Serving Krishna in a female body

March 12th 2018, Mathura
Sita Thakurani’s appearance day
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When gopis met Krishna in rasa-lila, He told them the same words which He told to the wives of the brahmanas, “Svagatam vo maha-bhagah priyam kim karavani vah – Welcome to all of you. How can I serve you?”   Then Krishna joked with the gopis, “You have to return back to your homes.  Serve your husbands.”  Same words Krishna told to the gopis and to the yagnik brahmana wives.  The brahminis returned back to their homes but gopis did not return back.  Why? This question is coming.  For two reasons.  The wives of the yagnik brahmanas, their mood is the opulence mood towards Krishna. This is the first thing… Krishna is Bhagavan.  They believe these things.  But Krishna is not happy with those who have opulence mood towards Him.

For this regard, Krishna also did not accept the brahminis.  They’re very simple. Krishna told them, “Return back”, and they returned back.  Another thing is that Vrajendra-nandana Shyamasundara has one principle. He accepts only gopis, those who belong to the gopa dynasty. So you have to become gopi.  You have to take birth in gopa dynasty. Without taking birth in gopa dynasty, Vrajendra-nandana Shyamasundara will not accept you.  

Another thing. Gopis have deep attachment, anuraga, towards Krishna.  For this regard, they did not go back. Krishna is very happy with the gopis.  They stayed with HIm. For this regard, Krishna performed rasa dance with them. Without taking sannyasa, any method… sannyasa means gopi mantra… You have to receive gopi mantra, without receiving it you will not attain the rasa dance.

Sometimes ladies become upset. “Oh no, we are not taking sannyasa.  That means we have no gopi mantra.  So how will we attain the rasa dance with Krishna? How will we receive gopi form?” Gurudev told, “Don’t worry.”  Ladies don’t have two things. They cannot receive two mantras. According to the rules and regulations of the shastras they cannot get  brahma-gayatri and gopi mantra. Because our shastras are saying, ladies are not able to receive gopi mantra, sannyasa.  We have never heard of ladies taking sannyasa in our Gaudiya sampradaya.

So how will they receive their gopi form and attain Krishna’s rasa dance? Gurudev told, “The essence of brahma-gayatri, the essence of gopi mantra is inside kama gayatri. And in gopala mantra, it is also there.”  This is the thing.  

Gurudev told, “What do you want, the seed or the fruits?  If I give you the seed, it will sprout and then will become a tree, only after that the fruits will come. But if I directly give you the fruit, then you can eat.  Simple way.  This is an example of Gurudev. The fruits are gopala mantra and kama gayatri. Everything is there. Maybe your will ask, “Why bramacharis receive brahma gayatri mantra and gopala mantra, sannyasa mantra?”  Vedas  give some rules and regulations to the society. If you do not follow them, smriti sastra, narada pancharatra, and you are thinking, “I am one-pointed”, it’s called a disturbance to the society.  For this regard, rishis, munis created these rules and regulations. Understand? The rules are there. We see the majority of Lord Chaitanya Mahprabhu’s devotees are ladies. They are very qualified.  More than other sannyasis.  Who can compare with Nityananda shakti Jahnavi Devi? She is thousand times higher than sannyasis. She is Ananga Manjari. Then Sita Thakurani, Imlital Devi, Madhavi Devi, Mahaprabhu’s three and a half parikar. She did not take sannyasa.  Nobody gave it to her.  But she is the crown and jewel of all sannyasis. This is the thing.  

It means that ladies are not externally taking sannyasa but they are higher.  Otherwise, why rishis and munis did these things?  Because according to the bodies of ladies, they have some contamination coming. Some days. For this regard there are rules and regulations. Otherwise what? Everything will be contaminated and everything will be disturbed. These are the things. For this regard Vedas give some rules and regulations. Gurudev told, “If ladies will chant brahma gayatri mantra, bad reaction will come. Male ego will come. If you take  medicine in proper way, it will help you. But if not, it can have bad effect. Opposite reaction.”  Gurudev gave this example.  

Western ladies are very egoistic. They think, “Why not? Why bramacharis take sannyasa? We also have to take”.  But sastras say, “No”.  For this regard in our Gaudiya sampradaya, especially in the line of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, ladies do not take sannyasa.  Understand?  If you properly chant gayatri mantra, gopala mantrakama gayatri mantra – the essence of all sannyasa mantras is there.

Devotee: So this is the fruit?  

Shrila Gurudev: This is the fruit. 

Transcriber: Sanatana Das (Miami)
Editor: Divya Premamayi (Slovakia)

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