became completely chocked. And tears were rolling down, ‘because Srimati Radhika used to nourish me. When as a small baby parrot, Srimati Radhika used to nourish me. Srimati Radhika is my heart and soul. And now I’m separated from Srimati Radhika here’. Then, just by remember Radhika, Lalita and Visakha, he fainted.


Six months completely fainted.

Bhagavata katha should be finished in seven days. After seven days the snake will come and bite Pariksit Maharaja. So, in seven days you have to speak the whole Bhagavata katha. For this regard, Sukadeva Goswamipada in Srimad Bhagavatam didn’t directly utter the name of any Gopis or Radharani. Do you understand this? So, why am I saying this? Because Sukadeva Goswamipada is not an ordinary son of Vyasadeva Goswami!


Millions and millions of lives, if you perform hard austerities, then you will get one suddha bhakta, pure devotee, a Vaisnava as a son. This is the truth.


In Bhagavad Gita, Krsna says: ‘From millions and millions of living entities, quite a few perform bhajan and sadhana, and from these, quite a few achieve the perfect goal, quite a few realize. In our Krsna Consciousness, many devotees come, take Diksa and Harinama and then go away, becoming boomerang or arrow disciples. They give up Diksa mantra; don’t chant the holy names, nothing.


In this sloka is also said: Very rare people attain Krsna. Ekanti Krsna bhakta is very rare, not everybody goes to Goloka Vrindavana.

So always be surprised about those ones who still are doing bhajan and sadhana. One who gives up bhakti and goes to maya, you never should be surprised because this is the nature of the conditioned soul, going to maya.

Those who do bhajan and sadhana, takes Diksa from my Guru, everyday I do pranama.  Oh, they are still doing bhajan and sadhana. That means they are struggling with maya. And those who give up everything forget them. Let them go to maya.

Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja always says, always be surprised with those ones who still are doing bhajan and sadhana.

So, in the first sloka ‘Badrani uvaca’ from the Rasa-Lila katha, Sukadeva Goswami, the son of Vyasadeva, says, ‘who is going to perform Rasa dance? Bhagavan, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vrajendranandana Syamasundara, the son of Nanda Maharaja! He is called the Supreme Enjoyer, so He is going to enjoy with His own consorts’.

Krsna will not embrace you because your body is a plastic body. He will not embrace your plastic body. Many people also say, ‘Oh, Krsna embraced me, kissed me!’

Stupid nonsense! This is only false ego. Who does not know tattva siddhanta?  Don’t tell this to me, tell to others, don’t come here, you stupid nonsense. Did Krsna embrace you? Where’s your tattva siddhanta? Krsna performs Rasa dance with His own internal potencies, svarupa-sakti: Radhika, Lalita, Visakha. How to understand Radhika, Lalita, and Visakha? Their bodies are cinmaya body, sat-cid-ananda body. Krsna’s body is sat-cid-ananda. Isvara parama Krsna…


In the same way, Gopis bodies are also sat-cid-ananda, transcendental bodies. Our body is a material body. If one day we don’t take a bath, a bad smell comes. If your teeth have one kind of disease, pyorrhea, comes blood, and it’s very difficult to speak face to face to this person because a bad smell comes. And you say Krsna embrace your body? You stupid nonsense, get out of here! I always speak the truth! Pagal!

In this sloka is said:


When your heart is neat and clean and you receive your transcendental constitutional body, siddha deha, that body is then called sat-cid-ananda. And that time, Krsna will embrace you. Not this material body. Try to understand this tattva-siddhanta.

Thus, who performs Rasa dance is Bhagavan, Krsna, who has six opulence’s.


Bhagavan Krsna, Vrajendra-nandana, Syamasundara is going perform the Rasa dance. Before the Rasa dance, He performed two very prominent dances, two lilas; the chastisement of Kaliya and the lifting of Giriraja Govardharn.


Krsna is thinking: ‘I have to perform the Rasa dance with my consorts, Gopis. And fulfill all their desires’.

Actually this lila, Rasa Lila, is going on in the transcendental world, it’s always happening. This is called nitya rasa, always going on. And the same Rasa-Lila Krsna manifested in this material world, Bhumi jagat, by Yogamaya.


Sukadeva Goswamipada said ‘‘Krsna mercifully manifested all His sweet pastimes, Rasa Lila in this material world and if you listen and absorb, it will be very easy to attain Goloka Vrindavana.

Then, first Krsna came out from His house on the bank of Yamuna, called Rasaulika. Then, He played the flute, Vamsi.

In the morning I said many things as to the three kinds of Vamsi. Sana Mohini, Gopi Mohini and Sarvabhuta Mohini, that intoxicates all the hearts of the living entities. Gopi Mohini intoxicates the hearts of the Gopis. Sana Mohini attracts all to Him. Krsna knows all kinds of knowledge. So, with this flute, He attracts all the Gopis towards Him. When Krsna plays the flute, the Gopis become completely bewildered; they cannot stay in their houses. Then they come out of their houses, they don’t know what happened to their hearts. What happened? They just think: Krsna is calling me. Govinda is calling.

Some Gopis were serving their husbands, making capatis, rolling capatis. Vrajavasis are like this, husband eats while the wife rolls capatis. In the meantime, when the Gopi heard the sound of the flute, she left the capati burning in the hot plate and ran to the door. Another Gopi was taking a bath, and after putting the lower side of the cloth, heard the sound of the flute and forgot the upper side of the cloth that rolled in the dust while she was going towards Krsna.

So they gave up all their household duties and became completely attracted to the sound of the flute (Venu) of Govinda. Sukadeva Goswami says


When the ladies of Vrindavana, Vraja ladies, hear the sound of the flute, they give up all their household duties and run towards Krsna. All the Gopis think, ‘Krsna is calling only me, not others’. This is Yogamaya. The same vibration comes. What’s the vibration? Klin. The same word is in Gopala mantra, Kama Gayatri mantra and Bija-mantra. This seed mantra is klin.


All are thinking Krsna is calling me. And they are all running, and so much enthusiasm comes. They are all going side by side but they don’t see each other. All are thinking: ‘Krsna is calling me!’

They are running and running. Because the Vamsi sound which is called Sana Mohini brings completely bewilderment and attraction towards Govinda. Then, when all the Gopis came to the bank of Yamuna, under the Banyan tree, at Vamsi vata, Krsna joked with them. This is called the realm of love, prema raja, the first joking: ‘why have you come here?’

Krsna is very expert in joking parihaspatu, in Sanskrit and on how to speak. Why and how did Krsna joke with the Gopis? He joked but the Gopis heart felt so much pain: ‘You called us and then you ask why we have come?’ If you say, ‘Maharaja, come to my house to take prasada, so I go at midday and then you ask me when you open the door: ‘Maharaja, why have you come?’ What answer will I give? That means you didn’t prepare anything? Oh my God, no prasada?

In the same way, Krsna joked with the Gopis…


…”please welcome, but how to serve you, why have you come here? How to serve you?”

Rasa-lila didn’t start yet. Rasa-lila-katha is not so easy.

Let’s chant: ‘Radhe! Radhe! Jaya jaya Sri Radhe! Bhaja Govinda, Bhaja Govinda, Bhaja Govinda Govinda Gopala! Govinda Govinda Gopala! Mere Murali Manohara Nanda lala!

(Review: Madan Mohini didi – UK)

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