Shri Gaura Purnima – Appearance of Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Navadvip, 2 March 2018

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We are here for a couple of days because of the unlimited, ahaituki kripa, and causeless mercy of Guru, Vaishnavas & Nityananda Prabhu. For some days we have been doing parikrama, the same as when Nityananda Prabhu had taken Jiva Gosvamipada and performed Navadvip parikrama. Bhaktivinoda Thakur, in the Navadvip Dhama Mahatmya grantha, gives a beautiful description so we can understand the greatness of this dhama, he glorified Navadvip in this beautiful way. Yesterday we went to Ekachakra, Nityananda Prabhu’s appearance place, it is a  very beautiful place. There we took darshan of Nityananda Prabhu’s appearance place and from Vaishnava’s lotus mouth we have heard all of the glories they heard through our Gurupada-padma.

Today Vrajendra-nandana Shyamasundara came with Radha bhava and Her complexion, today He appeared in this world. In the Chaitanya Bhagavata it is told that in Dvapara Yuga, Krishna comes as the son of Nanda Maharaja. Suta means son and this Nanda suta, this son of Nanda Maharaja, this Vrajendra-nandana Shyamasundara appeared from mother Shachi Devi as Her son, Shachinandana Gaurahari. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s lila is actually eternal and Navadvip dhama and Vrindavan dhama are one, this is their greatness. On one side you have Navadvip dhama and the other side you have Vrindavan dhama. There are no differences between both dhamas. Just as a coin has two sides, but both are one. In the same way Gaura dhama and Vrindavan dhama are non-different from each other.

But for the sake of performing lilas, pastimes, we are seeing them in two types, audharya-mayi-lila and madhurya-mayi-lila. There are two types of lilas, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s lila which is audharya-mayi-lila or uddhara-mayi-lila. What kinds of uddhara? Magnanimity and munificence. Look how great this lila is, because in this lila He distributes prema to everybody without any discrimination. This is why the pastimes in this lila are audharya-mayi-lila. Madhurya-mayi-lilas are Krishna’s lilas in Vrindavan. The madhurya-mayi-lilas are very beautiful and take place in the eternal Goloka Vrindavan dhama. Krishna Himself is actually always in the nitya-mayi dhama in His Gauranga rupa, His Gauranga svarupa, form. But He did not give this darshan to every one.  

What is Bhagavan’s form? His form and His atma, His body and soul are one. Our body and atma are different from each other. You are looking at my body, but my atma, which is the soul within my body is different from my body. But by performing bhajana we can know our eternal soul. Similarly, Mahaprabhu’s lila and Krishna’s lila are actually one, but have also manifested in two forms. The first is aishvarya-mayi-lila and the second is madhurya-mayi-lila. He takes very beautiful forms. What evidence is given in support of this? Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s eternal svarupa is eternally in Goloka Vrindavan. What is the evidence? You can not justify this by simple lip service, you must have shastra jnana, evidence from the scriptures that Mahaprabhu is Krishna Himself. Is He Krishna Himself or not? This is the question. Our acharyas have given a very beautiful vichar, consideration and evidence of this. In the eternal Goloka Vrindavan dhama, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s lila is also there. Where? In Nidhuvan. Some people are saying, “Oh, Mahaprabhu’s lila is not in Vrindavan.” But it is not like this. Mahaprabhu’s dhama is included in Vrindavan dhama. Please remember this. Navadvip dhama is included in Vrindavan dhama. But it is hidden, just like gupta. Take for example Gokula Vrindavan. In Mahaprabhu’s lilas and dhama you cannot see Gokula Vrindavan in its real form. In Vrindavan you have Shyama Kunda, Radha Kunda and there they have a certain sequence, but in the other dhamas these can be far away from each other.

If you have performed Navadvip dhama parikrama, then you will also attain the fruits of performing Vrindavan parikrama. Because Vrindavan parikrama is included in Navadvip parikrama. The Yamuna river has four forests on one side and on the other there are five forests. The Ganges river also has four forests on one side and on the other there are five forests. How many are there in total? Nine, four plus five is nine. In the same way as in Vrindavan dhama, there are places here which we have visited like Yogapith, Antardvip, Khadiravan, Talavan, Nidhuvan and Nikunjavan. All of these places were also manifested in this Navadvip dhama. But we cannot see this because of Yogamaya. When will we be able to see these places? Only by mercy. When Yogamaya removes her spell of illusion, then we will have the real dhama darshan, only then will we see the real dhama. Some people are saying Mahaprabhu’s lila is not in Vrindavan, but this is wrong. Because Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu also manifested Himself and His whole dhama Vrindavan. But how did He manifest it there? In a hidden way, gupta way. By performing bhajana and sadhana, on their own these truths will manifest and one will realize.

Bhaktivinoda Thakur glorifies this by saying, “Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came for the reason of chanting the holy names and performing this nama sankirtana yajna.” In Phalguna purnima, during this month Mahaprabhu appeared. When Mahaprabhu appeared, what did Yogamaya do? She was hidden in Nidhuvan. Mahaprabhu’s lila is in the spiritual world, in both Vrindavan dhama and in Navadvip. But in Vrindavan, this lila is covered, it is there in a hidden way. In his grantha, Vishvanatha Chakravartipada very beautifully described how in Vrindavan, in Nidhuvan, Radhaji Herself is coming with Her sakhis to see Her prana priyatam, Her dearmost Govinda to perform these loving pastimes. Further more after its becoming dark, all of the sakhis are going into their homes. What are Radhika and Krishna then doing in this nikunja? They are going to take rest there. Their eyes barely stay open, They cannot seem to keep Their eyes open anymore. Why? Because the other evening They had a lot of activities. What did They do?  Nitya gita, eternally, the whole night They were singing and dancing with so much bliss. After this, Radha and Krishna became tired and They wanted to take rest. At that moment Vrinda Devi decorated this beautiful nikunja where Radha and Krishna could take rest.

