From hatha to bhakti yoga

January 13, 2012
Espirito Santo, Brazil

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I am very happy to come into this yoga center. We are here simply to discuss yoga.

Yoga is actually a Sanskrit word, this is not English or Portuguese or another language, actually, this word is Sanskrit.

Yoga means “connection”. As in a flight connection. If you want to go to Sao Paulo (a city in Brazil) maybe you can not get a direct flight, so you get one flight to Belo Horizonte (another Brazilian city) and then you get a flight connection, another flight to Sao Paulo: that means “connection”.

Connection means that there are two things that you want to connect. In the same way, yoga means connection, to connect, the connection of soul and Supersoul.

So in this way in the scriptures there many kinds of yogas. In Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Krsna says to Arjuna about 18 yogas.

Have you ever heard about the Gita? In Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Krsna says to Arjuna some instructions that are called Gita Upanisads.

Actually, this is one part of Mahabharat. In India there are two greats epic episodes, one is called Ramanaya and the other is Mahabharat.

The word Mahabarat means: “maha” is “great” and “bharat” means “India”. So that is called Great India, Mahabharat. Just to discuss these things Srimad Bhagavad Gita is one part of Mahabharat.

In the battlefield of Kuruksetra, Krsna give some instructions of Arjuna. That is called Gita Upanisad.

There, Krsna, very nicely, gives some instructions to Arjuna about how to concentrate in Lord. So in Gita there are 18 chapters and each chapter is named after a yoga name. Krsna, Sri Bhagavan, discusses in 18 chapters the 18 types of yoga: karma-yoga, jñana-yoga, bhakti-yoga, raja-yoga, etc., different names of yoga. This hatha yoga (you practice here – the class is for hatha yoga students, in a hatha yoga school) or raja yoga also is there, so in Bhagavad Gita is discussed a different kind of yoga.

Pantajali Rsi is one great saintly person, he first realizes himself how to concentrate the mind in Lord. But is your health is not good, your mind cannot concentrate on Lord.

So for this regard, he manifested this hatha yoga about how to improve your health, become it better. Because if your health is not good your mind will be also disturbed. If your back is in pain you cannot concentrate on the Lord. If you have a backache or different join pains when you seat to worship the Lord automatically your mind will go where your pain is.

Another thing is that this body is called “the temple of diseases”. Our Vedas very clearly says, “This body is the temple of diseases”.

Who is free from all kind of diseases in this material world? Some kinds of disease cause a defect in this body. If you go to the doctor (he will find) some defect in your body because in the material world no one can be free from diseases from this body.

Maybe mental disease – mind disturbed, the body aches then the mind get disturbed… Different things, because this is the nature of this material world.

That´s why Ayurveda very clearly explain it: “this body is the temple of diseases”.

And in this body, we have thousands of joins. So, automatically, while we become old we get pain in these joins. For this regard, Pantanjali Rsi first explains how to get a good health and for this regard manifests different kinds of “asanas”.

“Asana” means “to seat”, and then we can also to concentrate in Lord.

Actually, this Asana´s sits, this type of yoga came from Lord Siva. Lord Siva was the first who meditated into Lord sitting.

So, in the same way, Pantajali Rsi manifested one book that is called “Patanjali Yoga Darsana”. A very nice and beautiful darsan is there. Basically, he discusses first how to sit and how to get your body free from diseases and then how your mind will be able to concentrate in Lord.

In the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Krsna also discusses this type of yoga, that is called raja yoga or hatha yoga. This raja yoga is also called as the name of hatha yoga.

If you control your mind then automatically your senses will be controlled. All our sense are going automatically to enjoy the objects of senses; our eyes, nose, and hands are going to get the enjoyment of senses. There are five objects of the senses that are going automatically to enjoy. Our eyes are automatically going to beautiful forms, our nose to take that sweet fragrance, the tongue to taste, the ears to listen sweets sound, and our skin will touch: “this is hot, this is cold, this is soft”.

But all these senses are connected with the mind. Only by your eyes, you cannot see, but when your eyes are connected with the mind then you can see. Only with your legs, you cannot walk, just if your mind is connected with your legs.

For this regard, our sastras (scriptures) explains how to control our mind, but is very difficult to control the mind.

In Srimad Bhagavad Gita they discuss these topics.

Arjuna told to Krsna (verse): “My friend Krsna, my mind is very restless”.

