Lalita Devi

28 August 2017, Mathura/India
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Today is a very auspicious day. It is Lalita Saptami, the Appearance Day of Lalita-devi. During the last two days we have heard about Radha-tattva from the lotus mouths of the Vrajavasis. This tattva is so deep, gambhira, but they have described it so simply and nicely.  Many demigods, like Brahmaji, can’t even get the darshan of Shrimati Radharani.  Vrishabhanu-nandini Shrimati Radha is our aradhya. All our efforts are to get seva onto the lotus feet of Shrimati Radha.  We want kripa kataksha.  By getting that our life will be successful.


Who is Lalita-sakhi? She is the manifestation of the prakara mood of Shrimati Radhika Herself. Vishakha-sakhi is the embodiment of love and is the manifestation of that mood of Shrimati Radharani. Rupa Manjari is rupa. Rupa means ‘beauty’ of Shrimati Radha and Vrajendra-nandana Shyamasundara together.

And now I want to discuss the katha about Lalita-sakhi. She gets prakara-bhava of Shrimаti Radhika. Prakara means ‘tough’. Krishna is ‘chanchala’… He is naughty. In Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu, Shrila Rupa Goswamipad described 96 types of heroes and 360 types of heroines. Their characters are described in Ujjvala-nilamani.  

Lalita-sakhi is very tough. She guides Krishna. Her character is described a little in Dan Ghati lila. Dana-keli-kaumudi grantha describes that Dan Ghati lila in Govardhan. Lalita is prakara, tough. She tells anything even to Vrajendra-nandana Shyamasundara. Rupa Goswamipad is describing… Lalita-sakhi saves Srimati Radharani from Krishna… 

Krishna is getting pleasure from all activities of the gopis. Their main goal and also of Shrimati Radharani is to please Shri Krishna. Many demigods praise Krishna in Vedic mantras, but Bhagavan Shri Krishna is not happy with it. He is happy when gopis call His name. One of Krishna’s  mood is dhira-lalita-nayaka. Who is dhira-lalita-nayaka? He is always laughing and is controlled by His Lover. His face is so beautiful. He is always relaxed and likes to gossip. He knows very well how to please His Lover. Dhira-lalita Madhava is controlled by Shrimati Radhika.  

There are mainly 8 types of heroines… Svadhina-bhartrika naika is Shrimati Radharani.  It means She controls her beloved by Her qualities and He does whatever She tells Him to do. For example, Shrimati Radharani tells Krishna, “Put alta on My lotus feet” and Krishna is doing that… Radhaji is in a sulky mood and Her sakhis are telling, “He is a cowherd boy, He can’t paint. How can He put alta on Your lotus feet? He is stupid and can only herd cows.” 

When Krishna was putting alta on Shrimati Radharani’s feet, She moved Her lotus feet and left a mark on Krishna’s forehead and chest. As described in Gita-govinda, Krishna told, “I am the servant of Shrimati Radhika.” Servants write down the name of their masters on their body. In the same way, Krishna writes down the name of Shri Radha on His chest. 

We should not make tattoos on our bodies but only put gopi chandana. We can write down Bhagavan’s holy name using gopi chandana. Tattoo is not necessary. You just need to make dwadash tilaka on your body.  Krishna is so happy because Shrimati Radhika, His mistress, His Swamini, She Herself, puts signs of Her holy name on His chest. 


Lalita-devi is a teacher of Shrimati Radharani and Krishna. She is the main one among the 8 sakhis.  She is very hard outside, but very soft inside.  Bhaktivinoda Thakurji says that only very, very lucky jivas will join a gana (group) of Lalita-devi. Actually, everybody can be in Lalita-devi’s gana. She is so simple.  If somebody wants to be a maidservant of Shrimati Radharani and if Lalita-sakhi just hears about that, then she will come to that person, catch him or her and bring to her gana. Because Lalita-devi is so happy when someone wants to be a maidservant of Shrimati Radhika.  


The most special characteristics of Lalita-sakhi is that she always teaches Radharani. She shouts at both Radharani and Shri Krishna if They do something wrong. In Dan Ghati lila, when Krishna came to Lalita-sakhi, Vishakha-sakhi, and Radharani, to get the dan (offering), Lalita shouted at Him, “How come You are asking for dan? If You want to get it, You should bow Your head and pray for it. But You ask it forcibly.” In this modern world, we should be very careful when we give dan, we should choose the person very carefully. Because if we give donation to the wrong person, then we will suffer for his sinful activities. What are people doing in this world? They want to show themselves – they want their names to be written down on the stones. As in our mandir parikrama, there are so many stones with the names of the donors written down on them. This is not a donation. If you want to donate, do it secretly. 

So, Lalita-devi is teaching Krishna, “Hey Krishna, get back! You are not qualified to get dan.”  Shrimati Radhika never speaks like that, but Lalita-devi doesn’t care.  She can tell anything.

She also teaches Radharani. When Krishna is doing something wrong, He touches His ears and comes to Shri Radha saying, “I will never do it again. Just forgive Me.” Radhika cannot tolerate this mood of Shri Krishna but Lalita is teaching Her, “Oh, Radha, don’t be charmed by Krishna’s flattery words.”  After listening to Lalita-devi’s advice, Radharani starts to control Herself. Lalita teaches Radharani in many ways.  

In the western countries people never take off their shoes.  They even sleep with their shoes on. These people don’t know if the road they walk on is hard or soft. Shri Radha has to walk barefoot because She meets with Krishna at night. But Her lotus’ feet are so soft. How can She walk barefoot? Lalita-devi teaches Radharani how to walk without shoes, and to step on the thorns. In Vraja there are so many thorn trees and these thorns are everywhere. Lalita-devi also teaches Radharani how to walk with Her ankle bells without making a sound. Radharani’s teeth are so shiny. When She smiles, it looks like a rise of 10 full moons. That is why Lalita-devi tells Shrimati Radharani not to smile. She also shows Her how to control snakes with mantras

Bolo Lalita-devi ki jai!  Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

Transcriber: Sanatan Das (USA), Editor: Divya Premamayi (Slovakia)

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