What were all of the sakhis doing during this? What were the manjaris doing? They were all there, taking darshan of Radha and Govinda. They had to make small holes in the nikunja, so they can see Them from the side. So Radha and Krishna were resting in Nidhuvan and Radhaji suddenly became astonished. Radha and Krishna at the time were resting, both of Them were in a very deep sleep, unaware of what was happening. Krishna is lila purushottama and lila dhari, He always knows what kinds of lilas to perform. In Vraja, Krishna sleeps. Does Thakurji ever sleep like Krishna? Only for the sake of performing His lilas, does He sleep. Bhagavan comes in a human like form and performs His lilas. So it was the middle of the night and Radharani woke up. Then Radhaji awoke Krishna by saying, “Oh, prana priyatam Krishna, wake up, wake up. Oh, I had such a dream and in my dream one personality came.” Krishna replied, “Oh Radhe, tell Me what did He look like? What was the dream like?” Our shastras state if you have a dream during brahma muhurta, then this dream is true, it is not a false dream. And if after seeing this dream, you sleep again, then the svapna, the dream will go away.

When most have a bad dream, they wake up very quickly and if they have a nice dream they continue sleeping for a long time. But it should be different. Do you understand? If a bad dream comes at night, you should wake up and then go back to sleep. Because the inauspiciousness will then go away. What should you do if you have a very good dream? If you have a good dream, then you should wake up. Otherwise how will you know you just had a good dream? Once you awake then you will know, “Oh I have seen this dream.” It is very important that when you wake up you do not go back to sleep again. Also, if you have an auspicious dream, a good dream, do not tell anyone. If you tell someone, the fruits of this dream can not come true. This is written in our shastras. Svapna vijnana is knowledge of the dreams. If you have a bad dream, then wake up and go sleep again. But if you have a good dream, then do not go back to sleep. You have to remember this. Do you understand?

So at midnight, Shrimati Radhika woke up. Then She woke Her prana priyatam Govinda by saying, “Hey Krishna I had this dream.” Krishna replied, “When? When did You say You had this dream?” Radhika said, “In brahma muhurta, very early morning.” Krishna then asked, “And what kind of dream was it? Good or bad?” Radharani told Krishna, “It was a bad dream, I had a bad dream and I cannot forget this dream, even until now.” Krishna then asked Her, “What kind of bad dream did You see?” Shrimati Radhika replied, “I was with someone else instead of You.” Do you understand? In our shastras, scriptures, it is written if a chaste lady sees another man in her the dream, then it is bad.

For example, if you dream you are walking with another man, it is a bad dream. And if you dream with your husband, then it is as good dream. So Shrimati Radhika told, “In my dream I had darshan, I saw another man.” Her mind became very disturbed. This is why I am telling you, if you have a dream and you tell the dream to another person, it will go away. But if you keep this dream a secret, then it will come true. So Radhaji told, “I have had a bad dream. So what can I do but tell you about it.” Krishna said, “Ok, what kind of bad dream did You have? Tell me.” Radhaji told, “My prana priyatam Govinda, in my dream there was a very beautiful brahmana. This very beautiful brahmana’s hands came unto His knees. He had very long arms and He had such a beautiful complexion, tapta kanchana. I saw a brahmana like this and not only this.  This brahmana was singing, ‘Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama, Rama, Hare, Hare.” Krishna told, “Oh, how was this brahmana?” Radhika replied, “Very beautiful, just like a divine personality. Tapta kanchana gaurangi…”, that means a brahmana with a golden complexion. She continued, “I could not forget Him. He had very large eyes and a very beautiful nose. His eyes were very beautiful and His hands and feet were very beautiful. His form had a golden complexion which emanated a golden glow from His body. In twelve places He had tilaka. This beautiful person was walking with a bald head. He was walking and from His eyes tears were flowing. His two arms were in the air as He was chanting, ‘Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama, Rama, Hare, Hare’ When I saw this brahmana I became a little scared.” Shrimati Radhika said, “Oh, I have dreamt about another person. This brahmana was dancing and chanting ‘Hare Krishna’ with very high and ecstatic moods. When this brahmana said, ‘Hare’, I was thinking He is calling Me. Tell me please, Who is this brahmana and why has He appeared in My dream? Hey Govinda, hey prana priyatam, oh, besides You I have not even thought of another person in My life before.”

Krishna listened to this katha and He said, “Did You see something more?” Radhaji said, “This brahmana, when He was chanting ‘Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama, Rama, Hare, Hare’ He began to dance.” Krishna asked, “How did You know He was a brahmana? She replied, “In His lap, He has his kanthimala and a brahmanical thread which is very pure.” Krishna then said, “What else did He have?” “Shrimati Radhika told Krishna, “A shikha on His head and in twelve places He had tilaka and tears were flowing from His eyes. That kind of brahmana had appeared. Sometimes while He was chanting this mahamantra I saw that it is nothing other than Me and You combined. I saw Radha and Krishna as one person. I saw Him chanting as Radha and Krishna as one. That brahmana was very beautiful.” Krishna heard this katha from Shrimati Radhika and told, “Oh Radhe You are My dearmost. Who You saw is not just an ordinary person.” Remember the scriptures state, if you have a bad dream then you should wake up and return to sleep. So Krishna told, “Hey Radhe, this brahmana which You saw, is nobody else but Me.” Then Radhaji said, “Oh, how did You take sannyasa? And how did You have such a large form?” Krishna said, “Hey Radhe, I have unlimited forms. You just see My form as Krishna, in my Vrindavan dhama darshan. But besides this form, there are unlimited forms and unlimited dhamas also, ananta rupa.” Then Radhaji said, “How can this be? Ananta rupa, ananta svarupa?” Then Krishna Himself, had shown Her all of His forms. Just as Krishna had shown Arjuna His universal form, Krishna showed His unlimited forms, svarupas to Radharani. And what did He do? He also showed His Gauranga svarupa.