Our mind are always flickering\, “Like the wind, in this same way our mind are always flickering”, going this way, that way… It is not so easy to control your mind. Your body is here, but your mind, very quickly, travels around the world, without a ticket, without a passport, without a visa. Sometimes you don’t know but your mind very quickly goes to England, America and again came back to Brazil and again it also goes here and there. And your mind sometimes thinks good things and sometimes bad things. The mind, sometimes, is very disturbed also, sometimes we cannot sleep. It is very important: we want to sleep but the mind is thinking about many things. Without any reason we cannot sleep, the mind gets disturbed and you cannot sleep: “What happened?” Generally, if anything happens incidentally in your house, or with your friend, you have difficult to sleep also. Especially if you lose something… then you have difficult to sleep. You don’t know where your mind is going, it is always going here and there and you are always thinking here and there and sometimes you forget: “What was I thinking?” Sometimes we became very crazy also: “What to do? What not do?”. Something you think about to commit suicide: “Oh, this life is useless, I am not doing anything…” Because this mind is very flickery.

So in Bhagavad Gita, first Krsna told to Arjun: “I will tell you how to control your mind!” Because if you cannot control your mind you cannot control your senses, and if you cannot control your mind you will never be happy and you will never get satisfied.

In our head, there are two sides: left and right. In the head there are four waves in our brain, that is called: alpha, beta, delta, and theta.

Delta wave wants to stay alone. Therefore, on the other side, alpha, beta and theta waves, the three, stay together and they are always making disturbing with each other, quarreling. If you study a little bit of Psychology you can see what I’m speaking, the three things – alpha beta and theta, the three things they are staying together and they are making disturbed in each other.

So psychology explains that in the right side of your brain there are three waves (alpha, beta, and theta) and in the left side there is the delta.

This is just a little bit for you and I don´t want much discusses because it is a very big discussion. But when you are thinking, automatically your left hand comes to the left side of your head. Like when you go to an office, specifically a doctor, a lawyer, when they are talking and taking decisions, automatically, them hands going in this way (making the move with the left hand going to the right temple, on the left part of the head). Because delta is in the left side and when you press in this way, delta waves go to the right side and pacified those waves – alpha beta and theta (that are making disturb). Then delta coming from left side to right side and makes them soften.

You can also test and get results in this way: when your mind is disturbed but you cannot take any decision, anything, with family, many problems that coming…, just sit down in some place and just press with the left index and middle fingers just press in your left temple, in this way (showing how to do this). Then you think and all your problems will dissolve, your mind will become quiet, and if you cannot sleep, just before sleep you sit down and press in this way then your mind will become quiet. Because it is psychology, if you study psychology, these things will be very nicely explained.

So in Srimad Bhagavad Gita, in the six-chapter, Krsna also discusses this philosophy, how yogis with their yogas concentrate their mind turning their mind very calm and quiet. If you cannot control your mind, you will never be happy.

Especially if you cannot control your mind, the lust, the anger, all these things will come and disturb your mind. This is very important, one who does not control his mind, his life is useless.

Maybe you have seen on TV or newspaper that one person in France who is about to become president of France but now he is in jail in America (N.E.: apparently is Dominique Strauss-Kahn). About 6 or 7 months or one year before, in the newspaper you have seen he is staying in jail in America because he cannot control his mind from lust, his desire that came and he did some bad things then, so he was arrested in America.

Who is going to control a whole country but cannot control his own mind… how is it possible for him to become the controller of a country? Try to understand this: if you cannot control your own mind how is possible for you to control thousands of millions of people in your country? “President” means the one who controls a whole country. But if the one cannot control his own mind, own body, own family, own wife…, how is it possible for him to control his whole country with the thousands of millions of people?

So in this way, also Srimad Bhagavad Gita discusses these things in the sixth chapter: how yogis can control their mind.

Coming back to my discussion: Arjun asks Krsna,: “My mind is very restless, it is not so easy to control, how will I control my mind?”

Before I told the psychological effects and different person explain too, but Srimad Bhagavad Gita, spiritually, explains how to control the mind.

At that time, Krsna says the very easy process to control the mind. There are two processes then you can control your mind.


In Sanskrit words Krsna says “abhyasa” that means “to practice again and again”, and “vairagya” that means “to renounce”.

Because when your senses going to enjoy you have to return your senses back. Because your eyes, all your senses, automatically go to enjoy the objects of the senses, so you also have to control your mind. Vairagya means to renounce and to make a vow: “I have to not do this!”

I will give you an example: Your tongue always wants to eat some sweet but you have diabetes. You are very greed to eat that sugar, sweet, your tongue is thinking “I want this sweet” then greed come. What will you do? You also control your mind and tongue, and you will tell to your tongue “No, no, oh, my tongue, don’t eat this sugar!”

In this way, you take renounce by force. In this same way, all our sense go automatically to object of sense and we have to control them, it is called vairagya and abhyasa, to exercise, again and again, try to control, that is called exercise.

So Krsna says to Arjuna that to control the mind there are only two ways: exercise and renounce. Otherwise, you will never control your mind. Then Krsna finally told: “It is not so easy to take vairagya (renunciation) and also abhyasa (exercise)”.

So finally Krsna discuss bhakti yoga: “If you practice bhakti-yoga very easily you will control your sense and your mind”.

In Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Krsna says this Sanskrit verses: “What is bhakti yoga?” Krsna says: “I’m the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Bhagavan, so you should worship My lotus feet”

“You just pay obeisance to me, practice bhakti and completely surrender to me. I assure you I will deliver you from the ocean of material things”.

“I’m the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Bhagavan, just surrender to me and I will deliver you from the ocean of material things” and “I’m the Supreme Controller of all senses”. So what to do in this kali yuga? Just simply chant His holy names and your mind automatically go concentrated. And you will be very happy, this is a simple process.


Please, everybody, give just one second singing these holy names and clapping your hands. And you will get very beautiful benefits and very quickly your mind will be concentrated.

What we are doing you can do it continuously just by chanting the Lord´s holy names, then you will be happy.

This is called “transcendental sound”. If you enter a little bit in the physic sound chapter, in the sound we discuss two kinds of sound one is called “material sound” and another is called “transcendental sound”.

Actually, the whole world is controlled by sound. Kings and president give order by the sound that comes from his mouth. The chef of the army he speaks by the sound. So in this material world, everything is controlled by the sound.

One king, one president, one person, can control the whole world through the sound. Teacher gives classes with the sound and students listen. The sound is very powerful in this material world, the sound creates our happiness or the sound creates our unhappiness. If I tell you good words then your heart will be intoxicated and you will be happy. If I tell you harsh words then your heart will be unhappy, you will be angry. Not many things, just sound create different activities in your mind, the sound creates happiness, unhappiness, you are laughing, and you are joking these sounds are the creator of these sentiments. But this material sound just creates things on your body and your mind, but the transcendental sound creates happiness directly to your soul, your atma.

So Lord’s holy name is a transcendental sound, this transcendental sound just also have creating vibration in your soul, atma, and you will be happy. So if you chant the transcendental sound – Lord’s holy name – then your body and your soul become happy. Then so much happiness come into your life. So as our acaryas says, “Chant the Lord´s holy names and be happy”.

I just request you to see your own palms. What are we looking at? Some lines are there, very nice and beautiful curves and different curves, the lines are different, not the same. You all have palm lines completely different, who made this lines? And what the significance of these lines? This question is coming. Who made this lines in different ways? And why your hand lines are not the same? So different curves.

The Bible very clearly says that God is one, not many. God is one, and all we are His sons and daughters. So if God is our one father, why God makes these lines different? Why he did this discernment? That means, the conclusion is coming that, God, He did not make these lines. If God would make these lines, them all must be the same because His is one father. So who made these lines? Yourself did them!

If you go to astrology then he will explain this is a good line, this is a bad line, this is money line, this is lifeline, different lines will be explained. If you go to astrology then he will explain many things and will take some money from you. He will give you rings and tell you to do this and this, but finally you give him many things also and you will lose money also.

I’m not an astrologist. I did not come here to see your palms lines, but the scriptures explain the significance of the lines. That is called lines of the fruit of your own previous actions. Your good karma and your bad karma are all in those lines.

You cannot avoid the fruit of the actions we did in our previous lives, whether you do good or bad things. You are the only responsible for these lines of you palms hands. That means that if you do a good karma, good lines came if you do a bad karma, bad line come but you will have to suffer them in this material world.

You know the third law of Newton: for every action, there is an equal reaction of equal intensity.

No one is the creator of your happiness or no one is the creator of your unhappiness. You are the own creator of your happiness or unhappiness.

Sometimes you blame others saying “you did this and this” when actually it is not true… So always remember the third law of Newton: “for every action, there is an equal opposite reaction”.

That means that if in your previous life you made some disturb to other so in this life something also will disturb you. This is the action and the reaction going on in this life. You cannot avoid this philosophy; the lines in your hands are the result of the previous lives of your fruit of action. In this life, we are suffering or enjoying in this way.

About the spiritual life, spiritual scientific discusses these things explaining how you will stop this type of reaction, good or bad, this kind of karma.

Spiritual scientific explains that if you chant the holy name of the Lord and clap your hands, all your lines will away because holy names are very powerful, holy names only can destroy your previous fruit of actions, karma.

Otherwise, again and again, you will keep inside the cycle of births and deaths…

So, you chant holy names then all your fruit of action – karma – good or bad, will be destroyed.

Is like in the word “meat” – “Me Eat”, it means: “If I eat you in this life, in the next life you will eat me…” So if you kill someone, in the next life you will be killed. It will have to come, in the same way, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Even if you are an atheist or atheist, this is not the subject. But this is the absolute truth: the fruit of action you have to suffer or you have to enjoy.

Bhakti yoga explains how you will get free from all kinds of karma, the fruit of action. Bhakti yoga says simply: “Chant the holy name then all your fruits of action will be destroyed”. And with simple faith in the Lord chant His holy names:

Jay Srila Gurudev ki jay!

Transcriber: Ratna Prabha Didi (Brazil)

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