What is this Gauranga svarupa darshan that Radharani had? The Gauranga svarupa is very beautiful, if somebody just once has darshan of Gauranga’s svarupa then all of his wishes will be fulfilled.  In this way Krishna manifested His Matsya, Kurma and Varaha incarnations and also all of His other incarnations. Then after each incarnation manifested Radhaji said, “This is not the svarupa.” At the end Krishna manifested His Gauranga svarupa and Radhaji said, “Yes, this is the svarupa I took darshan of in My dream.” The svarupa was very beautiful with very long arms.

ājānu-lambita-bhujau kanakāvadātau
saṅkīrtanaika-pitarau kamalāyatākṣau
viśvambharau dvija-varau yuga-dharma-pālau
vande jagat priya-karau karuṇāvatārau
(CB, Adi, 1.1.)

In this form He is giving this karuna, this mercy to all living entities. Krishna has a very beautiful form but when Radharani saw the svarupa of the extraordinarily beautiful form of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu She said, “Yes, this is the svarupa I saw in My dream.” Krishna then asked, “And how was this brahmana?” Radharani replied, “He was sannyasi.” Then Krishna said, “I was this brahmana.” Radharani told, “Then how can you take sannyasa? Because taking sannyasa means You are detached from everything. But You are not. I do not know what You are doing with all of the gopis in the rasa lila…” Radharani continued, “How can You take sannyasa? Also look, Your complexion is blackish, but the brahmana has a golden complexion, tapta kanchana gaurangi.” Krishna told, “Hey Radhe in these transcendental pastimes in Vrindavan dhama, everything has cetana, consciousness, and I took Your Radha bhava. I took Your complexion and Your mood and I appear in the material world. During one day of the life span of Brahma, I take this Gauranga svarupa and appear in the material world and You all have to come with Me. In this Gauranga svarupa, You will all come with Me to distribute this love to all the living entities.” Radhaji then said, “No, I will not go. My Giriraja Govardhana is not there, Radha kunda, Shyama kunda are not there, I will not go to that place.” So then Krishna told, “Hey Radhe, for You especially I will also manifest this Vrindavan dhama.”

In this way Krishna manifested His aprakrita, transcendental Vrindanan dhama and came with all of His associates like Gadadhara Pandita, Shrivasa Thakura. Why am I saying this? In the same way you are now seeing Mahaprabhu’s rupa, in aprakrita, transcendental Goloka Vrindavan dhama, Mahaprabhu’s svarupa is also there. Just like in Vrindavan, Krishna’s darshan is there. When Krishna comes to this material world we have the same darshan present as in the nitya Goloka Vrindavan. In the eternal abode and in Bhagavat vastu, you cannot achieve transcendental knowledge with material things. You can only realize this through bhajana and sadhana and from this realization one can have true darshan. This is why in Vrindavan, Krishna Himself showed this form of Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, He showed these unlimited incarnations. Still, some big panditas are saying, “By doing Vrindavan parikrama you can only attain the fruits of Vrindavan parikirama, not also the fruits of performing Navadvip dhama parikrama.” But this is not the way, because dhamas are chin-mayi, they are transcendental, Navadvip is also in Vrindavan’s presence.  

Lilas span across very broad lengths just like the reflection of a banyan tree. In this Bhagavat lila you can not have Krishna’s darshan with material senses. You need anubhava, you need transcendental realizations in your heart to have Krishna’s darshan. Returning to the story, Radha had darshan of Krishna’s unlimited forms, like Matsya, Kurma and Varaha avataras. After seeing all of these forms She saw His Gauranga svarupa. After hearing Krishna’s reply, She said, “I do not want to go to the material world.” How did Krishna reply to Her? He said, “Oh, by Yogamaya I will manifest everything there. You have to come during this Kali Yuga to preach nama-sankirtana and to deliver all of the living entities.” Then Radhaji said, “Where Giriraja Govardhana is not present and where Radha Kunda, Shyama Kunda is not present, there I will not go.” So Krishna by His Yogamaya manifested the entire dhama, Radha kunda, Shyama kunda, Giriraja Govardhana, He manifested everything. What is this place we are now sitting? We are sitting on the lap of Giriraja Govardhana, the valley of Giriraja Govardhana. And where is Radha kunda? The other day we went there to visit Radha kunda.

How is this possible? What is the dhama actually? It is just like a lotus, sometimes it will close and sometimes open. The lotus flower opens with the moon rays and closes with the sun rays. In this way sometimes when we are looking at the dhama it is open and sometimes it is also closed, becoming smaller. So Radhaji, She did not want to come. But Krishna told, “Oh Radhe, You have to come and I will manifest this same Vrindavan dhama.” And what did Krishna do? By the wish of Shrimati Radhika, He manifested all of Vrindavan dhama in Navadvip. Mathura, Vrindavan, Nandagaon, Varshana, Ter-kadamba, He manifested all of these holy places in Navadvip. When Radhaji saw this She was very pleased. Then what did She do? She came in the form of Gadadhara Pandita. Radhaji came as Gadadhara Pandita and who was Svarupa Damodara? Lalita sakhi. Similarly, all of His associates also came and Krishna Himself came in the form of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and distributed this prema to everybody. In this way the evidence is given that Mahaprabhu is also in Vrindavan.

Why am I saying this? Because big panditas are saying, “No. Vrindavan is in Navadvip dhama, but Navadvip is not in Vrindavan.” But this is not the case, this is not true. That is why Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Prabhupada said, “Krishna is Mahaprabhu and Mahaprabhu is also Krishna.” So inside Krishna there is Mahaprabhu and inside Mahaprabhu there is also Krishna. The evidence given supports this. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu manifested all of His associates in various places and He appeared in Mayapur. The other day we went there, where Mahaprabhu’s janma-lila took place, it is such a beautiful place where He enacted His birth pastimes. It was a very beautiful place, but that place was hidden and captivated by Muslim people. Then Bhaktivinoda Thakur took Jagannatha Das Babaji Maharaja and established that birthplace again. Afterwards through the efforts of Bhakti Prajnana Keshava Gosvami Maharaja and his associates, that place was recovered and re-established as the birthplace of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

As I mentioned, Navadvip dhama is just like Vrindavan dhama. Vrindavan is inside of Navadvip and Navadvip is inside Vrindavan. If you do parikirama in Vrindavan dhama, you will also get the fruits of performing Navadvip parikirama. Sometimes people say performing Vrindavan parikrama is only one parikrama. But this is not the case, by performing Vrindavan parikrama you will simultaneously perform Navadvip parikrama. This is the greatness of the dhamas. Navadvip and Vrindavan dhama are called, audharya-mayi, and madhurya-mayi. Audharya dhama is Nawadwip dhama and Vrindavan dhama is madhurya dhama. Navadvip dhama is audharya pradhana dhama and madhurya dhama, therefore it is known as audharya pradhana madhurya dhama. Subsequently, Vrindavan dhama is madhurya pradhana dhama and audharya dhama, so is called madhurya pradhana audharya dhama. In Bhakti Ratnakar grantha this explanation of Navadvip and Vrindavan dhama is elaborated.

Why is Navadvip called Shvetadvip? Shvetadvip means, viraha, vipralambha bhava, separation mood. When Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu appeared, that dhama became a gupta dhama, a hidden dhama. When Mahaprabhu was in this material world thousands and thousands of people were walking behind Him, and Nityananda Prabhu was always glorifying Him. Just like all the previous acharyas who had performed dhama parikrama, Nityananda Prabhu also performed this dhama parikrama at first. What is Nityananda tattva? It is dhama svarupa, ‘it’ is manifesting the dhama and He is the dhama svarupa. Nityananda Prabhu was doing parikrama with Jiva Gosvamipada. So Navadvip dhama is Shvetadvip.

Why am I saying this? Why has it appeared? One day Narada Rishi came to Navadvip dhama and what did he see? Krishna in a separation mood. And what happened? His blackish color, His dark complexion became gold. Whenever Krishna is thinking of Radha and the gopis then His complexion becomes golden. In this way Krishna took Radhaji’s bhava and complexion. With Her mood and complexion, He came in His Gauranga svarupa. Shrila Shridhara Gosvami Maharaja also glorified this. When Krishna came from the eternal Goloka Vrindavan dhama to this world, at that time Radhaji was thinking, “Oh My prana priyatam Govinda, how can He go through all of this?” At that time what did Radhaji do? She wraps Herself, just like in airport some suitcases are wrapped. In the same way Radhaji is wrapping Krishna. She puts Herself in all of Krishna’s limbs.

Because Radhaji is thinking, “Krishna comes from that dhama to this dhama and how can He suffer from this vipralambha? How can He go through these separation moods? It is not so easy.” Because suffering from Bhagavat prema is no ordinary thing. She was thinking how can Krishna go through this suffering? So Radhaji wrapped Herself around Krishna and Krishna’s complexion became tapta kanchanca gaurangi, a golden complexion.

Radhaji was thinking, “Oh, My prana priyatam Govinda, my dearmost Govinda, I can do this for Him.” That is why Radhaji wraps Herself around Krishna’s body and all of His limbs. This is why it is said Gauranga is Krishna and Krishna is also Gauranga. There are no differences between Krishna and Gauranga. There is no difference between Vishnupriya Devi and Radhaji. They are the same. This is why I was saying that Narada Rishi came one day to Shvetadvip. Where did Narada Rishi appear? In bhauma Navadvip dhama. And what did he see? In this world he saw everything white. Why? Because in a viraha mood (separation mood) everything is white. What is the color for meeting? This is a very great thing, the more you are in a separation mood, the whiter you will become. That is why all of you westerners are white, because you are in viraha. You are very far, in separation from Krishna. Sometimes I am thinking, “How do all of these western people become so white?” It is because in Krishna’s separation they long so much and due to this longing, their color becomes white. Do you understand? In India, they are black, (Gurudev chuckles). That is why they become white, because of their separation mood.

From India to America it takes twenty hours of travel. Why am I saying this? Because those who are born far from India can not sometimes come to the dhama. For financial or for other reason they can not come, so they are very much longing to visit the dhama. For whatever reason they can not come and because of this they are longing very much and also suffering so much. It is very easy to take up this path of bhaktiif you are born in India. Because you have sadhu sanga here, Bhagavat Saptahas are going on all around the place, everywhere. And in the west, where does Bhagavat Saptaha take place, who is doing it there? Today everywhere you go in India, Bhagavat kathas are taking place, one can even see this with their satellite televisions. Bhagavat katha is being spoken everywhere in India, in Vrindavan, Navadvip, Chennai, Bombay. It is also very easy to get sadhu sanga in India, very easy. So in this way people from India do not have this utkantha, very deep desire. People who are born further away have this utkantha, very deep desire. Like for example, some Indian people are sitting here, but look how many Western people are sitting here. Because in India we have this habit that anything which is very easily done is not given much respect.

So why was everything the color white? Because of the separation moods Krishna was experiencing. White is the color of separation, this is His tapta kanchana gaurangi. Just like in Radhaji’s separation, Radhaji’s thinking of Krishna and has this golden complexion. Pure gold also has the color white.  This is why the explanation is being given, Mahaprabhu nindita hāṭaka, that means in the white form. Nindita hāṭaka kānti kalevara, means, just like a white color. That is why this verse is being said. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was in this viraha, in this separation mood, and in this way Radhaji manifested as Gadadhara Pandita and Narada as Shrivasa Pandita’s in this material world.

The question may come. Why did Krishna come in this material world? After Dvapara Yuga, once in the day of Brahma, Krishna is coming in the form of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Why? There are many reasons. Why did He leave Krishna varna and come in a gold complexion? Gour Govinda Gosvami Maharaja explained how Krishna is suffering in His separation and from Whom. Krishna is also suffering in viraha, He is suffering in separation from Shrimati. So why did He take this golden complexion? What is the reason behind this?  What happened when Krishna was suffering in separation from Radhaji? He became golden. In Mahaprabhu’s lila why is Krishna suffering? In Mahaprabhu’s lila, Mahaprabhu is suffering for Krishna. In Gaura lila Shrimati Radhika is suffering for Krishna. In Mahaprabhu’s lila, from the inside He is Krishna and from the outside He has a golden complexion, but He is experiencing the mood of Radharani. So He is suffering for Krishna.

Now Gaura has taken the mood of Shrimati Radhika and is longing for Krishna. But He is thinking, “I am Krishna. Then how am I longing for Krishna? What is happening?” This lila is dual. Who understands this? In Gaura lila, Krishna is Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Who is Krishna? Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Remember this. Who is Krishna? Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Remember this. In what mood of separation is Krishna suffering? Actually this is like a play. Whose separation is Krishna suffering from? Internally He is thinking He is Radharani, so He is suffering and longing for Krishna. Internally He is Krishna with the mood of Shrimati Radhika. This only one person, But He is suffering for Krishna. When that bhava comes down, then Krishna thinks, “How can I suffer for Myself?” So He considers this and thinks “How can this be happening?”

This becomes like an obstacle for Krishna, He thinks, “I am Krishna, but How can I be longing for Krishna?” And this is why Krishna, as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has a golden complexion from Shrimati Radhika. Because then He thinks, “I am Radharani and I am longing for Krishna.” Do you understand? Krishna thinks, “So why am I crying for Myself?” This is the obstacle of His mood. If Krishna thinks, “I am Krishna.” Then longing for Himself would be obstacle. So for this reason He then thinks, “I am Radha and My external complexion is also golden.”

I will tell you another reason why Krishna took Shrimati Radhika’s complexion. It is very nicely explained that once in transcendental Goloka Vrindavan, Radha and Krishna are meeting together. They are laughing and joking and speaking very nicely, recalling Their Own sweet pastimes. In the meantime, Shrimati Radhika prayed to Krishna, “Hey Krishna, please give something to Me. Give Me a donation.” “Krishna replied, “What do You want?” Shrimati Radhika told, “I will ask only if You promise You will give it to Me.” Then Krishna told, “Yes I promise. I will give You whatever You want.” Then Shrimati Radhika told Krishna, “If you really love Me…” What does love mean? You are together and are always staying together. You cannot separate from each other. As two lovers, they do not to separate from each other, they always want to stay together. So Shrimati Radhika continued, “Krishna I want to always stay with You. I never want to be separated from You. And I want My whole body to touch Your whole body.” Everything we are now seeing are all transcendental things manifested here. Whatever we see in this material world is actually just a perverted reflection of Goloka Vrindavan. Everything in the material world is other way around. This material world is upside the down, an opposite reflection.

We are seeing people around each other, people loving each other and kissing. All of this is material. But the true form, is being hidden by maya. In this material world what is the reflection we are seeing? Due to material thinking, these material things have become bad. They are lower and utilized in sense gratification, only to satisfy the senses. But actually these transcendental things are eternal manifested there. Sometimes it is difficult to understand this. Because how do these transcendental things come here? This ananda maya Bhagavan comes in unlimited forms, svarupas, and enacts unlimited lilas, He is performing unlimited pastimes. Bhagavan Himseld comes to perform, ananta lilas, unlimited pastimes and manifests Himself in unlimited forms amongst the living entities. So Radharani told Krishna, “I want to always stay with You. I will manifest Myself by wrapping Myself around Your body and Your limbs. I will not be in separation from You.” This is what Radhaji told Krishna.  Radharani continued, “In this way You will never be separated from Me.” After hearing what She told, Krishna replied, “Ok there is one reason only.”

In the spiritual world everything is transcendental, even the rupa, the body, everything, all activities are all transcendental in the spiritual world. But in this world, our body and atma are different from each other, they are separated. What is the difference between both? This atma, this soul is eternal and this body is temporary. The soul lasts forever and this material body is always diminishing. Sometimes your body is big or thick and sometimes your body is thin. This is how it goes. Why am I saying this? Because in the chit jagat, the eternal spiritual world, the complexion of Shrimati Radhika, Her color is also chit. It is also transcendental and chetana, it has also consciousness. The body and color of Radhaji is nondifferent from Shrimati Radhika, the body and the owner of the body are the same. In this room these things are separate from each other, they are different. But in the spiritual world, the possessor of the body and the body itself are nondifferent from each other. So Shrimati Radhika’s complexion is nondifferent from Herself. Shrimati Radhika’s golden complexion and Her body and Herself are nondifferent from each other. Please try to understand this. So what is happening when Krishna takes Radhaji’s complexion?

One other note, Gurudev was always explaining that if Krishna takes something from Radhika, She will not become smaller. Because infinite minus infinite is infinite. So She will still be whole. This knowledge is chit jagat, spiritual transcendental knowledge. In this world it is different. For example, if you have a building made from stones and you remove one stone, the building becomes smaller. As like during Giriraja Govardhana parikrama, we are not allowed to touch or take any stones. Many people do their puja with these stones. What will happen if everybody takes a stone from Giriraja Govardhana? After sometime Giriraja Govardhana will vanish. Girirajа Govаrdhana will no longer be there and we would not be able to have darshan. Why am I saying this? Because in this material world, the body and the possessor of the body are different from each other. But not in the transcendental world. There Shrimati Radhika’s golden complexion is nondifferent from Herself. Try to understand this. Radhaji’s complexion is nondifferent from Her and this is how Krishna comes in a golden complexion from nitya Goloka Vrindavan dhama. Before He manifests in this material world, Radhaji is thinking, “Oh I will manifest Myself around Him. I will wrap Myself around His body.”

So in the eternal Goloka Vrindavan dhama, Radhaji Herself asked this boom of Krishna. What boom? Shrimati Radhika asked, “Hey Krishna, I want to wrap Myself all around Your body. Then I will not be different from You and will never be separated from You.” This bhava is rising in Her, this mood is coming. Then Krishna was thinking, “Oh how?” Radhaji has a golden complexion. What color does She have? Tapta kanchana, a golden complexion. Radhaji is very beautifully wrapping Herself around Krishna. Why? So she could manifest in all of his limbs, not just one. Radharani wrapped Herself around Krishna so Her complexion would manifest an all of His limbs, legs, body, and stomach. All of Krishna becomes Shrimati Radhika’s complexion. Not just one limb, but His whole body. Gour Govinda Gosvami Maharaja explained that Shrimati Radhika covers Krishna’s entire body like a decoration.

rādhā-cintā-niveśena yasya kāntir vilopitā
śrī-kṛṣṇa-caraṇaḿ vande rādhālińgita-vigraham
(Radha Vinoda Vihari Tattvastakam)

Radhalingitam means She embraces Him with complete coverage. Radhika had covered Krishna’s body completely. What is the word? Linga means that transcendentally Radhaji covered all of Krishna’s body. Alingam, She covered His whole body. When Krishna manifested in His Gauranga svarupa, He was completely covered by Radharani’s complexion.

Who is manifesting that karuna, that mercy for all the living entities? Is Krishna manifesting this or is Radharani? Actually Radharani is manifesting this.  She is showing who is giving this prema pradhana to all the living entities. Is it Krishna or Shrimati Radhika? This is the question. It is Shrimati Radhika. In Vrindavan, who is giving krishnaprema to? Onto the inhabitants of Vrindavan, the animals, the birds, everything? And as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Krishna came with Radhaji’s complexion to deliver all of the living entities. But He is Radha from within, Radharani is para-dukha-dukhi. She suffers when She sees all the suffering from the living entities. This is very special. Remember. Who is giving all of this prema to all the living entities? Radharani is giving it.

Since today is Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s Avirbhava Tithi, His appearance day, we are listening to these kathas. This is the reason why Krishna took Radharani’s complexion. As Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, He is giving Krishna prema to all the living entities in the world through this nama sankirtana. Through this nama sankirtana, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is distributing this prema pradhana. He is distributing this love for Krishna. He is indiscriminately distributing pure devotional love for Krishna. What did Chaitanya Mahaprabhu do? He came in this avatara, incarnation, He came in His Gaura avatara and He is delivering all the living entities. What kind of prema did He give? When Krishna came in the form of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, He did not kill anyone. In that svarupa, whoever came in front of Mahaprabhu, he received this prema. There was no discrimination.

jāre dekhe tare kahe dante tṛṇa dhari
āmāre kiniyā laha bhaja gaura-hari
(Akrodha paramānanda, Shrila Lochana dasa Thakura)

Nityananda Prabhu is saying, “Whoever is getting darshan from Him…” He is being very humble and He is telling, “Oh, you all chant Gauranga, Gaurasundara’s name,  do seva, think of Him.” So when Krishna manifested Vrindavan in this material world, He also manifested His associates. When He came in this world Krishna only gave prema to His associates. But what about Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu? He gave prema to everybody. This is His magnanimity, this is His greatness. Mahaprabhu began going running behind whomever He saw. “Oh Madhai, Oh my brother…” With a straw between His teeth He said, “Oh Madhai, oh brother, please chant the holy names of Krishna.” And how did He do this? Apani achari. He had applied this to Himself and through His actions showed this to other living entities. In Chaitanya Bhagavata, Vrindavan das Thakur was saying, ‘jāre dekhe tare kahe dante tṛṇa dhari āmāre kiniyā laha bhaja gaura-hari’.

This is Mahaprabhu’s magnanimity and greatness. He is giving krishna-prema to all the living entities. (Devotee asks question in Hindi) Prabhuji was asking, “Then why these blades of grass are between the teeth, why is he doing this? Why?” Trin means symbol, it symbolizes where Bhagavan position and mine, I can be stepped upon because I am so low. I am very low and very humble. Another meaning is the straw symbolizes a certain ahankar, false ego. One is thinking, “I am trin, I am humble.” Tṛṇād api sunīcena…  In this shloka, the straw is used as a symbol of humility. These four leaves, these four steps, remember these four parts and don’t just remember, but also apply this in your own life. Follow this concept. This is another reason why Mahaprabhu came, He was showing and teaching humility, with dinata. He was so merciful. He showed us the humbler a person is, the more bhakti will arise in his heart.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was relishing this prema Himself and also distributing it to all the living entities. He is making all the living entities relish this prema.  Krishna is giving this prema only in Vrindavan, not outside Vrindavan. But Mahaprabhu, He had given this prema to everybody, all over the place. Not only humans, Mahaprabhu distributed Krishna prema to all the deers, all the animals also received this prema. They would get this prema just having by Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s darshan. This is the greatness of Mahaprabhu. We are also in this mood because we have to listened to this harikatha, lilas and activities. If we listen to this and speak this, then Maya-devi will go away. This is why nama sankirtana is necessary – Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama, Rama, Hare, Hare.

Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is disitributing this prema through which names? Through this nama sankirtana. He is also relishing this prema Himself. Mahaprabhu is very sweetly relishing and distributing this prema. How is He giving it? Through nama sankirtana. This is His greatness. In Kali Yuga, besides nama sankirtana there is nothing else. By performing this nama sankirtana we can have Prabhu’s darshan. Then we can see the form of the Lord and His activities. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is karuna mayi, He is the most merciful. Always remember Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s lilas. Today is a very good day to recall Gauranga’s lilas. From His childhood pastimes to grihastha, and His pastimes from the ages of 24 to 48.

So who called Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to this material world? Advaita Acharya. Who was Mahaprabhu called by? By Advaita Acharya. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had told, “I was sleeping in kshira samudra, in the karana ocean. But you have called Me from there.” It is told that Krishna was sleeping there. What does nara mean? Advaita is nara. Nara is another name for Advaita Acharya. Why? Because Advaita Acharya had called Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and he made Krishna’s throne shake. Krishna’s throne was shaking. This is why it is called Narahari, to push and pull. He made Krishna shake. Krishna was sleeping. So how will you wake some one up? You have to wake them by pushing and pulling. Are you sometimes waking somebody up? Yes, your children for example. In the same way, Advaita Acharya made Krishha wake up by shaking Him, pulling and pushing while saying, “You have to wake up now, You have to put on Your clothes, kurta. Because without Your kurta you cannot walk anywhere.” One day Mahaprabhu told, “I was sleeping in the karana ocean and this Advaita Acharya had awaken me. Advaita Acharya told Him, “Wake up, wake up.” This is why his name is Advaita Acharya.

Then He came in Mahaprabhu’s form. Krishna manifested in this form because of the calling of Advaita Acharya. There are many reasons explaining why Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu manifested in this material world, but one very high reason is because of the request of Advaita Acharya. When Advaita Acharya manifested in Navadvip, he saw all of the bad activities and habits of the brahmanas and panditas. So what were these brahmanas and panditas doing? They were eating meat and fish and not chanting the holy names. Ok, even if you eat meat and fish, please at least only even once chant Krishna’s nama. But they did not even do that. They would visit the Ganga river and always quarrel with each other regarding Vedic shastric injuctions. If someone would come and tell them, “Oh, chant Krishna’s nama.” They would reply, “Oh, no!” When they came to Ganga, instead of chanting Krishna’s nama, they would only perform activities to maintain their bodies, like brushing their teeth. Does bhakti arise from these activities? No.

Advaita Acharya was noticing these low activities. How people were marrying each other just like cats and dogs.  So Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu manifested in this material world. What is the biggest reason? Because the person who called Him was Advaita Acharya. If Advaita had not called Him, perhaps Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu would have manifested after several yugas. But Advaita Acharyapad had called Him to come now. During the time of Advaita Acharya, the brahmanas were not following dharma and the panditas did not know the true meaning of the scriptures. Since they did not know the meaning of the scriptures, they were merely reciting like frogs. Do you know what frogs being doing when it is raining? One frogs makes a ribbit sound, then thousands of them also begin making that sound, then all of the snakes come and eat them one by one. In the same way, brahmanas and panditas spoke on Bhagavat nama, without being able to relish It. They could not speak of relishing the holy name, they could not think of this. They were acting opposite to dharma and preaching in the same way frogs make sound.

In the Chaitanya Bhagavata it is written at that time people were marrying cats and dogs to each other. The brahmanas were making a lot of money, mostly by taking from very poor people. They were taking money and even drinking alcohol. Panditas were opening the Bhagavatam and saying, “This should happen, this should happen…” But they were not giving real Bhagavat katha.  When Advaita Acharya saw this he became very angry and began thinking, “I am Mahavishnu and Sadashiva.” Advaita Acharya was the combined manifestation of Mahavishnu and Sadashiva, both in one. Who is Mahavishnu and Sadashiva? He is the maintainer and Sadashiva is the annihilator. So Advaita Acharya was thinking, “I am, maintaining, but I can also annihilate everything, because I am also Sadashiva.” What happened as Advaita Acharya was thinking this? Transcendental sounds came from the air, “Hey Advaita Acharya please wait. Your Prabhu, Vrajendra-nandana Shyamasundara will come in this world, He will come Himself in this world.” Then Advaita Acharya’s anger subsided. Then he was thinking, “Oh my Prabhu, when will He come? How many years will it take?” What did he then do? He offered Tulasi with water, tulasi dala. Tulasi dala means two tulasi leaves and within the middle a manjari. He also offered Ganga jala.  As he offered, he was praying, “Oh Prabhu, please come very soon, do not wait long. Please do not come fast, manifest now.” Because one day in Bhagavan’s life is many years. So Advaita Acharya requested, “Please come now, come immediately.” If you offer Tulasi dala and Ganga jala Bhagavan will be very pleased. Bhakta vatsalya Bhagavan He also even is offering this Himself. That is why we offer water to Tulasi everyday. Because Bhagavan is being pleased by this.

Some say on Dvadashi, the day after Ekadashi you can not water Tulasi. But this is false, this is not true. Is this written in shastras? No. You can not say to the Tulasi, “Oh Tulasi devi, after Ekadashi, on Dvadashi, you have to die.” No. One of the 64 limbs of bhakti is watering Tulasi. This is also one limb of bhakti, so you have to do this everyday. Some people are saying, or have heard that on Dvadashi, the day after Ekadashi, you do not have water Tulasi. But where is it written? In Anu Bhakti Vilasa it is written that on Dvadashi you should not pick the tulasi leaves. That is the only restriction for caretaking Tulasi on Dvadashi. This is only what is written. It is not written that on Dvadashi you do not have to water to Tulasi. On Dvadashi you can not pick Tulasi’s leaves. Some people say small things and other people then give unnecessarily big interpretations.

Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Prabupada would say those panditas were speaking something from scriptures but leaving out the real commentary or the real truth behind it. They would go from artha to anartha. Artha means truth/essence. The panditas went from artha to anartha. Through their many interpretations, what they spoke became anartha, not the truth.  This is why Advaita Acharya was very upset, because these brahmanas,these panditas did do not know the real meaning of the scriptures. They were just giving something from superficial interpretation. They were speaking just like a frog makes sounds in the rain. So what did Advaita Acharya do after witnessing this? He offered Tulasi dala and Ganga jala to Bhagavan and asked “Come very quickly. Do not delay.” Upon hearing the prayer of Advaita Acharya Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu manifested in this material world. Because the Lord responds to requests from very high bhaktas.  

Bhaktivinoda Thakur is saying the higher the shuddha Vaishnava is, the more Bhagavan will accept his offerings. Bhagavan will not directly accept our offerings. But He will accept them from shuddha bhaktas. For this regard, the Lord listened to Advaita Acharya’s prayers and descended from Goloka Vrindavan to this material world in the form of Shachinandana Gaurahari. Many reasons are given to explain Gauranga’s manifestation, but the calling of Krishna by Advaita Acharya is one of the highest reasons. And how did Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu make all of the living entities fortunate?

gaura nā hoito, tabe ki hoito,
kemane dharita de?
rādhāra mahimā, prema-rasa-sīmā,
jagate jānāta ke
(Yadi Gaura Na Hoito)

This is the gift that is being given by Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Rahda prana mahima. What is the greatest and final limb of the prema of Shrimati Radhika? What is the very highest stage of this prema? Who revealed this to the world? Who had manifested this? Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has given this. He has shown the greatness of Radhaji’s love and He also relished this Himself. That Vraja gopis bhava, He had shown they very highest bhava to this material world. What is this parakiya bhava? Sahajiyas and others are giving alternate meanings of this bhava. But what did Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu do? He had manifested this gopi bhava, this parakettabhavam in this world and showed how the gopis had so much love for Krishna. Mahaprabhu is showing, relishing and distributing this prema to all the living entities. This is Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s greatness, His magnanimity.

These glories of prema, this pure love that Mahaprabhu has been given through Rupa Gosvamipada’s preaching and books. He manifested these nectarian books he manifested and through form he had shown what this real prema is. For example, some people are eating sugar molasses, but if you give them something higher, like a very sweet thing from the Vrajavasis. Will they now continue to eat this molasses? No. Because now they have tasted something higher. What will they now eat? They will only take these very sweet things. Why am I saying this? Because if the living entities in this material world taste a really small part of Radha Govinda prema mahima, by themselves, they will leave all other lower things. Why am I saying this? Because these are the things which Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is giving. That which He is relishing also and distributing. If you taste, even a very small portion, so much bliss will come. Then you will no longer have the taste for material things. You all have a small taste, this is why you have come here. Something has occurred to you, otherwise you would not have come. If nothing had changed you, then why would you accept all of this? Why do you put on tilaka, why do you not consume meat, onion or garlic? Did you used to eat these things? Why are you not eating these things now? You have eaten meat before. Why are you not eating it anymore? Something has happened within you, try to understand this.

Something is occurring. Anubhava is coming and that is why you have left all of these lower things. This is why you are no longer eating meating anymore or drinking alcohol. Even a shadow of bhakti will cause something to change within you. Some people are telling me, “Oh Maharaja nothing is happening to me.” And I reply, “How come?” If you are watering your seed, it will sprout. But it takes time. You first water the seed. Then after some time a sprout will appear, then you continue to water and after some time that sprout will grow. Mahaprabhu has given and something is happening, you cannot say, “Nothing has happened to me yet.” This is not true. Because only an uttama uttama mahabhagavata can say this. They are saying, “Oh I do not have any love in my heart for Krishna, not even the fragrance of love.” Only that person can say this. This is very humble. We do not have any humility nor the mercy. We do not have this in our heart, this dainya, this merciful attitude. Try to understand the more you grow your bhakti, you will become more merciful and humble.

Look how all of these people have come from very far places and spent so much money to come here. Why? Because something has happened within you. There is no reason to go into depression. Do not go into depression moods, there is no reason. Bhagavan is doing everything for you. My Gurudev was always saying this, “Just blindfold yourself and sit there. Just do this.” Gurudev would tell, “Just blindfold yourself, it is not necessary to make your mind disturbed. If you have a sadguru and if you chant holy names, everything will happen for you. But what are you doing? Just sit and chant the holy names – Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama, Rama, Hare, Hare.

Transcriber: Sanatan das (USA)

Editors: Divya Premamayi dasi (Slovakia), Sanatan das (USA)

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